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Male Edge devices have been made to be worn for long periods without any discomfort or irritation.
Male Edge extenders are ideal for all adult men looking for a natural process of enlargement. Penis extenders started with a few products claiming to offer considerable increase in size without much effort. Its unique mechanism allows you to select stretching levels without damaging or causing pain in any part of the penis.
Probably most of the extenders are based on traction principles of cell generation but Male Edge devices have a lot more to offer. It is almost impossible to provide black and white figures as the growth levels are highly personal.
Although it is not difficult to use the product, explaining it in words can be a bit tricky.
You shouldn’t worry about any severe side effects unless the device is being used as directed. The Male Edge Basic, Extra and Pro variants of the product offer different features and you should choose accordingly.
I think this is a new device but I think its made by the same people who make the andropenis so its going to be good quality.
This is the price (excluding shipping and handling fees) a seller has provided at which the same item, or one that is nearly identical to it, is being offered for sale or has been offered for sale in the recent past. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking.
Due to the nature of the products offered on eBay, we do not accept returns on opened products as they can not be resold due to hygienic concerns. By submitting your bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. By clicking Confirm, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.
By clicking Confirm, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. The use of penis extenders to increase size is an ever contentious issue in the men’s health industry with many proponents and opponents. This article focuses on the true facts pertaining to the utilization, efficacy and safety of penis traction devices as a means of penis enlargement. You may not have the time or will to read the whole page in one session, so I’ve sectioned it under relevant subheadings for easier reading and reference. A penis extender or stretcher is a medical-grade device that is used to apply a steady and constant amount of traction (stretching) force to the shaft of the penis. The one feature that sets apart good penis extenders from bad ones is the comfortability of the product.
Tip: When shopping for an extender, choose one that offers more than one type of fastening mechanism with additional comfort padding. The scientifically-backed principle of stretching body parts has been successfully implemented not only in modern-day plastic surgery procedures, but also in tribal traditions where members use simple stretching mechanisms to enlarge certain body parts like the neck, ears and lips. Fact: Enlargement of body parts by means of constant stretching is employed today in some plastic surgeries. Each device will have specific user instructions and recommendations that you should follow for safe and effective use. The base of the device should fit around the base of the penile shaft and rest against the pubic bone. Any additional comfort accessory (padding) should be placed between the strap and the glans. If the instructions specify a certain amount of traction, you’ll need to adjust traction accordingly (advanced products have this feature). Follow the product’s recommended schedule that should detail gradual increase in hours of daily wearing and amount of traction. If you feel pain then you are doing something wrong, however, it is normal to experience slight discomfort during first days of use. Tip: Consult the included instructional user manual or DVD for specific information on how to use the gadget the right way. In reality, results will be different from one man to another based on many physical and biological attributes, as well as lifestyle factors. When compared with other stretching techniques and tools, penis extenders excel in producing consistent results. You can increase the chance of obtaining bigger results by maintaining a healthy environment for your sex organ throughout the process and afterwards.
Stay active: Day-to-day physical activity and exercise improves circulation in addition to the other innumerable benefits of an energetic lifestyle. Try natural penis exercises: There are several manual exercises specifically devised to promote the growth of erectile tissue and expansion of the two main erectile bodies in the penis known as the corpora cavernosa.
Stop smoking: If you smoke then this might be the perfect occasion to rethink this harmful habit. Quitting may be a hard decision to follow through with, but incentivize yourself by keeping in mind all the sexual rewards that can follow and how much money you will save for other useful stuff. Nourish your reproductive system: Your sex organs need to be supplied with plenty of nutrients to function well and regenerate. Tip: Maintaining a wholesome lifestyle and staying in shape can step up the benefits of the stretching treatment. Only wear the device on your flaccid penis, in case you get an erection while the device is strapped on you may need to release it and strap it back on after the erection is gone. Stop using the device if you experience any significant pain, soreness or discernible abnormality in the penis, and seek prompt medical attention if it subsists. Avoid wearing the extender while sleeping to ward off the possibility of insensible injury. If you experience any numbness in the shaft or glans this may be an early warning sign of nerve damage.
