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Lymphedema is a consequence of prolonged edema; edema is an interference of the physiologic movement of fluid from capillaries through the interstitial spaces and back into lymphatics. Dysfunction of the lymphatic system because of genetic or congenital defects or related to infection, surgery, or external trauma leads to functional impairment of the tissue clearing ability and progression to clinical signs of lymphedema. In all the clinical disorders discussed, edema may be transient and pitting with pressure but, with time, becomes fixed and accompanied by dermal sclerosis and epidermal hyperplasia.
Type I lymphedema, an autosomal dominant disease characteristically has a mutation in VEGFR3 (also called the FLT4 gene). Lymphedema is almost always from birth and is confined to the legs with deep creases over the toes and small deformed (“ski jump”) toenails and is characterized hypoproteinemia from intestinal loss of albumen, chylous ascites, and scrotal edema. Lymphangiography demonstrates dysplastic lymphatics in both clinically affected and clinically normal extremities, emphasizing the complexity of the pathophysiology, leading ultimately to disease. The fork-head family transcription factor defects have in common mutations in a transcription factor, the fork-head transcription factor, FoxC2 [MFH1 (mesenchyme forkhead-1); fork-head is the name of a Drosophila trait]. Edema develops around puberty, later than type I disease, and facial puffiness with deep creases and wrinkling may occur.
Worldwide lymphedema due to filariasis is estimated to affect between 90 and 100 million individuals .
Other infectious diseases with lymphedema are much less common and include lymphogranuloma venereum with elephantiasis of the penis and scrotum, granuloma inguinale , and tuberculosis .
There are two major etiologies to non-hereditary lymphedema on a worldwide basis—venous disease of the legs (discussed earlier in this chapter) and postcancer, especially carcinoma of the breast-related lymphedema. Unilateral lymphedema suggests localized obstructing factors, but bilateral lymphedema can be due to obstruction in the pelvis or abdomen. Inflammation with redness, pain, and swelling is not lymphedema but can be pyogenic infection, most commonly with S. Prolonged lymphedema leads to fibrosis and epidermal hyperplasia with verrucous hyperkeratosis (Fig. Diuretics may worsen the condition and should not be used as a primary treatment for lymphedema. Microsurgery of lymphatics to bypass obstructed nodes can be considered if nonsurgical treatments are not successful.
Excisional or suction-assisted lipectomy (liposuction) may be an option in selected patients. Any patient with lymphedema, whatever the cause, should keep their feet dry, nails trimmed, and prevent and aggressively treat pyogenic infection.
Lymphedema is common in some locations, face and penis especially; low-grade infection is usually invoked as the cause. In puffy hand syndrome, intravenous drug use with injections into hands or feet is associated with lymphedema.
He performs procedures for cosmetic and medical treatments including Endovenous Laser Ablation, Ambulatory Phlebectomy, Sclerotherapy, Venous Ultrasound, and the VeinGogh Procedure. Varicose veins are twisted, lengthened and sometimes tortuous veins that tend to occur on the legs. Trunk veins are those that are located in the trunk of the body, or that stem from this area and run into the arms. When you are faced with a diagnosis of trunk varicose veins, it is essential that you schedule an appointment with a specialized doctor for treatment in these veins. Schedule a consultation with our varicose vein doctor in our Manhattan, New York office at 212-993-6133 to discuss what your options are. You may want to have this procedure if you have leg pain or the feeling of heaviness in the leg. This procedure is often sought out when other types of treatments for varicose veins do not work or are unavailable.
Call our Manhattan, New York varicose vein doctor today at 212-993-6133 to learn more about your options in treatment and care. If you have these types of spider veins, the good news is there are treatment options that can help you to overcome them. Sclerotherapy: This procedure involves the injection of a solution into these very small veins.
Laser therapy: This procedure is an external treatment option but it can still be highly effective.
To find out more about your options, visit our Manhattan, New York varicose veins doctor today to discuss your needs as well as your overall goals for your skin.
There are various complications from varicose veins depend on the severity of the condition. Bleeding: In rare cases, varicose veins can cause the bursting of the vein that is very close to the skin, leading to bleeding.
You are more at risk of developing these types of problems if you are older, have a family history of varicose veins, are obese, or you spend long periods of time sitting or standing. Call 212-993-6133 to schedule a consultation with our Manhattan, New York varicose veins doctor. Some symptoms of varicose veins should be looked at closely by your medical doctor or a varicose veins specialist to determine if there is a need for improvement.
