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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Down sleeping bags have become much more popular with weight focused mountain hunters since the advent of water resistant down. As Terence McKenna observed, humans are probably better categorized as crustaceans, since we basically live our lives moving from one shell to another, whether it’s a house, car, office, or a tent.
Please keep in mind that all the gear I’m listing below is for backpacking in the mountains of Colorado.
Our tent at a spectacular camp spot at Cracker Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana - July. All my camera gear (except the tripod) fits nicely into a Tamrac 3350 Aero 50 Photo Bag F-Stop Small Shallow ICU case, which then gets put into the top of my backpack. A backpack is probably the #1 item where you should really be careful what you buy, and buy the best available. When you’re shopping for a backpack, make sure that you load it up with lots of heavy stuff in the shop, so you can feel how it really holds a heavy load. Shown in the pictures here is my previous backpack — a custom made McHale panel loader backpack. I am a big fan of panel loader packs, which means that the whole pack unzips like a suitcase, instead of just having a top pull-tie opening. Above, you can see from bottom to top (left to right), the sleeping bag, clothes bag, food bag, and finally the camera bag on top and quickly accessible. Instead of listing every single thing again, I’ll just list the main differences from the summer setup. If it’s not entirely obvious by now, collecting all of this gear can be a very expensive endeavor! Please remember that there are many different strategies for backpacking, and many great products on the market beyond the ones I listed here. If you are discouraged by the sometimes outrageous prices of some of this gear, remember that people have been enjoying the mountains for hundreds of years, using gear that was probably worse than what you could compile from a thrift store nowadays! Hey Floris, the Twin Sisters does great in the wind, better than any other kind of tent that I could imagine, except for perhaps some kind of super heavy-duty Everest style tent. I like the Sawyer squeeze filter, and remember, you can always pre-filter to avoid obvious large particulates.
From being a drummer trapped in yucky rehearsal rooms it will take a while for me to find my way to the wilderness (especially because there is no wilderness where I live), but this one will definetely help! Hi Jeff, with the floorless tent, I do bring a tent-floor sheet (or sheet of Tyvec) to keep things off the snow.
Sleek and light internal frame packs keep alder snagging accessories to a minimum without losing key features of the pack. The HyperLamina 0 represents the latest weight shaving and redesign from Mountain Hardwear's gear lab. It feels adventurous and liberating to venture into the wilderness with everything you need to survive (and even stay comfortable) on your back.
Which is to say, we can’t just wander off naked into the woods and expect to be one with nature! Western Mountaineering and Feathered Friends are two companies that make the lightest, warmest sleeping bags available, using top quality down fill. For many years I used a regular old RidgeRest foam pad, but I would have to find a perfectly flat spot for the tent, and would still sleep uncomfortably on my side.
These things have gotten so light, compact, and cheap, that there’s really no reason to not have one with you at all times in the backcountry. And just a quick note about this: NEVER leave your toilet paper lying around after you’re done!
This is useful for hauling water, allowing you to camp in awesome locations that aren’t necessarily near a lake or stream, like high ridges. Cards, Sudoku, a lightweight book (I wrote about backpacking books here), and maybe a lightweight journal or sketchbook.
I am a HUGE fan of the Outdoor Research Foray Jacket, one of the most perfect pieces of equipment I’ve ever used.
Check out the Halo Headband which has a much thinner profile than usual sweatbands, so it fits nicely under a hat.
When I was younger I used to wear skate shoes when backpacking – because they were comfortable. A good backpack will last a long time, and will make the difference between an enjoyable trek and a grueling death march. A good pack will put most of the weight comfortably on your hips, not your shoulders, and it will sit straight without pulling backwards on your shoulders.