Make sure that the scrotum and testicles are hanging freely and comfortably outside the base of the extender. Keep away from violent physical activity, especially that involving the lower body, while wearing the device to keep it from slipping off or causing injury. Consult the user manual for directions on how to correctly assemble and mount the extender. The assembled device should feel smooth and have no sharp or pointy edges that may cause injury to the skin. Tip: Misuse and overuse can lead to serious damage to the internal structure of your phallus and its ability to function. In addition to common sense, here are some tips that should help you separate the wheat from the chaff and choose a legitimate product. Professional, honest merchants should provide full contact details including a physical address and a phone number. The better penis extenders are priced upwards of $100 depending on what the package includes, which is quite affordable for a one-time investment. Comparing measurements of a semi-erect penis to those of a fully erect state would indeed show a significant difference.
Comparing different measurements in flaccid state is even trickier, since the flaccid penis naturally shrinks and dilates in different times while influenced by numerous environmental and biological factors.

Other deceptive tactics include shooting the photos from different angles, inconsistent positioning of the measuring tape, and others.
Most of the photos I could find online documenting the ‘growth progress’ seem to be created by amateurs in hopes of cashing in on them, be it by selling them to merchants or by publishing them in their own ‘unbiased’ testimonials from which they generate referral commissions. Unfortunately, I do not have any personal photos showing a 2- or 3-inch increment, nor do I promise you that you will get such a result by using any of the products featured on this website. Fact: Normally, results gained by using an extender device are not massive and may not be easily demonstrable or noticeable to others in photos. There have been several clinical trials aimed at evaluating the efficacy of penile stretching therapy using an external extender device. Most of the available studies seem to be sponsored by the creator of the device used in the tests, but there is also disinterested medical literature that backs up some of the propositions behind non-invasive penile extension. This comparison chart sheds light on the key similarities and differences of the four natural techniques men can take advantage of in order to improve their sexual performance, namely extenders, pumps, exercises and pills.
Possibly, in some cases there was an improvement in girth, but mostly it remained unchanged. Yes, many doctors and herbalists advocate herbal supplementation for healthier and enjoyable sex life. Tip: Penis extenders are the only evidence-based technique for permanent penile elongation. There have always been heated debates about the ideal size for the male penis and whether it actually matters to women or not. Obsessive insecurity about size is mostly a psychological ‘shortness’ that you can either endlessly run after or overcome by realizing that happiness in the bedroom is not all about how big your schlong is. Final Tip: If you want to win over a women, try a big heart rather than rocking a big dick! All stretching devices in the market work based on the same concept, so when it comes to separating the good from the bad, the main considerations are overall quality, material grade, comfortability, manufacturer reputation and professionalism, as well as customer and professional feedback.
Male Edge is the second-generation penis extender introduced by DanaMedic ApS, the Danish innovator of penile traction devices and creator of the original system called Jes-Extender (see more about it below).
If you are looking for a user-friendly, powerful and affordable penis enlarger then this product will perfectly fill the bill.
Increases penis size in length and circumference (results vary from individual to another). No clinical trials were conducted using this specific model, however, it uses the same principle as its clinically proven precursor; the Jes Extender. The company features a wide range of packages to select from with reasonable prices starting from only $86 for the starter edition. Many bonuses and goodies in high-end packages including a penis exercise DVD and a penis pump.
The Jes Extender is the oldest penile traction system in the market with over 20 years of success worldwide.
If you are looking for an extender of fine quality and high durability then the Jes-Extender is hands down the best you can find! These attractive, sleek and lightweight extenders can safely increase both length and girth of the penis with the help of controlled traction. The device has been clinically proven to increase size by about 28%, which is certainly impressive. Undeniably, some of the earlier designs were appreciable but most of the products that followed lacked what is actually the core of extenders: Traction.