The veins are large and protruding from the skin, which leads to uncomfortable aching or swelling in the leg. There is swelling, often mild, that occurs in the legs, but most commonly in the ankles and the feet. If you have clusters of varicose veins, which means the area has become more knotted and harder looking, it is important to seek out medical care from a varicose vein doctor. Spider veins can be one of the most problematic conditions for women and men, though they do not pose as much of a medical risk as varicose veins. These veins tend to be enlarged, which is why they become visible under the surface of the skin. This condition occurs when a person suffers from a condition in which the blood does not clot properly. The most common signs of this condition include swelling in the area where the condition is present. If you already have this condition, the use of blood thinners and other medications can be used to break up blood clots to reduce the risk of complications. Many people can see significant improvement in the way their veins look by undergoing a procedure called the VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System. To find out if the VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System is the right option for you, call our offices and schedule a consultation with the best varicose vein doctor in Manhattan, New York.
Compression has been known to be effective in the treatment of leg swelling as early as Hippocrates. Patients with lymphedema have chronic swelling, pain, recurrent infections and decreased quality of life. Lymphedema is a state of accumulation of lymph, most commonly in the extremities, but also in other locations.
A rare, inherited condition, primary lymphedema is caused by genetic abnormalities of lymph vessel development. This form becomes apparent by the age of two years and represents only 10% of cases of primary lymphedema.
Also called late-onset lymphedema because of the onset after age 35, lymphedema tarda often occurs much later in life. Most experts also recognize that as more is known about lymphedema, many primary lymphedemas may ultimately prove to be secondary to other causes which have not been identified at this time. Secondary lymphedema arises from any condition or procedure that damages lymph nodes or lymph vessels, or conditions in which the amount of lymphatic fluid produced is increased, overwhelming the ability of the lymphatic vessels to remove the fluid.
Radiation treatment can cause scarring and inflammation to lymph nodes or lymph vessels, which affects the flow of lymph fluid, causing lymphedema. Tumors from cancer that has metastasized may grow large enough to block lymph vessels, and restrict the flow of lymph fluid, resulting in lymphedema. While most secondary lymphedema occurs due to damage to the lymphatic vessels, obesity appears to have a different mechanism. Although most secondary lymphedema appears within three years of cancer surgery and treatment, it may also suddenly appear many years later. Several of these treatments may also be combined depending upon the response to the therapy.
Lymphedema results from obstruction or destruction of lymphatic flow, most commonly as a result of radiation, infection, surgery or trauma. Development of lymphedema denotes an impaired ratio between production and evacuation of lymph fluid. I bet you thought I would never get around to writing about this marathon.  Well, it took me only three months, but here you go.
Mileage was significantly less the week leading up to the race allowing my legs and body to repair and recover in preparation for the race.
There have been significant life experiences and opportunities that I have passed up in my life because conditions were not what I considered “perfect”.  I am a serious perfectionist if you haven’t figured this out already.
Running Paris has been a dream of mine for the past 14ish years (read more about this here), but I told myself that I did not deserve to run it unless I was a “legit” runner. I have been keeping this news on the down-low since September because I didn’t want it to overshadow the importance of running the Phoenix Marathon.
I accomplish so much more when I have support from loved ones, friends and my community.  As I reflect on all of my accomplishments in life, I have noticed a common factor – I had at least one person backing me up, supporting me, and pushing me. Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC): How do they work and what are the contraindications? It is important to understand that the elastic fibers in the tissues affected by lymphedema are damaged. Although the swelling in lymphedema may be reduced to a normal or near normal size during treatments, the damage to the lymphatic system, which caused the onset of lymphedema, is permanent and the skin elasticity in the tissues affected by lymphedema may never be regained to prior levels. Contrary to edema, a low-protein swelling, lymphedema is a disease rather than a symptom and its underlying cause, the insufficiency of parts of the lymphatic system cannot be reversed. Lymphedema results from the inability of the lymphatic system to perform one of its basic functions, the removal of water and protein from the tissues of a portion of the body.

The accumulation of protein and water in the tissues may be gradual in some patients and sudden in others, the result is always a high-protein edema. Lymphedema does not dissipate by itself and continues to progress without adequate treatment. The goal of lymphedema management is to reduce the lymphedematous swelling to a normal or near normal size utilizing remaining healthy lymph vessels and other lymphatic pathways. These goals can be achieved with the internationally recognized “gold standard” of lymphedema treatment known as Complete (or Combined) Decongestive Therapy (CDT).
