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Urticaria, commonly known as hives, is a condition where there is red, itchy swellings on the skin (wheals or welts) that appears and disappears often for no known reason.
Urticaria occurs when certain chemicals that cause inflammation are released in large amounts for no obvious reason. Sometimes the immune system itself triggers this release of these chemicals and it is therefore said to be an immune-mediated activation. Angioedema is the swelling that occurs in the lower layers of the skin or the mucosal lining of cavities, often as a result of an allergic reaction. There are several different subtypes of urticaria that may be classified by the causes or triggers.
Physical urticarias triggered by physical triggers like mechanical force, temperature, water and sun. The causes behind urticaria is not always known although the disease process is fairly well understood.
Contact with latex, animal hair, pollen, dust and other allergens similar to allergic contact dermatitis. Autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Sjogren’s syndrome and autoimmune thyroiditis. Apart from skin symptoms, urticaria can also present with various other symptoms some of which can be very serious and potentially life threatening. Picture of the angioedema of the lip from Dermatology Atlas courtesy of Samuel Freire da Silva, M.D.
Various other symptoms may be present which are systemic meaning it involves different sites and systems throughout the body.
Some of the following tests may be helpful to identify the underlying cause of chronic urticaria in particular.
Corticosteroids are rarely used but may be needed for short period during a severe episode of urticaria. Tricyclic antidepressants may be useful to relieve itching particularly in chronic urticaria. Epinephrine may be administered for angioedema particularly when it causes airway obstruction.
Avoid becoming overheated or cold by dressing appropriately especially in environments with extremes of temperature. Take note of acute medication that may trigger urticaria or speak to a doctor about the possibility of chronic medication triggering the condition.
Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis. The term “edema” refers to the accumulation of large amount of fluid which causes swelling.
There may be considerable swelling on the legs or arms and sometimes on both the legs and arms.
This condition can cause repeated infections on the extremities due to accumulation of fluid inside. The symptoms may range from mild to severe depending on the extent of fluid accumulation and there may be marked difference in movement of arms or legs from one person to another. Lymphedema can be caused by the improper functioning of lymph vessels or it can occur due to underlying disease. People undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy for cancer has high risk of getting their lymph nodes enlarged. Bacterial or viral infection can restrict the free flow of lymph fluid causing swelling and inflammation. Lymphedema can be caused by hereditary condition due to the abnormal development of lymph vessels.
The doctor will look for symptoms of swelling or inflammation of arms or legs or both indicating infection on the lymph nodes.
He may use testing procedures like CT scan, MRI scan or Doppler ultrasound for examining the position of arms or legs and also for checking the extent of blockage. There is no proper treatment for lymphedema but you can always take efforts for managing the symptoms and to control pain.