Starting with the basics, mitosis is a highly complex cell regeneration process that can be triggered by traction under ideal conditions.
Now this process might sound like the best enlargement way but you will find dozens of devices in the market failing to do absolutely nothing. Still, you can expect around 9% growth in the first two months and consecutive increase in the coming 26 weeks.
However, if you experience any pain or discomfort, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
Carry case, travel bag, protection pad, cohesive gauze, rubber strap, ruler and colour options would help you pick a better variant.
I have grown around 2 inches in this time and if things keep going as planned I will be at my desired size shortly.
If you should receive a product that has not been opened or is defective please message us so we can further assist in accepting a return or sending a replacement.
You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. This is a comprehensive exploration of the subject where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions, useful tips and reviews of top rated penile extender systems.
This is not one of those promotional articles where you can find products that will ‘no doubt’ give you extra 3 inches.
You can click on any of the links in the Contents list above to jump directly to the information that interests you.
They are also known as penis traction devices and they are used by doctors in Penile Traction Therapy (PTT), especially in patients who have had penile surgery. To that end, manufacturers try to be innovative with their product’s fastener strap to distinguish it from the competitors. Some brands offer additional accessories for improved convenience, better grip and increased efficiency.
Avoid products that are only equipped with a tubular rubber strap as these tend to be the least comfortable and more likely to be dangerous.
Men suffering from a bent penis due to Peyronie’s disease may remarkably benefit from extenders to improve their penile curvature. When the penis is subjected to an external constant traction force the body’s natural response will be to adapt and relieve the tension. Whether it works to enlarge the penis and its internal anatomy or not remains a debatable issue among experts. With some promising an increase in penile length of 1 inch up to claims of a 3 inch increase following regular use for at least six months. No one can guarantee you a certain result and the only way to find out how well it will work for you is to give it a try yourself.
Do not trust any product that promises you a definite result within a definite time frame as this is more likely to be a sham. Most users start noticing improvement in erect and flaccid size after a few weeks, but maximum gains may take at least six months to achieve.
This is highly recommended if you are more specifically looking to increase your girth and hardness.
Exercises that target the lower body improve blood flow to the genitals and this provides the penis with the proper nourishment it needs during the stimulated growth process. Penis exercises also support better circulation, which will consequently enhance your ability to sustain rigidity during erection. It has been medically established that smoking causes damage to blood vessels, inhibits circulation and may cause penile shrinkage in the long run.
Keeping a nutrient-rich diet and taking male dietary supplements while using the traction therapy is advised to reinforce growth. Each product should be packed with its relevant user guide and safety instructions that must be followed for safe and appropriate usage.

Also avoid applying the fastener directly on bare skin and make sure to place an in-between cushioning material for extra comfort and smooth blood flow. In this case, you need to remove the device immediately and sort out what may be causing the problem, like very tight fastener, too much traction, wrong setting, etc. Read and follow safety instructions carefully, and stop using the device at-once if you experience apparent pain, numbness, discoloration or any other anomaly in the penis.
Results will vary individually and no truthful manufacturer should guarantee a specific, fixed result as far as size growth is concerned. These usually offer durable apparatus, extra spare parts, professional customer care and other goodies. Before you make up your mind, search the Internet for unbiased real user feedback and opinions on the specific item or company in question.
Review websites are full of picture ‘proofs’ showing remarkable ‘gains’ in length and girth, but to tell the truth and shame the devil, almost all photos of penis enlargement results circling the Internet are bogus in one way or the other! So, are you saying that all those dick enlargement devices are just refined crap that doesn’t work? The truth is you are not likely to gain more than an inch in erect length after several months of use, on the average. Most photos of enlargement results found online are manipulated and should not be the basis of your decision.
Results were mostly positive with reported improvement in penile length, thickness, function and curvature angle.
