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Important: We do not recommend or review any products that are made or based outside of the USA.
On the other hand, a study in 2008, published in Indian Journal of Urology has suggested that the surgery for male enhancement is suffering from absence of standardization that resulted to various badly documented surgical methods that have unconvincing results. Indian researchers have revealed that men who are complaining about their small penis, in fact, have a normal penis size.
International Society of Sexual Medicine is recommending male enhancement surgery because it cannot provide you with significant results, aside from the fact that it also has some frequent complications. There are basically two types of male enhancement surgery: a procedure to increase length and a procedure to increase girth.
The surgical technique to lengthen the penis was introduced by Chinese surgeon Long Daochao in the late 1990s. On the other hand, the surgical technique to increase girth involves harvesting fat cells from the rest of the body, usually from the abdomen or the buttocks. Male enhancement surgery is still considered a taboo because of the risks associated with it.

Lengthening male enhancement surgery may provide an extra inch or two at the price of losing stability when the penis is erect. Widening male enhancement surgery can result in a lumpy and asymmetrical penis because of the fat’s unpredictability.
Don’t put your penis and your sexual health at risk because there are a number of non-invasive male enhancement products available, particularly natural male enhancement supplements and male enhancement devices. Although many are considering it to be the finest and most effective method for male enhancement, in reality, surgery for male enhancement cannot really give you that great a difference. There are just some who are misinformed, while others are suffering from the so-called penile dysmorphophobia, which is a sub-type of the body dysmorphic disorder that is being characterized by being worried about a minor or imaginary defect in a certain localized body part or facial feature. But in case you are searching for the best ways of achieving male enhancement, you still have options of using natural male enhancement that will not only be good for your pocket but can also free you from any side effects.
Severing the suspensory ligament can also produce boners that point downward or worse, lead to loss of sensation and impotence. The injected fat can bunch at the center of the shaft, making the penis look like a football.

Nothing is so much better than doing things the natural way and this is also applicable when it comes to male enhancement. Severing the ligament allows the penis to drop down and move forward, exposing the part that is normally held inside the pubic area.
Surgeons have since refined this method by using materials other than fat – particularly grafts of tissue from the patient’s body or from cadavers – as the widening implants. Men who wanted a new and better tool came out disfigured, freakishly shaped, red, raw, and worse, with permanent erectile dysfunction. Fat is often irregularly reabsorbed by the body, which is why the added girth shrinks more in some areas.

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