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Male Semen And Fertility Capsules - VEGA SPEM Capsule is the herbal blend whose ingredients cumulatively supports in overcoming issues of infertility through working on all organs which are related to fertility. Disclaimer : The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. About Male Infertility Female Infertility Causes Symptoms Prevention Aazoospermia Oligospermia Necrospermia Antisperm Antibodies Premature Ejaculation Erectile Dysfunction Testicular Problems Low Testosterone Varicocele Prostatitis Infections and Infertility Blood in Semen Male Infertility and Obesity Immunology of Male Infertility Structural Problems Male Biological Clock Understanding Semen Analysis Retrograde Ejaculation Increase Male Fertility Evaluation of Male Infertility Male Reproductive Physiology IVF - In Vitro Fertilization Tips What is ICSI? Overly intense exercise--produces high levels of adrenal steroid hormones which cause a testosterone deficiency resulting in infertility. Tight underwear--increases scrotal temperature which results in decreased sperm production. Modifying these behaviors can improve a man’s fertility and should be considered when a couple is trying to achieve pregnancy. A male may produce other hormones and chemical compounds which interfere with the sex-hormone balance. Azoospermia is the complete absence of sperm in the semen and as such means that a man will be completely infertile. However, modern techniques such as ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) mean that a man can still father his own biological child with expert medical help - This means that you must ask your doctor whether you have either (i) a very low sperm count so that you know you do at least make some sperm or (ii) absolutely no sperm at all which is the worst case scenario for any man to face. In fact it is rare that a man has absolutely no sperm at all and as long as some sperm are produced it is possible nowadays to help couples have children via the ICSI procedure.
However, the above sperm count figure represents a general guideline, as some men with a higher sperm count have had difficulty conceiving while men with a sperm count lower than this number have been able to successfully get their partners pregnant. Necrospermia is a condition in which sperm are produced and found in the semen but are not alive and are unable to fertilize eggs. This condition may be treated by several methods such as cortisone, sperm washing which increases sperm concentration, intrauterine insemination, or in vitro fertilization.
A genetic or developmental mistake may block or cause the absence of one or both tubes (which transport the sperm from the testes to the penis). This generally refers to the inability of the sperm-producing part of the testicles (the seminiferous elithelium) to make adequate numbers of mature sperm.
Even in the case where the testes are only producing low numbers of sperm, the sperm may be harvested and used in conjunction with advanced reproductive techniques to attempt a pregnancy. Since the testes are very sensitive to temperature, if they do not descend into the scrotum prior to adolescence, they will stop producing sperm altogether. Fever Influenza (flu), pneumonia, or even a severe cold can cause a high fever, which will adversely affect sperm production and quality. Diabetes In the longer term, diabetes can cause problems with erection and ejaculation through causing damage to the function of the 'automatic nervous system'. High Blood Pressure Hypertension (high blood pressure) can cause problems with erection, either directly or as a side effect of medication. Neurological Disorders Multiple sclerosis, stroke, and spinal cord injury and disease can all cause problems with erection and ejaculation. Kidney Disease Chronic renal failure, which results in a build up of waste products in the body, can adversely affect sperm quality and fertility.
Cancers That affect the genital tract or endocrine (hormone-producing) systems may directly reduce fertility. Alcoholism Alcohol is toxic to sperm and overuse of alcohol can reduce sperm quality and fertility.