End results will vary subjectively and may range from minimal to very impressive, but usually pleasing enough. Using a combination of stretching device, exercises and supplements is a common practice by men looking to achieve the best possible results.
So, to make a long story short, if your erect penis measures 6 inches or more you don’t really need to make it any longer as that will be enough to qualify you as above-average almost anywhere in the world.
You may want to consider taking a natural penis enhancement pill instead to achieve increased blood flow, thickness, hardness, sex drive and energy.
Based on my experience and research I am positive to vouch for the following penis extender brands. Male Edge is distinguished by its excellent stylish and modern design, patented traction technology, quality parts and materials, flexibility and comfortability. This is my #1 recommendation for any man looking for the right tool to embark on his penis enlargement quest. Developed and sold by Canada-based X4 Labs Inc., this product offers great value for money for buyers on a budget.
Its inventor, Denmark-based DanaMedic ApS, was the first to patent an extender system for penile traction treatment.
It is as good as gold, and I don’t mean that metaphorically; they actually offer a version with all metal parts coated with 24 carat gold. The basic package has a price tag of $209.99, but if your eyes are fixed on the tip-top platinum package then prepare to shell out $1,000. Male Edge extenders offer you a highly researched and advanced extender to be worn comfortably every day.
Stretching the penis over extended periods increases space between cells, which is then filled with new cells. Male Edge devices, however, are constructed with careful research to stretch the penis evenly and safely. However, do not be disappointed by slow growth as your cells might be responding slowly to the process. I thought it was going to be painful and above all awkward to wear but its pretty simple and there is no pain or discomfort. The "off" amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller's price on eBay. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
If your hopes have been raised too high by Internet advertisements of ‘miraculous’ enlargement devices, then this read could help bring your expectations down to earth. If you are only interested in the product offers then scroll all the way down the page or simply click the last link in the Contents list to get to my product reviews.
The medical community still don’t have a conclusive answer to whether extenders can yield permanent augmentation in penile size or not, and they accentuate the need for additional trials and analysis of this technique. Penile traction therapy has been proven effective for Peyronie’s patients and many urologists worldwide have recognized the importance of these devices as a first-line treatment when dealing with the problem. They argue that cell division and tissue growth will be multidimensional causing the penis to naturally enlarge in both length and girth. Some products also make claims of increased thickness of around 0.5 inch but this is usually brought about by following an accompanying penis exercise program. Some extender systems include a complementary professional exercise routine at no extra cost. If you have been adopting this practice for a long time then some of the damage done may not be reversible, but at least you have the choice to prevent any further worsening of the adverse effects and start to revamp your cardiovascular system. In addition to that, male enhancement supplements can produce harder and larger erections by intensifying blood flow. The following are some general precautions that users should be advised of when using an extender device at home. You don’t want to get cheap and put your most valuable asset as a man in the line of danger, do you? There is reasonable evidence backed by real success stories proving that extenders do work.
Even though it is possible to rack up an extra 2 or more inches as some manufacturers claim, this is not the norm and it may only occur under rare circumstances.
The device comes with an adjustable traction system that will help you control the amount of stretching force according to the provided schedule.
Additionally, you may opt for pure sterling silver coating, or the sumptuous pure platinum-coated model for those who do not settle for less than the creme de la creme.
The bright colours are a bit of a put off but realistically they are just colours nothing more. Nevertheless, millions of men from across the world have purchased and used extenders for the purpose of long-term enlargement, and while the success rate and gains were not mostly exceptional many consumers were quite satisfied with what they achieved. These are some of the common photo tricks employed to make the penis appear like it has grown. Some of the stories and photographs shared online may be genuine, but again the vast majority of them are not.
Jes, by the way, is the name of the man behind the product – his full name is Jes Bech Muller and he is the founder and CEO of the company. You can check out the PEGym forums where many real users of extender devices share their experience and progress documentation.

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