Compression therapy in lymphedema management is provided either via bandages, compression garments or alternative compression devices (depending on the stage of treatment). Compression bandages and garments by themselves will not reduce existing swelling and must therefore not be worn on an untreated, swollen extremity.
Individuals affected by lymphedema graduate from padded short-stretch bandages, which are applied by the lymphedema therapist in the intensive phase of CDT to elastic compression garments only when the affected extremity is decongested. Even after successful treatment, the body part affected by lymphedema is at permanent risk for re-accumulation of fluid and most individuals affected by lymphedema are aware of the fact that this condition requires life-long care. Without the benefits of external compression successful long-term management of lymphedema would be very difficult and in most cases impossible.
As explained, the elastic fibers in lymphedema are damaged and thus unable to provide sufficient resistance to the build-up of fluid in the interstitial tissue spaces. The tissue pressure plays an essential role in the exchange of fluids between the blood capillaries and the tissue. External compression also increases venous and lymphatic return by improving the function of the valves in these vessels.
External compression provides a counter force to the working musculature, known as working pressure, thus improving its efficiency. These effects help to prevent re-accumulation of fluids which were evacuated during intensive CDT treatments and conserve the results achieved during MLD.
Another positive impact of compression therapy is the softening of hardened connective tissue often present in lymphedema, especially if external compression therapy is combined with special foam materials. I have a Lymph edema air compression pump now for my legs and it has been keeping swelling down in my legs.
Also one therapist I was very fortunate to have treatments from (she was trained in Venezuela) taught me to use Lycra stockings, not the 40-50 # heavy duty stockings. In edema, the equilibrium is shifted and more fluid remains in the interstitial space—when this becomes chronic, inflammatory cells and their cytokines lead to an irreversible state.
Lymphedema praecox (Latin for premature) should not be used for this disease as it only leads to further nosologic confusion.
The microfilaria invade lymphatics, reproduce within the lymphatics, and damage local lymphatics and regional nodes, often resulting in hydroceles and scrotal swelling, classic components of filarial elephantiasis. Although the limb swells during the day, indentations from socks can be seen on the leg at nighttime, returning toward normal during the night, but the leg stays swollen, and initially concerns may be cosmetic in nature. Chideckel is one of the leading experts in New York City for the treatment of varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Reticular Veins, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Venous Insufficiency, Venous Ulcers, and all related venous disease.
When this occurs, the vein’s change in size and shape causes the veins to protrude from the skin, making the vein easily seen on the skin just under the outer layer.
Trunk veins can be larger and can be more dangerous in terms of treatment when varicose veins form on them or from them. Our team will meet with you to discuss your specific case and then determine what your options are for treatment. There are many ways to treat varicose veins and you should take the time necessary to consider them all.
You may need it if your varicose veins are causing difficulty for blood to flow through the veins property. When you take the time to learn about this procedure or others, you may be quite impressed with the benefits and the ease of the treatment options. These are veins that protrude from the interior of the skin outward, often becoming more visible. If you have spider veins, though, it is a good idea to visit your varicose vein doctor to discuss them and to be sure that they are not a medical concern for you. They may not be cosmetically appealing, but they do not cause pain and you do not really think about them. The bleeding tends to only be minor but it can create a risk for infection and it is likely to happen again if it happens once.
The good news is there are treatment options for varicose veins that can give you the help you need in avoiding these potential complications.
In addition to this, if you notice significant discoloration of any portion of your leg especially below the area of the varicose vein, seek medical help. Most types of varicose veins can be treated and you may be able to restore your overall quality of life while also reducing these common health risks.
These veins are very thin and tend to be red lines that run in a web-like pattern or network.
The laser method involves the use of a highly focused and localized laser that uses heat or radio waves to damage the vein.
This is because these are medium sized veins that do not create medical symptoms in most patients or any complications.
Most of the treatment options for varicose veins, such as the use of sclerotherapy, can help. While this condition does not create a medical problem for most patients, it does cause cosmetic concerns for many.
Also known as DVT, this term describes a condition in which a blood clot forms in one of the deep veins located in the body. It can also occur in people who do not move enough, such as those who are recovering from a surgical procedure or are unable to walk. This system is highly effective but it is less invasive than other types of varicose vein care.
