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This is my zombie survival map that i call Walking Dead.This is originally made by me REMEMBER TO DIAMONDStoryYou buy a ticket to hawaii for a vacation to your family. I personally ignore the idea of Diamonds and just stock up on Coal, Wood, Iron and cobble stone.
I AM PROUD TO ANNOUNCE A NEW GENERATION TO MY MAPS WITH BETTER SCORING SYSTEMS AND POINTS LIKE IT THE ACTUAL MAPS (E.G. Um, incase you haven't noticed, that probablly has something to do with the fact that not many people have PLAYED this map.
SimilarNatural Disasters Mod for MinecraftUnleash natural disasters to your Minecraft world including volcanoes, meteorites, earthquake and sinkholes. I have added many new features to this version of Cure such as… No story line, no locked doors, no daytime! JUGGER-NOG COST 2500 POINTS, MYSTERY BOX COST 950 ETC.) YOU WILL ALSO GET 130 POINTS PER KILL!thank you for making this one of the best TranZit remakes in the Minecraft universe!

And I wasn't complaining, I was giving a suggestion, and then you started acting like I was stupid for it. Load your TNT cannons, fire arrows and fight off the zombie invasion as long as possible to defend your base. Don't FAIL at Black Ops - get the best multiplayer tactics, Zombie guide and complete the single player campaign.
Your team is killed off one by one until you are the only one left in the dying city (Unless your playing co-op :P). All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. I have added some new chests all over the place, close to 100 chests total xD I have filled them with many supplies needed to survive in the ruined city! Unlike adventure maps which usually follow a story, these siege maps are a firelight to the death.This time it's you vs the zombies and you'll need to hold out for as long as you can.

Use TNT cannons and other Minecraft weapons to fight off the hordes of zombies (which can run into the millions). Minecraft New Launcher (version 1.6+)The new Minecraft launcher for the world's most popular block building game. You won't find any clever hiding places or strategic elevations in this one, it's a straight road between you and the enemy.
If you ever wanted to explore a pirate ship or learn how to create a galleon then this excellent download is perfect.Lord of the Rings - Minas Tirith - Minecraft WorldAn exceptional Minecraft creation designed to look exactly like Minas Tirith, the Gondor castle from the Lord of the Rings. Just make a sort of wall with powered rail on one side, normal rail going down, so you cant go up the wrong way cos theres no power.

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