Malnutrition Deficiencies in nutrients such as vitamin C, selenium, zinc and folate may contribute to infertility. Cancer and its Treatment Both radiation and chemotherapy treatment for cancer can impair sperm production, sometimes severely.
Pesticides and other Chemicals Herbicides and insecticides may cause female hormone-like effects in the male body and may be associated with reduced sperm production and testicular cancer. Substance Abuse Use of cocaine or marijuana may temporarily reduce the number and quality of your sperm. The effect of lower levels of consumption does not seem to have been adequately researched. It is reasonable to suggest that anyone intent on embarking on the rigours of fatherhood should show responsibility with regard to alcohol, drugs and other aspects of lifestyle. Whilst a low sperm count is a poor prognostic feature, and the lower the count the worse the prognosis, it is not totally incompatible with fertility.
Klinefelter's syndrome with karyotype XXY is associated with hypogonadism and disorders of spermatogenesis.
Testicular feminisation is when there is resistance to the virilising effects of androgens and a child with an XY karyotype appears as a girl.
Traditional teaching has been that varicocele results in a warmer environment for the testis and that this impairs spermatogenesis and fertility. Pituitary tumours will displace or destroy normal tissue and the production of FSH and LH is often the first to be affected.
The control of prolactin is unlike the other releasing factors in that it is controlled by an inhibiting rather than a releasing factor from the hypothalamus into the hypothalamic-pituitary portal circulation. It is also released in response to thyrotrophin releasing factor, as is TSH, and so it is elevated if thyroxine is low. Failure of adequate differentiation of the embryonic testis can cause failure of proper development of the spermatic ducts.
In vasectomy the objective is to interrupt the vas deferens and it may be possible to reunite this in an attempt to reverse the procedure but the success rate as measured by successful pregnancy is poor.
In theory it should reduce the sperm count by 50% that would have no significant effect on fertility. However, the loss of the testis may have been associated with other problems that may have had an adverse effect on the other one such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer. Where a single testis has been lost or failed to develop in the absence of other problems, the presence of just one testis does not have an adverse effect on fertility. There are a bunch of myths regarding penis extenders that are running on the internet right now, and most of us guys are falling for it. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount.
The Capsules contains herbal ingredients that help in increasing number of Semens as well as semen volume and density. The diagnosis of azoospermia is sometimes still made even though as many as 500,000 sperm per ml of semen may have been seen because it is extremely unlikely that the man will be able to father a child naturally with this number of sperm. So, if the doctor says you have azoospermia make sure you ask for a copy of the semen analysis results so that you can understand the situation. So whilst not common there are plenty of infertile men around - in the UK alone we would expect to find at least 300,000 men with azoospermia and many of these would appear extremely healthy and have no indication that any problem might exist !
This means that if you and your partner have been trying for a year or more to have a baby there is an increased risk that you may have a problem. When a baby boy is born without the testes having fully descended into the scrotum, the condition is known as cryptorchidism. Eight-one percent of men who have a single testis that is cryptorchid have normal fertility. Mumps orchitis, a complication of the childhood viral disease, is the most typical example of complication in childhood; however, some men who get mumps with swelling of the parotid gland (the saliva-producing glands in the cheeks) will experience an inflammation in one or sometimes both testicles.
This could be due to generalised hardening of the arteries, in the penis as well as the heart, or to drugs used in the treatment of heart problems.

Otherwise, drugs and radiation used to treat cancer may severely reduce sperm production or even stop it altogether. Your sperm count may be affected if you experience excessive or prolonged emotional stress. Certain diseases or conditions, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, Cushing's syndrome, or anemia may be associated with infertility.
It tends to deposit the semen in the acid environment of the vagina rather than near the friendlier environment of the cervix. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. In order for conception to occur, a minimum of 60% of these sperm should have a normal shape (morphology) and normal forward movement (motility). The testicle may completely lack the cells that divide to become sperm (Sertoli Cell-Only Syndrome). The current recommendation is that at approximately one year of age, if the testes have not descended by themselves, they be brought down surgically. However, approximately, 50% of men who have bilateral cryptorchidism have normal fertility. Undescended testicles (cryptorchidism) are another common cause of failure of sperm production. A problem with fertility itself can sometimes become long term and discouraging, producing more stress.
Our ultimate mix of natural extracts has what it takes to solve this urging concern of yours. There has been some studies conducted which have revealed that bigger penises creates greater stimulation and satisfaction for all women. Histories, physical examination, analysis of the semen and hormonal dosages performed in necrozoospermic subjects were reviewed.
This may be due both to something inherent in the testes, to the surgery, or to damage done by not having the testes brought down in time. Male infants and children are routinely examined to identify this problem, as future fertility can only be preserved if surgical treatment to fix the testicles in the scrotum is performed in early childhood.
If you form part of one of those couples who have tried all kinds of treatments and interventions so far in order to succeed in having a baby, keep in mind that nature always has a solution for any of these contemporary health issues.
We observed that in patients with necrospermia in at least three semen samples, infections represent 40 per cent of aetiologies.
Sperm may be made in such low numbers that few, if any, successfully travel through the ducts and into the ejaculated fluid (hypospermatogeneses). In 20% of the whole population, no aetiology was observed, but abnormalities of the epididymis function were suggested.
Through this study, we suggest an aetiological classification and practical guidance in case of necrozoospermia. This product will nourish your sperm and get you ready for conceiving your baby, as these pills are exclusively produced for your sperm`s health and capacity to procreate. Knows as a sexual enhancer, this plant originates from China and the seed of this parasite herb is successfully used with therapeutic aims.
L-arginine is a naturally obtained compound that treats male infertility and once taken, will considerably improve your sexual activity. L-arginine is well known as an amino-acid meant to stimulate the release of insulin and an enhancer of nitric oxide, the substance that naturally relaxes your blood vessels. Conceive for Him pills also contain other plant extracts with sperm nourishing and motility sperm supporting properties, such as Maca (Lepidium Meyenii), Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and Zinc.

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