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If you’re reading this, then leave a comment below and you will be entered to win a free caricature. Last updated: 3 Sep 2011Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. Paula: Not much for pokeman, but found it interesting that in the game they introduced lawyers. In a two-part blog series, we explore how data mined from Tumblr using Nexalogy and DataSift can provide valuable insight into an audience that has traditionally been very difficult to reach. Interestingly, people dealing with mental health issues are most likely to use social media to communicate, according to the Environics 2012 Global Healthviews Report.
Social media can give drug makers a unique perspective on patients’ experience with medications. Canadian firm Nexalogy Environics is using its social data analysis platform, Nexamaster — coupled with the DataSift social data platform — to filter Tumblr social media data and extract relevant insight into mental health medication—specifically in the areas of psychosis and depression. In the next blog, we’ll examine Nexalogy’s deep dive in more detail—the process and the methodology. This Nexalogy case study provides practical examples of how the data captured by social media platforms can inform drug makers as they seek to understand and support users of their products. Written by Zuzanna Pasierbinska-WilsonZuzanna is VP, Marketing & Communications at DataSift. Most times to treat our mental illness were prescribed two, three, or more as a Medication Combo (multiple prescriptions).
It’s tricky for doctors to treat, for patients to live with and for the makers of medication to address. This insight allows the firms to provide support to the patients and physicians who use their products—and help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

Nexalogy collected Tumblr data for a five month period, an exercise that yielded 6,036 posts containing discussions of this type of medication and related terms. Tracking reblog activity uncovered intense interest in the topic of depression treatments among Tumblr users. By medical communication standards, the content about antidepressants that generated so much reblog activity was basic and incomplete.
The format of the popular post — text as images, with a raw and at times humorous tone — provides an example of what resonates with a younger audience. The concern is that social media as a source for market insight remains a low priority for most healthcare organizations. Using the blend of Nexalogy and DataSift, social media has a unique ability to meet efficiency needs while providing important insights into patients’ concerns and information needs.
The best medications are expensive and if you dona€™t have insurance you may have to rely on Medicaid or other state programs; Or pay for medications out of your pocket. Especially if depression has you so depressed you cana€™t go into work for 3 weeks or more every montha€¦ You dona€™t get a depression leave of absence.
So, for me, it is a no brainera€¦ I know the risks, and I dona€™t rely on medication alone in my wellness plan. The nature of mental illness also makes it difficult to gain insight into patients’ experiences on a human rather than a clinical level.
That makes platforms like Tumblr an invaluable source of insight for industry players seeking to support people relying on mental health medications.
Aside from highlighting the need for information among a younger demographic of people, it also demonstrates the efficiency of Tumblr as a channel for drug makers to reach this patient group. In other words, if you want to know how to create content for a younger audience, see what’s spreading on Tumblr.

Tomorrow, we’ll look in more detail at how Nexalogy used the Nexamaster social data analysis platform and DataSift social data platform to reveal patient perspectives of mental health medication.
After the money issues are taken care of we have to deal with the validity of taking medications. At times, the combo seemed to work and at other times, it was like starting all over again. I take supplements and have changed my diet and look at my overall health part as my wellness. However, drug makers need this insight to learn how to best support the doctors and patients who rely on their products.
The key is to know where to find this data, and to analyze it in an efficient manner to make sense of what’s there. On top of this youa€™ll have to make payments for each med or a co-pay for 2 to 4 meds as per the combo; CA-Ching!
Doing this properly can yield valuable insight for drug makers, researches, and other organizations.
If youa€™re taking a medication for depression THAT has a harsh side-effect of suicidal ideation and deeper depression, well then it safe to say that med might need to be tweaked or removed from your combo.

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