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Many preppers have formed a mental picture of the ideal bug out destination being a cabin located in some remote wilderness, well away from any population center. In the process of authoring “When There is No FEMA” I had the opportunity to give quite a bit of consideration to the ideal bug out destination, and one question persistently nagged at me – if a survival group is defending a small property in a remote location, then what is to stop a concealed enemy with a high-powered rifle from picking off members of the community one-by-one?   For me this highlights a fatal flaw in the “remote cabin” scenario, and underscores an important principle that should apply to any bug out location … any survival group should control a sufficiently large area that their base of operations is outside of rifle range of the perimeter they control. This principle suggests that a small group is not necessarily the best group for a survival scenario.
Of course, no scenario is perfect, and the small-town-as-bugout-destination scenario presents its own set of challenges, perhaps the largest of which is that only a small percentage of the population will be even remotely prepared in advance.
Because the great majority of an area’s inhabitants are going to be unprepared every second that passes will be critical. All small communities are not created equal. While an urban neighborhood or small suburb may provide the manpower and geographic size to meet post-disaster survival needs, unlike small towns they often do not have the agricultural or industrial base needed to support an independent economy. There are some critical prerequisites to successfully adapting a small, unprepared community to survive a major disaster.
Mitigation of immediate threats includes such basic activities as putting out fires, tending to the injured and placing sandbags to prevent property from flooding.
The community charter is a document that identifies elected offices and the terms of such offices, set forth the procedures for electing officers, and defines their responsibilities.
NOTE: Chapter 14 of “When There is No FEMA” provides a complete, detailed community charter.
If the community votes in favor of capital punishment for select crimes It is a good idea to consider counterfeiting as one of the crimes that are candidates for that ultimate punishment. Those leaders who are best-suited to lead during non-disaster times are not necessarily the best post-disaster leaders. Once elected, the council members should appoint various others to leadership positions specified in the charter, and assign those appointees the tasks of developing plans for organizing those areas of the community that are within the scope of their responsibilities (any such tasks must have aggressive deadlines assigned). As the post-disaster clock ticks, growing seasons for crops come and go, and the members within the community grow more hungry and desperate.
NOTE: Depending on the nature of the disaster, the role of banker may be one that is not particularly popular.
The polish and appearance of the community’s new currency is not particularly important because it can be upgraded at any time. The total amount of currency produced should be a fixed value, with all future printed currency either being produced in accordance with a pre-existing plan, or as part of a program to replace and retire old, worn currency.
As new currency is produced a quantity of the newly-minted money should be distributed to each member of the community based on their age (and possibly other criteria). A minimum wage is yet another of those factors that are fundamental and critical to the community’s survival. Another important appointed position within the community is that of the property assessor, who is tasked with the responsibility of assigning value to all physical property within the community. Ownership of property is another critical linchpin to the stability of the post-disaster community. During each public council meeting new tasks should be assigned to elected and appointed officials and the results of already-completed tasks should be discussed. In a post-disaster scenario perspectives on capital and corporal punishment may very well change.
It is inevitable that outsiders will eventually wish to become part of a successful community.
Historically the merging of small communities under difficult circumstances has been a very bloody affair. I will paraphrase the American inventor Thomas Edison and say that, while it is essential for a community to adapt itself in the wake of a major disaster, and that adaptation does require establishing leadership and developing plans, the ultimate survival of that community will consist of one percent inspiration (electing officials and planning) and ninety-nine percent perspiration (carrying out those plans). As most members of the community have not prepared themselves prior to the disaster they should work as though their lives hang in the balance – because that is exactly the case!
Richard Bryant is the author of the preparedness book “When There is No FEMA – Survival for Normal People in (Very) Abnormal Times” and a long-time preparedness group organizer in Central Florida. We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details). I would point out that establishing community currency is *exactly* what the villages in Greece have done to survive their own financial crisis.

Don’t you think that if shtf and someone tried to do all that to folks that other males would kill them? Then in all of us’ lives there may come tradgedy, major loss, illness, grief etc which challenges us to the very limit as we hit Rock Bottom. However, paradoxically, looking back, the survivor sees his experience as the best thing that ever happened to him.
I pray for all those undergoing said transformation through SHTF and that none of them take their own lives in desperation. The idea of the COMMUNITY ie Township needs greater exploration as small towns have all the infrastructure and more importantly WILL and IDENTITY to carry on.
Please research alongside me the theme of Community and we can develop best plans and strategies.
So, you are going to fortify and train without planning for those fortifications and that training? Having transformed from seedy to super trendy in a couple of decades, New York Citya€™s Meatpacking Districta€”home to Google, the Whitney Museum and rows of high-end designer boutiquesa€”now boasts an official visual identity that embodies its journey into becoming a cultural mecca. Among the design elements conceived by international branding agency, Base Design, is the hybrid logo composed of two typefaces: Platform and Romana, that appears on storefronts, street banners as well as its very own website, capturing the districta€™s significant evolution over the years. Check out images of the districta€™s new branding identity below and find out more about it here. Tagged Tagged makes it easy to meet and socialize with new people through games, shared interests, friend suggestions, browsing profiles, and much more. Did Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the Accused Bastille Day Terrorist, Post a Video Claiming He Didn’t Do It 2 Days Later? Others imagine an underground bunker where a mutual assistance group (“MAG”) can hunker down and ride things out for as long as is necessary. A small town, by comparison, has the physical size and raw manpower necessary to control a larger geographic area on a 24?7 basis. While my book has the pages to go into great detail on how to quickly adapt a small community in the wake of social collapse, this article can at least provide an overview of the important topic.