The affected arm or leg should be wrapped to encourage the lymph fluid to get discharged into the body. Wearing pneumatic compression or sleeve on the affected leg will give relief from pain or discomfort. People who have other disorders like diabetes, hypertension or heart problems will have to use combined therapy mentioned above for getting effective results. Surgery is the last option for draining the liquid inside the lymph nodes, if none of the above method responds.
Turner syndrome also called as Monsomy X is a genetic disorder in which the female child misses one pair of normal X chromosomes. Normally every child inherits 23 pairs of chromosomes out of which two are sex chromosomes which determine the gender of the child.
The symptoms of this disease are swollen hands, webbed neck and wide feet are found on the infants. Broken teeth need to be evaluated by your dentist immediately after you notice that the tooth is damaged. If you have ever been to the emergency room with a toothache, you probably left with pain medication and  antibiotics (and hopefully a referral to a good local dentist).
These chemicals include histamine, bradykinin, kallikrein and other vasoactive substancs which are stored in certain immune cells in the skin known as mast cells and basophils.
It may appear as deep welts on the skin or a swollen red area like when it affects the eyelids or lips.
This condition can happen in any part of the body but is more particular in feet, legs and ankles.
The main function of this system is to circulate proteins and other nutrients throughout the body. It causes inflammation of the lymph nodes which would eventually restrict the movement of lymphatic fluid.
Many times, corrective surgery for cancer will involve the process of removal of lymph nodes from one part of the body for replacing it on the affected part. Any tumor or extra growth on the lymphatic system blocks the normal function of lymph vessels causing accumulation of fluid.
For instance congenital lymphedema caused by Milroy’s disease is an inherited condition affecting the child by birth. Your doctor will examine the lymph nodes if you have undergone recent treatment for cancer or surgery that involves lymph nodes.
Doing exercises like gentle stretching and relaxation can improve circulation.You can get help from physiotherapist who will teach you the right techniques. Apply suitable strokes on the leg so that the accumulated fluid gently moves into the body for draining. If the child is female, it would have two XX chromosomes and if it is a male it would have XY chromosome.
In developed girls, there will be incomplete puberty, small breasts and absence of pubic hair. Since they are infertile, they can either adopt a child or have a donor egg implanted on the uterus for having a baby.
After a thorough examination and x-ray with one of our doctors, we will decide together whether or not the tooth can be saved.
Infections from the teeth can enter the jaw bone, and from there the infection can travel anywhere in the body. Sometimes the swelling is of the airways and can lead to difficulty breathing, suffocation and even death.
Normally these chemical are only released when necessary, like if the skin is injured or there is an infection. Chronic urticaria is more likely with autoimmune diseases which are usually chronic conditions.
Swelling of the lips and tongue can cause slurred speech and the tongue or larynx may be responsible for a change in the tone and volume of the voice. Testing is advised when other skin diseases need to be excluded or in chronic urticaria to identify any underlying diseases.

Using cool water to bathe the area and topical applications (creams or lotions) like menthol 1% may provide some relief. It also does the work of collection of virus, bacteria and other waste materials from the body which is then filtered out through lymphocytes. Similarly Meige’s disease is also inherited disorder which begins in adolescent age causing swelling of arms and limbs. The built up pressure on the sleeve will gently move the accumulated fluid into the body thereby reducing swelling. However in turner syndrome children, the female child will have only one X chromosome, missing the other one. Some doctors try giving estrogen therapy for girls to induce the growth of hairs and development of breasts.
It can be tempting to neglect a broken tooth if it is not causing any pain, but avoiding the dentist will certainly decrease your chances of the tooth being able to be saved. Usually the infection stays in the general area of the tooth and the surrounding tissues begin to swell rapidly.
When urticaria arises by some other trigger like drug usage, physical stimuli and psychological stress then it is known to be non-immune mediated activation.
It also arises for no known reason in the majority of cases (idiopathic urticaria) and the triggers are almost never identified. More seriously though, swelling of the airways can cause difficulty breathing and in severe cases this is potentially life threatening. Oxygen may be administered as supportive treatment when there is airway narrowing with angioedema. Any blockage in the lymphatic system can prevent the lymph fluid from draining which leads to storage of large volume of lymphatic fluid. Actually the waste products and other bacteria live in the lymph nodes before getting expelled. Alternatively you can use compression garments or stockings for applying pressure on the legs or arms. Both Drs Mark and Phillip Kraver are very gentle and highly skilled at making your tooth extraction as comfortable as possible. Doctors everywhere are actively trying to reduce the antibiotics they prescribe because of the antibiotic-resistant bacteria that have been created from the overuse of antibiotics. It takes bacterial cells 20 minutes to double, so you can easily have exponential growth in the billions and trillions of bacterial cells within a day or two.
Within minutes it causes more blood to flow through the skin and for fluid to leak out of blood vessels into the skin thereby causing swelling of the skin. In most cases a trigger can be found such as certain drugs, foods, an infection or insect bite.
This condition happens during the course of cancer treatment which damages the lymph nodes from functioning well. Also, our office has some of the lowest fees in the area for simple extractions so it won’t cost you a fortune for high quality dental care. The treatment for an infected tooth is either a root canal or a tooth extraction, not just medication.
Here is an example of a facial swelling caused by a untreated broken tooth, before and after treatment. The condition may affect 1 out of 6 people at least once in their lifetime but in most cases it is acute and never occurs again. Read below to find out more about our most commonly asked questions about tooth extractions in Cape Coral.

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