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Mental Health is never easy to deal with, especially when you are struggling with it daily.
Sensitive to this, the Federal Opposition recently announced its election commitment of $1.5 billion in new funding for mental health services. When Australians experience serious physical injury, in almost all cases our emergency services and hospitals provide the acute care necessary to sustain and nurture life. The Opposition proposal of large scale investment in the youth mental health model, including early intervention services for first episode psychosis in addition to increased acute inpatient services is a significant milestone in the move towards mental health reform. Youth specific services are essential given the unique needs and challenges inherent in working with this population. The building blocks of early intervention can be woven into school curricula through basic mental health first aid training. These programs could be expected to have both short term efficacy in managing distress and longer term benefits in reducing mental health stigma and increasing coping behaviours.
There are two other key aspects for the Government to address: men's mental health and Indigenous mental health. There is a need for greater research and funding into culturally appropriate mental health services for Indigenous Australians, where major gaps in service delivery remain. I agree in principle with 90% of what Simon has suggested in his article however we need to be careful when suggesting building psycho-education into other systems such as education. Rather than funding and rebating according to the degree the clinician happens to have done, policymakers might consider restructuring Medicare according to service provided - or a combination of the two. Julia Gillard has invited people to say what they feel on the issue of how Australia should manage its borders. Eureka Street is completely free of charge - however it costs a significant amount of money to provide our unique content. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Mental illness can occur when the brain (or part of the brain) is not working well or is working in the wrong way. When these symptoms significantly disrupt a person’s life, we say that the person has a mental disorder or a mental illness . As the issue continues to gain attention it will no doubt become politicised in this election year. Sadly, thousands are unable to access a similar standard of care when it comes to mental ill health. With 75 per cent of mental ill health occurring prior to 24 years of age, getting in early is a sound approach for preventing future episodes. In my experience, when young people are supported by services that meet their needs they often respond quickly and positively.
There are votes in mental health, and if Gillard wants to lead on this issue, she can look to furthering on the Coalition's commitment.
Suitably trained primary and secondary teachers could provide evaluation based programs to their students for effectively managing stress and worry, and actively promoting resilience and self-awareness. In comparison to women, Australian men are far less likely to seek help for mental ill health, but are four times more likely to commit suicide. It is encouraging that greater numbers of men are breaking with societal norms and are talking more openly about their experiences of mental ill health. Australia has the capacity, ingenuity, financial resources and on-the-ground know-how to lead the world on this issue.
Minor reactive depressions may be prevented by schools programs; serious chronic illnesses associated with permanent structural or chemical changes in the brain will not be.
Psychological first aide is a program that most are able to do without any training however we should not over burden those who are already over burdened by introducing quasi counselling as part o their job description.

A fundamental issue in Australia is that we have two highly unequal systems of health care; one for the comfortably off privately insured and one for the rest. But the 2006 White Paper on Australian Aid specified its purpose to help countries 'reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development, in line with Australia’s national interest'. Eureka Street relies almost entirely on donations from our readers and organisations that support our endeavours. Includes information on a range of drugs, drug effects, drugs and driving, pregnancy, treatment, statistics, drugs and the law and where to go for help and further information. Not only will you be able to grasp some piece of mind by getting mental health treatment, but you will be able to look forward to life again. Ongoing advocacy and lobbying from esteemed psychiatrist and Australian of the Year, Professor Patrick McGorry, and the high profile resignation of Professor John Mendoza from the National Advisory Council on Mental Health have galvanised public opinion — for proof just glance at the op-ed pages of any recent Australian newspaper. That mental health is on the political agenda is good news for Australia's most marginalised and vulnerable.
This has a raft of implications for our communities given the overlap of mental ill health with homelessness, offending behaviour, gambling addiction, relationship breakdown, substance abuse, domestic violence and impulsive risk taking. Additional resources must be invested in training members of Aboriginal communities to provide mental health services, including culturally appropriate mental health assessment.
Opportunity awaits our new PM to move towards greater parity between physical and mental health. When are we going to hear about the adoption of treatment, housing and employment options that have proven to be successful overseas?
It takes several years to train a counsellor and longer to train a psychologist.There are also significant boundary and conflict of interest issues when other professionals start to counsel or diagnose.
In psychiatry, my experience would suggest that the breakdown of specialist doctors is about 3 to 1 in private to public practice. This book is intended for anyone who is interested in finding accurate information about drugs and alcohol - for young people, their parents, teachers and the community, it is not a medical or scientific book. This includes maintaining productive daily activities and maintaining fulfilling relationships with others . Moral leadership, incorporating commitment to extra funding, innovative policy and evidence based practice must follow the rhetoric.
Early intervention makes good economic sense as it prevents the progression of an episode from mild to severe, from first episode to chronic, from negative thinking to suicidal ideation.
Central to this will be programs encouraging greater numbers of men to enter the caring professions as psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, youth workers and counsellors.
Patrick McGorry and John Mendoza have done a great job getting mental illness on the public agenda, but it is interesting to note how much of the attention has gone to Patrick McGorry's own program. If mental health is to appropriately utilise the current mental health workforce more efficiently the public should have access to Medicare re-bateable counselling (to registered counsellors) in the first instance as opposed to expecting others to take on a para professional role or to restrict Medicare only to treatment services. In Hobart , which I know well and is probably typical, there are about 30 trained psychiatrist in total of whom about 7 spend at least some time in public and the other 23 are solely in private and shut their books when they have about 3-400 patients: they can earn a half million dollars a year on that practice.
And people, of whatever socio-economic background who seek psychotherapeutic treatment are often in considerable pain. If you are a regular reader and are able to support us financially, please consider making a donation.
Their perception of me is one formed on assumptions and impressions, all of which can be easily manipulated by me, whom the perception is about.Perceptions are everything when it comes to those struggling with a mental illness. Greater emphasis on innovative prevention programs and public awareness campaigns should occur. It has the capacity to transform the lives of Australia's most marginalised and vulnerable. If one checks the statistics carefully, it appears that early interventions help a considerable number of young people and their parents through a temporary difficult time.