In the immediate aftermath there will be a lot of nervous energy, and this will be the absolute worst time for the clear thinking needed to define a viable survival community. Additionally, inhabitants in these more urban locations are much less likely to possess the survival skills their rural counterparts take for granted. It should also specify those within the community who are eligible to vote and the procedures for carrying out elections (in recognition of the crucial factor of time the charter might describe the use of a fair coin toss to decide the outcome of tied elections, rather than requiring time-sensitive runoff elections). This will allow members of the community to immediately begin to make purchases, thereby restarting the economy. While most communities are not sitting atop piles of precious metals that can be used as the basis of assigning value to its money, the setting of a minimum wage has precisely that effect. Depending on the size and composition of the community, the assessor may have a need for a staff to work under his or her direction to meet the needs of this position.
If property rights are not clearly defined then members of the community will have no faith in the system and will have far less motivation to work.
For example, given the expected scarcity of the basics for human life, the crime of looting might be equated with attempted murder, which the community may decide warrants capital punishment. Often the reluctance of two communities to merge simply reflects the resistance of the community’s leadership to loss of authority. Deadlines assigned for planning should be aggressive, and work under those plans should commence immediately and have its own tight deadlines. They say an ill conceived plan boldly followed will turn out to be superior to the perfect plan followed haphazardly. His personal transformation, with or without Religion, is akin to the change from ugly caterpillar to Bright Beautiful Butterfly.
The communities in the South West of England ie Bristol, Bath, Cornwall and Devon are seen as most desirable areas to live and work. They would function as a cohesive single unit and actively FIGHT SHTF, London too fragmented to copy Bath and too tied in to international currents.
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Additionally, a small town often has infrastructure such as machine shops, heavy equipment and agricultural land that can allow a local economy to be rebuilt. However, that nervous energy could be constructively channeled into executing a plan that has already been developed. The charter should also specify if capital and corporal punishments are to be considered for some offenses and have provisions for such things as amending the charter and the recall of elected leaders. Once elected, those council members might vote for who among them will be the council leader. In the aftermath of a major disaster anyone who does not make this their primary focus is courting misery and death. A substantial amount of the printed money should also be retained by the new government for purposes of paying wages, purchasing services from other members of the community, or to stimulate certain strategic sectors of the economy. Rather than setting a single minimum wage, however, tiers of minimum wage might be set based on the age of the worker. The community charter should take into account the cases of those who owned property within the community pre-disaster. For example, the head of defense may be tasked with developing a plan for the defense of the community. Also, because the community may not be able to afford to incarcerate a convicted criminal who could otherwise be working constructively, it may be necessary to carry out corporal punishment for certain offenses (in reality corporal punishment may be more humane than incarceration – would you rather suffer through several lashes from a whip or to be separated from your loved ones for months or years?) Additionally, some crimes may simply merit banishment from the community and forfeiture of assets. The community charter should outline a means through which two communities could merge while avoiding wasteful conflict.
I also say the Roman towns like Aqua Sulis (Roman name for Bath) survived what terminated the Roman Empire.
This article will cover the basics of such a plan (with this stipulation that there are always 1000 ways to skin the proverbial cat). In addition to normal council responsibilities, the Council leader is responsible for scheduling and organizing Council meetings and setting meeting agendas.
One of the most important roles in restoring the economy is that of the newly appointed community banker, and the banker’s first job should be to identify a means for the printing of money and the minting of coins. Needless to say, the amount of money printed and minted for the community will be substantial – probably the equivalent of many tens of millions of pre-disaster US dollars in the case of a small town. This has the effect of helping younger workers to gravitate into the economy (by creating demand for their less-skilled labor) while at the same time providing a healthy incentive for older workers to nurture their own careers before they can be displaced by younger, lower cost workers. Those who have been renting property from current community members and those who have been renting property from outsiders and property within the community that is owned by outsiders. The director of agriculture may be assigned a task to develop plans for foraging and growing the next season’s crops. One approach might be to make all decisions regarding potential community mergers through majority vote.
At the same time, 80%-90% of that money should be held in reserve and dispersed into the community over a period of 5-10 years. It may be desirable for the community itself to assume ownership of all property owned by outsiders that lies within its physical boundaries.  It would be better for such assets to be contributing to the local economy, than for them to deteriorate while waiting for an owner who never appears. These plans can then be reviewed, revised and approved, and would result in work assignments for members of the community (or for companies that exist within the community). Is some member of the community willing to speak in favor of the newcomer or to otherwise sponsor the newcomer into the community?
It is not even necessary for that reserve money to be printed or minted until there is a need to disperse it; it can simply be kept “on the books”. Ultimately the decision to accept the newcomer into the community should rest with the Council or those it appoints for this purpose.

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