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MINECRAFT WALLPAPER Herobrine :D MineCraft logo LOL CREEPER Minecraft Pictures Minecraft Creeper Girl Cupa with a Gift Minecraft City Minecraft Minecraft MINECRAFT DIRT REAL LIFE 12345678910 Steve Running Purple and Bart the creeper is not in the mood gold armor steve creepers gonna creep! Your server is amazing and will always be my favorite 1 ever for the features it had and the amazing staff. If we get it fixed i will contact you, or if you would like to join us currently on other server then message me.
There is so much to do and there is so many nice players and the owners are by far the best owners one could ever want!
If you are looking for a great server to play on with great admins and owners look no more!
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
Never Forget Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft The Minecraft is a Lie Aww, Poor Sleepy XD the end of the build build number 11 orange stone Minecraft epic picture My usual survival house and my serious stuff.

Plugins are fun sometimes, but when you have too many it seems as if things start to back up.A little more about Element Fair Admins Players are treated with respect iConomy Market- You build-You sell-Profitable Bank Rankings Mobwars Press the diamond button to get some free diamonds!
By this, we will not rank you up if you break any kind of rules during your time on Element. Awesome shining gold NPC Village Spider Jockey My usual survival house and my serious stuff. Have not broken any rules, and are extremely loyal and trustworthy to out other Admins and especially Owner.
We have 2 other ranks that our members can get that are fun, show your loyalty and do not require amounts of playing time.
Members are able to create different sized shops to sell there items using an easy chest shop plugin.
They are able to re-create a shop using any pricing they want and sell the item as if it was at a store.

After you have explored set a home and created a house, you may still feel nervous of the occasional stealer or (maybe even) griefer. If you do, just ask an admin, and we will set up an underground bedrock chamber that only you will be able to have access to. If this happens and you see who did it, please notify any of our higher ranked players especially if any Admins or Moderators are online. Additional Details Element is a new server trying to capture the vanilla game-play of minecraft, while getting a sense of permissions and ranks.

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