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I recently just bought 40 pounds of organic non-GMO concord grapes from a local farmer for 20 dollars. The medical bills and medications that come with illness and organ damage that could have been prevented with a healthier diet cost far more than eating organic. Here is regular man who cured his diabetes, cured his colon cancer, and was able to get off of 24 of 25 prescription medicines all in just 6 months on a raw plant-based diet.
We can only imagine how much money this guy saved after only 1 year of cleaning up his diet. When you are getting the proper amount of vitamins and mineral, you are giving your cells and DNA everything they need to repair themselves which prevents them from reaching a state of disease in the first place. Let’s say you make the choice right now to make healthier choices every chance you get, to stop drinking coke and eating fast foods, and to treat your body to the fuel it requires within the range of your budget.
I don’t mean to sound like a conspiracy nut here, but after years of research, here are my conclusions.
This is also a means to keep us sick and needing to rely on the pharmaceutical industry (which is in itself a business, which we will talk about more in a bit). Every time you buy a box of Corn Flakes from Walmart, you aren’t just harming your health.
I personally like the feeling of supporting local organic farmers who I can interact with face to face.
Are organic foods safer or healthier than conventional alternatives is a scientific literature review recently published by respected Annals of Internal Medicine.
This review has caused tumultuous stir in both pro and anti organic camps.  Here’s my attempt to bring “neutral” summary of what the review really says. Risk of bacterial contamination such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, Escherichia coli is same for organic and conventional produce. There is about one-third more risk of finding antibiotics resistant bacteria in conventional chicken and pork than in their organic counterparts. Studies so far suggest organic foods and conventional food are similar in nutrient content.

Based on our current understanding, it’s difficult to judge if organic food is “healthier”.
You’re giving your money to power hungry psychopaths who literally want to wipe you out, or at least want to keep you sick and under their control spending money on medications.
Imagine eating one week fully organic with a diet mostly of fruits and vegetables without putting any bad stuff into your body.
Air pollution, soil contamination , the seepage of chemicals and pesticides into underground water supplies, and the killing of birds and bees.
I’m encouraging you to do what you know is going to be best for your body, now and long term.
Organic generally means food produced without synthetic chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or growth hormones.
Different cultivars of tomatoes don’t taste the same, even fruits from a same can tree taste different, alluding to heterogeneous nutrition profile. Both were well within the maximum allowed limits (we are exposed to hundreds of synthetic chemicals within allowed limits). One study found young children who consumed organic dairy products had a lower risk for eczema. All we can say is nutritiously organic food is same, but they do have slightly lower pesticides. For example, according to research from the American Society of Clinical Oncology, one course of a drug for chemotherapy for breast cancer can cost about $900-$15,000, depending on the drug(s); and, if growth factor support is added to lessen side effects, that increases costs from more than $4,000 to more than $30,000 (1). All they care about is increasing their profit margins, and if that means they have to destroy the planet and your health in the process, then so be it. Compare the quality of the week and the weeks to follow with one where your diet consists of a daily intake of fast-food and soda. Pesticides are toxic to bees, and if the bees were to go extinct tomorrow, we would literally all be screwed. However, other studies found no difference in allergies between children consuming organic and conventional foods.

There are no long-term studies on health issue for populations eating predominantly organic versus conventional food. According to an article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, combination chemotherapy regimens typically used for advanced colorectal cancer can range from almost $12,000 to over $30,000 for an eight-week course, depending on the drugs (2).
Every time you put fastfoods, processed refined foods, and pesticide ridden foods into your body, you are literally shortening your stay here on earth. If it means paying workers the lowest wage possible and decreasing value, then it is encouraged. You literally get more out of your limited time you have here, and you get to live healthier and more fit in the process. Eating organically (and non-GMO whenever possible) will pay for itself 10 times over by saving me on medications and treatments.
Furthermore, it allows me to be the greatest version of myself that I can be while I’m here. There are not significant numbers of studies to conclude organic food increased allergy or other health conditions in children and should be interpreted with caution.
But new drugs usually cost more: for example, Adcetris, a recently approved drug that treats recurrences of some types of lymphoma, can cost more than $120,000 for a course of treatment (3). We are also harming the very species that allowed our species to evolve in the first place.
They feed you food that slowly poisons you under the guise of affordability, and then you spend the last 20 years of your life eyeballs deep in illnesses and medical bills.

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