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NEED BUILDERS FOR NEXT MAP!!If you want to help with my next map, and get your name put in the final version, message me with a link to some of your work and your in game minecraft name!
Make sure you downloaded the multiplayer version of the map and install it as directed on the website if you are playing with a friend. That doesnt mean your not whitelisted, that means minecraft servers are down or the ruins of the dead servers are down.
Not fully complete, but defiantly playable.Welcome to the Rig, you might be in the middle of the ocean, but the zombies are still following you!Added features:-Easter eggs (literally)-new currency of Z's (aka, zombie flesh)-deadly Oil-New Map!Please diamond and favourite, it helps to know whether my maps are good! This island is what happens when you take Minecraft out for a night of hard liquor and even harder women and then switch it on the next morning.
The benefit of having crash landed in a split plane is that debris and wreckage are everywhere, including people’s luggage. In addition to the basic survival challenges there are also hidden areas to investigate and plenty of challenges to complete, over fifty unique challenges in fact! From the maker of Kurow Island and Eldaria Island comes yet another minecraft survival island map -Tropica Islands, a minecraft survival island experience with a tropical feel.
Don’t think that this is just another sand and palm trees experience however, there is an impressive range of terrain to be discovered and explored as you become the Magellan of this map.
Tropica Islands comes in three versions, creative, survival and hard mode, where you’ll be forced to delete the map if you die even once. You could decrease the amount of Villagers around the map, making you have to heal Zombie Villagers.

If that analogy isn’t appropriate for you, it is what happens when Elmo and Megatron have a fight.
Not only did your plane crash, leaving you the sole survivor, but it crashed onto an island populated heavily by zombies. It is compatible with various minecraft snapshots and with the base game, so you can get as deep into minecraft challenge mode as you like, or simply build a little boat and spend your days floating around your tiny island, escaping predators through the art of paddling or sail or magnets or whatever force is supposed to be propelling a minecraft boat.
Give a Diamond, they help out a lot!Might add Perks in the next update, Comment if you want to see perks!Ruins of the Dead is a map in which you Survive Waves of the un-dead.
We don't have any mods and I installed the map fresh from the zip from this site.Help please! You could make some weapons or armour drop where the zombies spawn, so they pick it up, giving you an extra challenge. Be careful at night, and remember to keep searching around the map for secret caves, passages, and tunnels. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. This small block of WTF is nestled cosily in the void, and it is your job, as a player of the game of minecraft, to attempt some form of survival upon it. Set in an ancient ruined underground temple, you will have to fight off 16 waves of zombies before entering the zombie lair. No animals will spawn naturally at first (unless you count the three little pigs clinging to outcroppings above an endless fall,) who are highly likely to turn themselves into cooked pork chops if they get loose.

Although this sort of map has definitely been done before, the randomized terrain adds a new level of challenge that most players will find quite enjoyable. That’s basically the gist of this map, which is a survival island style map mainly made awesome by the fact that it also happens to be a finely crafted representation of the human skull, complete with flaming sinus cavities.
From this we can suppose that the occupant was travelling to some kind of combustion conference.
If you play it on survival or hard mode you’ll have many days of exploration ahead of you as you try to discover everything this map holds. Good luck growing crops when the flame from the netherblock keeps turning them into crispy wheat flakes before you get a chance to harvest them. This is a sky survival map for a new generation, a generation of players using the minecraft 1.4 update. You can set traps for zombies, find the hidden chests around the map, enchant your weapons and find hidden areas! Many brave adventurers have gone searching for the temple, but none of them have come back alive.There was said to be a map, that would lead straight to the zombie temple.

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