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Stratosphere survival minecraft map is basically a sky island map multiplied and built up and developed and sent to school and come back with a degree in philosophy and telling you how consumerism is a waste of time and eventually ending up unemployed. Because of the scope and mass of the islands you’ll be working on survival for quite some time, all the while teetering over the inevitable void, whose yawning maw always waits for a misstep, an accidental double forward arrow press that sends you sprinting into the great beyond, so watch your step and your face and the rest of you too.
I may have overextended that metaphor but don’t let that put you off the map, this is a brilliant and wildly popular minecraft map with over 50,000 downloads.

Perhaps it is because from the moment you spawn you see brilliant and exotic locations in the distance, locations that can only be reached by sustained effort and mammoth bridge building. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. This is a deluxe survival map, a survival map that gets back to basics whilst also reaching forward to a future where creativity is cannibalized for the baser needs of survival.

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