Early intervention is only successful when appropriate services are readily available before a condition develops into a clinical, acute or psychotic event not after and we have a whole workforce of counsellors who able to work in this area to alleviate the current burden on GP's and psychologists. The myth of the worried well hailing from the leafy green suburbs belies those shattered interiors which cripple emotional and thus economic potential. They are the semblance of sanity and the mask to be put on in the morning when we head out the front door. They do not prevent the development of, for example, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.Thus we need better treatment, better housing options and better employment opportunities (not more hospital beds) for people with mental illnesses of all ages. The public docs have to care for almost all the societal mess that represents public psychiatry, and most of the acute work, frequently in pretty dismal surrounds and are also responsible for the training of students and new psychiatry doctors. Yet the so-called reflection of reality seen in perceptions cannot be further from the truth – a truth hidden simply because of a feeling that if it is known, the community (and those around us) will not be able – or willing – to handle it.Take my conversation, for example.
People with serious, incurable mental illnesses in other countries have such options why are they not available in Australia?
Bizarrely, for all this commitment to the `nasty` end, a full time public consultant will be earning well less than 50% of his average private colleague, although this is a good wage!
It usually takes a good minute for my conversation partner to believe me when I make the confession about my depression. Until Australia is prepared to change its health care culture to put resources where it is most needed, and have a single health care system which we are all prepared to share , and fund it, then we will not thrive as a society. Because on the outside, it seems like I have everything in the bag: I’m a good, religious woman who works for the betterment of the community, has a steady paying job and has made it on her own. It is notable that although as a community we spend now about 9.7% of GDP on healthcare, the public share of that is amongst the lowest in the OECD. What the outside world sees must be the reality I face within, right?To assume that our perceptions of those around us are the final say on their realities is petty, egregious and harmful. And these assumptions run rampant – we have come to believe that the in-person facades and online personas of people around us are the final truths.
On top of that, young Muslim Americans between 18-28 years old are the least happy compared to youth of other faith groups in America.So with that in mind, why is there a continued insistence on trusting what we see from others rather than what we hear coming from them?
Wrapped about it all is the gauzy film of public assumptions, dangerous in the way that it causes us to believe everything is okay without even asking.Understanding the danger that silence, perception and stigma brings to both the community and those coping with mental health problems is one step we must take. Another is to actually ensure that the harmful loop of stigma and silence is broken within our community from hereon out.Organizations are beginning to develop, specifically tackling the issue of mental health in Muslim communities, like American Muslim Health Professionals. We must realize as a Muslim community that seeking help is not to be regarded with disgust. And, this can be fostered through mosque and community forums which openly discuss issues that might otherwise be considered taboo. Ultimately, the only progress that will happen is progress we undertake ourselves.We owe it to the health of the community to begin listening when we ask the question, “How are you doing?” Too often has this question been voided of its true meaning, and we have a responsibility to begin listening to the answer our friends, peers and community members give us. She is a writer and cultural critic who has been published at The Huffington Post, The Guardian, School Library Journal and PolicyMic, and serves as the founder and president of Coming of Faith LLC. The name is inspired by the “alt.muslim” Usenet newsgroups from the early days of the Internet, where freewheeling online discussions about the Muslim world were born. In 2012, altmuslim joined Patheos, becoming a part of the Patheos Muslim Portal, which is a destination hub for news, blogs, analysis, features, and commentary concerning Muslims, Islam, and Muslims as part of the American and global dynamic. Ali, the managing editor of the Muslim Portal at Patheos, serves as the editor-in-chief of altmuslim at Patheos.

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