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Isn't it a complete downer when unsupportive friends and family lurk in the corners of your wedding planning with sneers, frowns, and scowled faces?
Even though family and friends approval is important, their disapproval is often times based on selfish issues. It’s rare that we don’t end up explaining the E-Design process to people when we talk about what we do. On this project, we left the wall-hangings to the control of the client by allowing her to choose which photos will go in her gallery wall.
It's pretty hard to ignore the fake toothy grins and underhanded remarks that may come with the announcement of one of the most important days of your life. Yes, it is beneficial to have discussed important issues prior to marriage, but it all comes down to the two of you and what you do for you.
Unless your family and friends are people not to be looked up to, it absolutely must be taken into account if the people closest to you don't approve.
We love sharing our passion for design and a glimpse into our world through our blog, but the real bread and butter of our work seems to be somewhat of a gray area to some.

Not only does this leave the very personal aspects in the hands of the client, but it also saves us from having to investigate every photo in their household worth hanging! You can also see that the dining table is part of an option--sometimes we think more than one piece may work in a room for different reasons.
While we love and appreciate that area of design (as much as I could curl up with and marry a Scalamandre wallcovering or an Eames lounge chair), we understand that the general public wants easy access to design. I am marrying a wonderful person that everyone loves but my mother (who claims she like him), because of her own issues, now has a problem with us getting married, 4 years after being together.
We want you to know it doesn't have to be that way!! With E-Design, your only up-front expense is the cost of the E-Design package. Parents may hold concerns regarding religious practices and wonder what will happen when children become involved. Once it’s in your hands, YOU decide when and how everything is purchased to incorporate our package into your space.
However, sometimes We get so blinded by the WRONG love that we don't listen to the warning signs that only a loved one can tell you about and We end up headed for a major BAD CHOICE! And religion is a huge issue- something that will not rear it's massive head until 10 or 20 years into the marriage.

Not only because people like to get creative, but they are in love with the idea of being able to put a little elbow grease into something and—at a fraction of the cost—have a result that they can be proud of, knowing that they completed it themselves. Make a concentrated effort to answer any questions and calm any 'fears' they may have. 2) Jealousy: Are you getting married before your best friend whose been planning their wedding since they were four years old? The big wedding doesn't matter years in the future when unresolved issues reveal themselves.
Jealousy usually rears its ugly head in many different ways, causing a rift between unsupportive friends and family. While you ideally crave the approval, acceptance, and best wishes of your parents and in-laws, do not allow their misgivings to ruin your special day.

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