This probe transmits an intense level of direct heat to the location where the spider veins exist. Let our team examine your condition and offer the most effective treatment option available to you today. A first of its kind compression garment was invented in the 17th century by Richard Wiseman. Currently there are no means for restoration of normal lymphatic flow and permanent reversal of lymphedema. Lymph nodes are often removed in the underarm, groin or pelvic areas to treat breast cancer, gynecologic cancers, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, bladder cancer and melanomas, and lymphedema is often a side effect. Swelling may be barely noticeable or so extreme that using the arm or leg becomes impossible. Secondary causes of lymphedema may improve over time if the underlying cause can be treated effectively, though often the damage done to the delicate lymphatic vessels is irreversible. Attempts to reduce the volume of the affected tissue surgically, and efforts to surgically reconstruct the lymphatic system are being pioneered, but have had limited success. From what I understand, I was supposed to be mentally preparing for my race, as well as resting as much as possible. The opportunity presented itself last fall for us to plan a trip to Paris, and for me to register for the Paris Marathon on April 3rd.
These fibers lose their elasticity and tend to harden, which is particularly the case in untreated lymphedema present over a long period of time and progressed stages of lymphedema.
This insufficiency can be caused by developmental abnormalities of the lymphatic system (primary lymphedema), or damage to the lymphatic system such as the removal or radiation of lymph nodes in cancer surgery, or infection of the lymphatic system (secondary lymphedema). Once the lymphedema is decongested, the secondary goal is to maintain the reduction and to prevent the re-accumulation of lymph fluid. To assist in the movement of fluids back to the heart, a pressure gradient between the lower (higher pressure) and the upper part (lower pressure) of the extremity is provided with bandages and garments.
The application of external compression provides the necessary support for those tissues that lost elasticity and compensates for the elastic insufficiency by increasing the tissue pressure.
The increased tissue pressure provided by external compression reduces the amount of fluid leaving the blood capillaries into the tissues and increases the return of tissue fluids back into the blood and lymph capillaries, thus reducing the amount of fluid in the tissues. Another important factor for sufficient return of venous and lymphatic fluids back into the blood stream is the movement of skeletal musculature and joints during activity. Use the “Index” list on the left side of this page and select the article you are interested in. The protocol ten plus years ago was to always use maximum pressure (50mm Hg) for a minimum of 2 hours at each session. I am MUCH more comfortable, and because I can stand the feeling, I wear them much more often and therefore have better control. After my dominant side mastectomy in August the hospital physical therapist instructs all patients post-op to do range of motion exercises immediately. The concept of type II lymphedema can be enlarged to include four syndromes with similar molecular defects: Lymphedema-late onset (Meige syndrome), lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome, lymphedema and ptosis syndrome, and the hereditary forms of lymphedema with the yellow nail syndrome.
In patients with primary and secondary lymphedema in the absence of venous or arterial disease, manual lymphatic drainage and sequential pneumatic pumps, in addition to compression wraps and garments, may be useful.
There are various types of veins that can exhibit this type of abnormality and all of these veins should be seen as a risk. About 40 percent of varicose veins occur in the trunk for men and about 2 percent occur for women.
This is often dependent on a number of factors including whether or not the vein is causing symptoms, the size of it, the location of it, and any types of complications you may already be having such as ulcers or blood clots.
In nearly all cases, you can have treatment to reduce any of the symptoms you are experiencing. There is a risk of blood clots and significant swelling as a result of these veins as well, which this treatment can eliminate. They may take multiple procedures to become fully successful, but new technologies are making it even easier to free yourself from the unsightly look of spider veins. Come in to see our experienced and trusted doctor to determine if you have varicose veins as well as what types of treatments may be best suited to your needs.

Some people can live most of their life with them and never feel any type of problem or ache from them.
This may indicate that the area is not getting the amount of level of oxygen necessary and it can lead to difficulty in organ tissue health.
In fact, if you have any exterior signs of distress, such as a scratched, irritated, or bleeding exterior of your skin, seek out medical care for the condition. When you schedule a consultation with our Manhattan, New York varicose vein doctor, you’ll get answers to all of your questions. In doing so, the blood flow is again rerouted through new and healthy blood vessels that develop. We recommend coming in for a full consultation with the best varicose veins doctor in Manhattan, New York. These veins, which are also known as feeder veins, are often dilated blue and they can have a blue or green tint to them. If you do have pain or discomfort, it is even more important to have treatment for these veins.
