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EQ Micro Skills, Currency of Trust, Trust in Marriage, and Trust in Parenting are products of PyrBlu, Inc.
As a business and family coach for over 30 years, Richard has developed a unique system for teaching individuals how to find happiness.
His vision is for every human being to find safe space and be independent in their own decisions and actions.
In 1982, he married the former Cheri Seal and they are the parents of 5 boys and 5 granddaughters.
His widowed mother raised him in San Diego after his father was killed during the Vietnam War when he was 10 years old. Richard is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Consultant and he is an affiliate of the Workplace Bullying Institute.
Codependency or codependence is a tendency to behave in overly passive or excessively care taking ways that negatively impact one’s relationships and quality of life.
Codependency describes behavior, thoughts and feelings that go beyond normal kinds of self-sacrifice or care taking.
Codependency does not refer to all caring behavior or feelings, but only those that are excessive to an unhealthy degree. Codependency at home will impact relations at work and could minimize the employee’s production through venting and the recruiting of coworkers into the pity party of the codependent.
Targets, unable to defend themselves against the alpha, are swept involuntarily into relationships with their bullies and are traumatized by the forced union. If the alpha instinct becomes dominant, the person bosses instead of leads, the inner bully surfaces, and the balance is perverted. The internal perversion of balance does not always stem from abusive parents; in fact, just the opposite can also be true. The general disposition of the populace towards the sales profession is one of distrust (The same is true for management.). Getting small commitments is a powerful method that turns all the power of decision-making to the prospect, employee, coworker, or child. Using a sales analogy, if I was selling printer cartridges I would first determine if you wanted printer cartridges. Professional salespeople often live in a world of Communication Blind Spots because they are trained that way. When the topic of relating comes up in seminars, workshops, or one-on-one coaching, there is usually resistance. Did you notice how the topic went from asking Rachel where she is from to the fact that Paul is from San Diego? About Richard HimmerRichard works with companies who want a culture of mutual trust and respect. He is currently writing his doctoral dissertation on the Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Workplace Bullying. One of the most avoided responsibilities of management is to conduct a performance evaluation.

There is no trust at the employee level, the system does not return the desired results and yet organizations continue to employ broken or poorly structured systems, which drive down morale, increase anxiety, and reduce employee commitment.
Productive evaluations are conducted weekly, monthly, or quarterly and are self-evaluations based on mutually agreed goals.
A properly conducted performance evaluation should be no different than having a cup of coffee with an employee and talking about ways to maximize the employee’s utility, happiness, income, and production. The process of allowing the employee to be human and authentic increases trust, which increases commitment, which leads to greater motivation, which results in higher production. Click here for a recent article in the Washington Post on a new trend in Employee Evaluations. The following year a new area manager was promoted as the former one was tagged for a national project. Every team, business, organization, company, corporation, marriage, or family starts with the individual as a building block. His three oldest boys are married and his four oldest boys are Eagle Scouts with Samuel, the youngest, a Tenderfoot Scout.
Being the oldest of 6 children has provided him with a great education from the experience of raising his five siblings. He received his undergraduate degree in International Relations from Brigham Young University, his MBA from City University, his master’s degree in Psychology from Walden University, and is currently a doctoral candidate in Organizational Psychology with Walden University. This behavior is addictive in nature and getting treatment will greatly enhance the motivation and production of the employee. During the growth process, these two instincts are designed to meld and balance each other, but when individuals become “stuck” at a certain phase their personalities become defined by the instinct that they more heavily modeled.
Neufeld labeled this as alpha askew and explained it as occurring “when the alpha attachment instincts to dominate are no longer tempered by caring and responsibility; the bully instinct is born”. The alphas become askew when they are not fulfilled and become detached from their parents or adults during their formative years. The primary reason for the dearth of trust in these two arenas is that both salespeople and management tend to use persuasion and manipulation tactics to sell their products or ideas. When people make small commitments that pertain to something bigger, they are more likely to agree to the bigger commitment. If you answered yes, I would determine why, how many, what kind, what price point, when, where, and who made the decisions.
They are coached to take away the prospect’s ability to say “no.” Consider management at a typical corporation. It is NOT corporate driven or on established criteria that the employee has little to no control over.
It is NOT about what the employee can do for the company; rather, it is how the company and the employee can collaborate on mutually agreed goals. I hired new employees and negotiated a new lease for the office that included space for the corporate offices, which saved the company over $100,000 during the first year.
During my annual review (with the new area manager) I was marked down for a number issues out of my control and more in line with corporate ineptitude.

To add complexity, the next month, my branch was awarded the most improved branch in the region and when handed the award the regional manager derogatorily commented how surprised he was that we received it. If the individual is successful, there is a higher probability the team will be successful.
He consults with organizations on culture change and coaches individuals how to use social skills to further their careers and family life. According to Neufeld’s “alpha askew” thesis, bullies bully because they develop an alpha complex and cannot balance their dependent complex sufficiently to regulate the behavior. The bully uses fear, intimidation, put-downs, shaming, and humiliation through trickery and cunning to expose and embarrass the target. Absent an alpha or mentor in their younger years can often result in never feeling safe, seen (feel felt), soothed (calmed), or secure.
They go for the close quickly, they constantly try to overcome objections, and they remove the prospect or employee’s ability to have an opinion. Do they give their employees permission to say “no” in their space or do they persuade and manipulate them to agree? It is a speed bump because Paul must get the conversation going again by asking another question or else he continues talking about himself.
He is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Consultant and an affiliate with the Workplace Bullying Institute. During this time frame, our regional office acquired a competing regional mortgage company and assimilated one of the acquired offices into our area. As I returned to my seat, my branch members were so offended they got up and left the awards ceremony. Each addresses a specific segment of life using the same universal skills addressed in Listen & Lead and found within the construct of emotional intelligence. Bossy people are categorized as fitting into the alpha complex, whereas needy people fit into the dependent complex. The targets then experience high levels of cortisol as well as testosterone and norepinephrine that impact the major organs of the body, thus reducing life expectancy and negatively affecting physical and emotional health. This fosters animosity toward being dependent and an amygdala-driven fight predisposition toward those who are viewed as vulnerable. There is a good reason that 75 percent of employees cite the number one cause of anxiety at work as their immediate supervisor. However, relating is harmful if your goal is to develop mutual trust and respect and to deepen relationships. Neufeld and Mate emphasized that each personality type is designed to work in moderation and in balance with the other but bullies lose the ability to empathize or see others as vulnerable without capitalizing on their targets’ weaknesses.

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