I now use and highly recommend the Seek Outside Unaweep-Exposure panel loader backpack, which I actually helped to design specifically for us backpacking photographers. It’s so much easier to access your stuff when you can unzip the whole pack, instead of having to dig through from the top. You need to have the big snow baskets on them, which the summer trekking poles don’t have.
I also take less food, since I typically don’t go out for more than two nights at a time in the winter.
It can fit two people, but in practical use, it can fit one person and their gear (you probably don’t want to leave your stuff outside in the winter). Some people recommend keeping your boots inside your sleeping bag at night, but I don’t do this. I do, however, only go winter backpacking on routes that are safe from avalanches – no steep slopes whatsoever. These are heavyweight shirts that are not meant for hiking in, but just for sitting around in the winter.
The Hoorag is a useful and versatile neck gaiter that is much lighter and more compact than a typical fleece neck gaiter (which is usually too hot and bulky anyways). This is an especially good time to buy winter gear, with down jackets and ski gear often on sale for 50% or even 75% off. In many towns, at least here in Colorado, there are big annual ski swaps, where companies and stores unload all their old stock at cheap prices, or where people sell their used stuff. My strategy for backpacking involves striking a balance between lightweight travel and basic comforts.
All those trips were watered by clear mountain streams, the Escalante would probably be a different story, of course. The Phantom 0 utilizes the weight savings, superior compressibility and excellent heat to weight ratio of premium 800 fill down and offers the protection of Q Shield. Expertly designed and lighter by far than the majority of synthetic 0 degree sleeping bags this bag sets the bar high. Fortunately for the modern adventurous crustacean we have an almost endless array of high tech, lightweight clothes, sleeping bags, shelters, and tools to keep us alive and happy while walking in the wilderness. I tried the even lighter carbon fiber version of these, but they snapped on their first outing. You put your food into an odor-proof plastic bag inside, then tie the bag to the base of a tree away from your tent. Super compact and lightweight, boils water fast, simmers well, and has a reliable auto-ignition.
I’ve written about personal locator beacons before on this blog; but this new model is tiny compared to the old one I had! I have these great knot-tying playing cards, so when we’re not playing Rummy I can brush up on my bowlines, bends, and hitches! It’s better to use wool or high-tech hiking fabrics, which are lighter, will breathe better, keep you warmer, and dry faster. Don’t pay much attention to all the bells and whistles, like a bunch of cool pockets or whatever, but rather the main priority should be how well it carries a heavy load on your body.
However, during the winter I still get that urge to go out and backpack in the wild and take photos. I used to use a Mountain Hardwear Lamina -30? synthetic bag; although much cheaper, this was very bulky and heavy, and not nearly as warm as down. The reason for this is because you can fill up the bottles with hot water and put them in your sleeping bag to keep warm at night! This severely limits my options, especially in the San Juans where the mountains are mostly all steep. Whether you’re splitboarding or just snowshoeing, snowboard boots are comfortable and warm. They are very lightweight and easy to pack, and they are comfortable and warm for when you’re lounging around camp, melting snow. Especially for photographers who must use thinner gloves when fiddling with the camera, hand warmers will keep your blood warm and your fingers from freezing. This is probably more likely to happen if you live in a mountain town, where mountain athletes live.
Built for harsh conditions in the high alpine regions of the world the South Col doesn't skimp on features.
Filled with Thermal.Q synthetic this bag is perfect for late season moose, goat or spring bear hunts. In this post, I’m going to list and explain all the gear that I use on backpacking treks.

Nowadays I mostly backpack with my wife Claudia, and we bring a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL3 tent, which is very spacious for its weight. Claudia and I both have these bags, with left and right side zippers so that we can zip them together – romantic, huh?
After finding a private place a long distance from camp or trail, you should first dig a hole at least six inches deep, then bury everything when you’re done.
Because it shields you well from wind and heavy rain, yet it is very lightweight and breathable, so you can wear it while hiking without sweating to death.
On longer treks, I’ll take three pairs of socks, one of which I keep for camp and sleeping. Typically I don’t go winter camping more than once a month, because it takes at least a month after each trip to forget how brutal it was! When camping on deep snow, I use snow anchors instead of stakes (which are useless in snow). The reason is because at very cold temperatures, the fuel canisters can lose all their gas pressure, rendering the stove useless. If you are building an igloo, you’re going to want an oversized shovel to move lots of snow around quicker and more efficiently. From the ripstop back panel that protects your soft goods from rocks and branches, to the easily accessible crampon pouch this is a pack you can count on for any mountain adventure. Inclement weather is a sure thing, and you arent wearing rubber rain gear because its comfortable. Trekking poles save your knees, give you extra hiking power from your arms, and aid in balance. You can potentially go even lighter with a floorless tarp style tent or pyramid style tent that uses a trekking pole for support. The ability to text could provide a huge advantage in an emergency situation, or just to send updates to a loved one back home. Sometimes it’s easier to find a big rock, roll it over, poop in the hole, then roll it back in place. With a normal MSR fuel bottle, this is not an issue since the pressure is created by the manual pump.
You might even see me walking around Ouray with these things on like the Michelin man this winter. The bear bag is a great idea as the last trip we only had one and it was not enough anyway. Expertly designed for maximum heat retention utilizes an insulated draft tube, an ergonomic neck collar and a down filled face gasket to seal in your valuable body heat. When you stumble back to the tent you need a sleeping bag that will actively pull moisture from your body and clothing (something that waterproof down will not do) and keep you warm at the same time. But, we think the comfort of having a sealed-up mosquito-proof tent is worth the little extra weight. Yes, there is always the danger that it could leak or pop; I carry the patch kit just in case of emergency. If the weather is damp and wet you can burn your TP, but of course never attempt this if there is any chance whatsoever of sparking a wildfire.
Also, much of your time winter camping is spent melting snow for water, so it’s nice to have a big bottle full of fuel.
The nice things about these particular pants, aside from the usual excellent down that Western Mountaineering is known for, are the full length side zips for when it gets too hot, and reinforced butt and leg materials. The Phantom 0 is a cold weather hunting machine, we recommend this bag for goat and late season sheep hunts. Whether you are scouting for next season or packing in with a guide the Sol Col 70 can handle it all. The HyperLamina 0 uses welded seams to prevent bunching of insulation and pesky cold spots. As for backpacking food, that is a whole ‘nother topic that I will try to tackle some other time in another post.
Plus, with these tents you can take the rainfly off in hot weather, or to enjoy the stars on a clear night.
If your stove breaks or you run out of fuel, you have no water, and with no water, you must leave immediately!
Or, with the matching footprint you can leave the inner tent behind and just use the poles and rainfly for an ultralight setup.

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