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Resources have been added by the map creator to make survival easier and also guide you in ways to better survive the difficulties of being stranded on an island. For the last decade have you worked as a captain on your own fishing boat traveling the seas of Minecraft and earning your daily bread. You have now settled down on the island and realized you probably have to stay there for a while and survive by any means. Today, I am posting a challenge list for a certain seed: detailed This seed was requested by someone named PoppingCobble.
There are some custom built buildings already there which you can pretend you’ve built and use as a start.

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Journey to your other island and make a camping ground with tents, bear warning signs and a bonfire. Make a Mob Spawner out of the Nether Reactor's leftover junk or start from scratch and make a Mob Grinder. Upgrade your house by adding 6 more stories, each with a Crafting Table, Furnace, Stone Cutter and Chest. Journey in to the Nether Reactor 2 more times without taking ANY damage with no armor and an Iron Sword.

Create a sculpture of either Minecraft Steve or Your personal skin along with a sword, bow and a peaceful mob beside you while killing a hostile mob.

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