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How people got the news during the American Revolution is very different from the way we receive news today. Back then the people got their news from a person that ring a bell and shout out the news or, a schoolboy , and on a horse back.
I really enjoyed reading your entries about how citizens have received news about wars, past and present.
This section”If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution tells of how they got news back then.
In Back to Basics Lesson 21 we are going to look at the latest from of media to hit mainstream use:  streaming video. Services such as Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Video, and many other services have exploded with popularity providing high quality versions of popular television shows and movies for a small monthly fee to use the entire library, or a small per movie fee to rent an individual movie. Streaming Video has taken off in popularity, I believe in large part because of the convenience of being able to watch a video instantly without having to get out to the video store to pick up the latest hit.
Modern cable set-top boxes all are now taking advantage of the convenience of streaming video to deliver all of their content. Back in the day, blockbuster video was the dominant place to find and rent videos, but now all the action happens on Netflix, iTunes, and YouTube.
My wife and I cut the cord on cable service all together about four years ago, and we haven’t looked back. While we started out buying a top of the line HDTV with integrated Netflix, you don’t have to have a really expensive TV to enjoy Netflix or Hulu content at home.
As a father of two young children, the other thing that I appreciate about streaming services, is that almost every service has a parental controls area where you can restrict content that has certain Ratings (such as TV-MA or Rated R movies). One thing is for certain, streaming video technology is here to stay, and  round DVD disks and tapes will continue to disappear from retail shelves as this new medium is commonly used by everyone. Cambodia's biggest ISP provider Ezecom which belongs to Royal Group is bringing up a 1425km sea cable connecting Sihanoukville and Kuantan in Malaysia together. Cambodia is not yet conneted to the Asia America Gateway AAG seacable which leads from Kuantan Malaysia to the west coast of USA.
Connects Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, the Philippines via Guam and Hawaii to the west coast of the USA. Students will summarize how news was received back then and now and will contrast their differences. We have newspapers, TV, online websites, magazines, and even texting or talking to friends.
The news they got news are from newspaper, town crier, our sixth president of the U.S was nine years old when he was delivering letters from his mom to his daddy when he was young, newspaper like Boston Gazzette and the South Carolina Gazzette, pamphlets, and books were printed.
Now we have way more technology to get our news like i pads, cellphones, facebook, yahoo, tv,and twitter. Yet the country is connected to the AAG over neighboring countries as Thailand and Vienam with both are connected to AAG.
Talking about satellite internet connections you should know we talk about Gigabits what is 1000 times slower than the Terabit connecitons laid by fibre cables into the sea beds.

These days we use the internet to go on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Aol, Youtube, and google. Now what do you think was better to get news a long time ago or is better to get news right now. They also got news from newspapers most people read the boston gazette and south carolina gazette. You could also get news from a newspaper, a town cryer or pamphlets and books were printed. They also got news from newspapers most people read the Boston Gazette and south Carolina Gazette. MCT is a project of Ezecom in partnership with Malaysia Telecom to connect Cambodia's ISP provider together to the high speed sea cables in the world. In 2010 a glass fibre cable leading along the road from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville has been installed which gave Sihanoukville far faster internet connections which still have been expensive until 2014 ( 200-300 USD for 3Mbps ). Now laying fibre cables into the sea brings up a couple headaches as in past anchors, sharks, divers and as well earthquakes have damaged those 8cm thick cables. We have iPads, iPods, laptops, and computers but back then they didn’t even have radios. All these things that are listed can tell you what’s happening every minute of the day in other places or here in Sacramento.
One young messenger was nine year old John Quiny Adams , who later became th 6th president took messages from his Mother to his Father.
It is easy now because you can check on Youtube , Phones , Radio , Newspapper , Face book , Twitter , T.V. They are very different because back then they electrions invented now they do and now there are many different and easy ways to get news. In past Cambodia has been connected with overland cables to Vietnam and Thailand gateways which already are connected to the sea cables to USA and the world.
Since 1980 they dig those cables below the surface that no anchors nor anything else can damage those quite expensive wires anymore.
Another thing they used was broadsides in which they would nail to post and buildings hoping to enlist people in the Militia. The last way is a crier, a crier will yell out the news because not many people could read at that time. They also got news by newspapers, some people in towns couldn’t read so they had town criers read for them. Another to get news back then was from the Boston Gazette and the South Carolina Gazette were the two papers reported news with a Patriot view. Imagine such a cable has just 4 tiny optical vibers inside but a whole country goes flat when it breaks by an angkor.
Yet Cabodia is connected into the Asia American Gateway over glas fibre overland connections to Vietnam and Thailand.
When Cambodia is connected by end of 2014 to the MCT Terabit internet seacable it will be likely that prices will fall once more.

But it still happens that fibres break and have to be repaired but is done by repair boats. But now we just get our news from the internet,cellphones,newspaper, youtube, twitter, facebook.
But now we just get our news from the internet ,cellphones ,newspaper , youtube , twitter , facebook.
They are diffrent from each other because right now we have better ways to get our news easyer. The things we use now are all battery powered, but back then they did not have to use batterys.
They are diffrent from each other because right clearnow we have better ways to get our news easyer.
Now in average when somebody books a 1Mbit internet connection for a home this conneciton is not all the time fully used, so the providers overbook their internet connection of course to make most profit out of it and to use the full capacity of such backbones. Finally, more news could be found on posters that were on buildings, poles, trees, & stores. Broasides, books, pamphlets, and shipped messages and news helped people know what’s happening.
We also get news on facebook, twitter, radio and mostly from our friends who get it from their parents or fro one of the things we now have. When you divde a 10Terabit internet backbone by 100kbit usage in aveage what brings 15 dollar a month then you can make the math. The last thing, often people listen to the radio to find out things about famous people or anything else. The way we tell each other about news are different because back then, they didn’t have internet so they either had to use people or papers. When Cambodia as yet connect over Thai and Vietnamese ISP's they have to pay their services, that's why it's getting intersting to get straight an access to an own seacable to safe expense for those third party provider in the neighboring countries.
Whole economies rely on those seacables and any damages on them with following internet cuts for days or weeks let the operators think about how to prevent attacks to those internet monster at sea. It happened in 2007 that pirates stole 11km of those cables and tried to sell it afterwards on the blackmarket. Any damage on those cables costs the ISP companies millions a day where they have to book other providers services during their own cables are repaired. A sea cable has every 50 kilometer a repeater ( laser amplifier ) splissed in which weighs 500kg.
Bridges from those backbone cables to their landing points at the countries are below the water surface at sea.

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