These treatments, including laser therapy, help to damage the veins enough that the blood flow is forced to go in a different direction. If you want to learn what your options are for treating your reticular veins, schedule a consultation with the best varicose vein doctor in Manhattan, New York. When this condition occurs, it can create a serious health risk because the blood clots located in these veins can break away.
You may also have pain, which tends to start in the calf and feels like soreness or a cramp. These individuals should take steps to reduce the risk of DVT by talking to their doctor about the condition. If you are looking for cosmetic improvement on your skin, this may be the best option for you to choose. What makes these treatments important is because other types of varicose vein treatments do not work as effectively on spider veins. And, it does not cause the patient any level of pain and creates much less discomfort than other treatment options. The lymphatic circulation has two major roles:  Collecting excess fluid (hemostatically regulated protein-rich fluid) and local immune responses.
Primary lymphedema is divided into congenital lymphedema, lymphedema praecox, and lymphedema tarda. I adore everything about this city – the charming buildings, the heavy traffic, the rich history, the bustling residents, the effortless fashion, and even the droves of annoying tourists.
I apologize for not being the best with race recaps, especially my most significant race to date – the Phoenix Marathon.  I will do my best to share my experience with you before leaving for Paris.
Together with other supporting mechanisms the muscle and joint pump activity propels these fluids back to the heart and ensures uninterrupted circulation. You can also use the “Select Category” window on the right of this page and select the topic you are interested in. Late on-set-type II disease has decreased or absent axillary nodes and decreased lymphatics above the inguinal ligament on scintilymphangiography. A common complication is contact dermatitis from the use of topical antibiotics or multiple emollients and anti-inflammatory creams. Lymphangiosarcoma, the Stewart-Treaves syndrome when associated with postmastectomy lymphedema, is the common lesion in chronically lymphedematous locations .
Chideckel is a board certified vascular surgeon that specializes in the treatment of venous disease.
Talk to your doctor about them as soon as you notice them to ensure that they are not a danger to your health. The more you know about your options, the more likely you are to see that you can improve the way your skin looks and feels. These are the most common veins that need this type of treatment because they develop into varicose veins. Then, the doctor will thread a thin plastic wire into the vein toward the position of the varicose vein. In addition, some people have this procedure when they have larger sized varicose veins that create a poor appearance. These are veins that are visible from the surface of the skin, but tend to be smaller veins, those that run under the skin in a spider web type display. This forces the blood to reroute into a healthier vein and, over time, the vein will die off and blend in to the tissues. Over time, the pressure increases within the affected veins, causing the pain and leading to the damage to the tissues. In some cases, they can suddenly lead to an emergency due to the formation of a blood clot.
The solution works to scar the interior of the vein and, as a result, blood cannot flow through it. We’ll provide you with the support you need to learn more about your spider veins and the options available to treat them. These veins can occur on their own with just one or two existing or they can be found throughout the skin and create a more chronic concern. Over time, the veins become scarred enough that they fade into the tissues and become less visible. When this happens, the blood clot can travel through the bloodstream and lodge in the lungs. Keep in mind that in our Manhattan, New York office, varicose vein treatment is available and that can help to prevent this condition from occurring and putting you at risk. When you come in to see our varicose vein doctor in our Manhattan offices, we’ll help you determine if this is the right option for your needs.
These veins tend to be resistant to treatments such as sclerotherapy, IPL or laser treatment.
Most importantly, it creates better results for most patients especially those who have not seen results with other treatment options. Today, most compression garments are graded compression stockings made of various synthetic elastic materials. Lymphedema prevention is intended for patients who are at risk for lymphedema and for patients with new onset lymphedema in an attempt to avoid severe manifestations of this potentially devastating condition. In real life, this is often centered at treating swollen legs and preventing skin infections.
Infection-related lymphedema is usually found in tropical and subtropical regions, and in developing countries.
I have dreamed about the day I would be able to run these streets and feel my own painful history fall behind me as I pushed past each mile.
Once selected, a new page will load with a number of articles related to the topic you chose.
The process takes about two hours or less to complete and it can provide you with significant improvement. If you have these veins, there can be significant pain and discomfort or they may not cause any type or level of discomfort at all, but may be cosmetically unappealing.
However, for everyone with varicose veins, it is very important to pay attention to the symptoms and to know when there are medical risks present.
You can have clear skin in most cases especially from these minimally or noninvasive treatment options. If you have these, it may be best to turn to our varicose vein doctor in our Manhattan, New York office for help. The treatment options for reticular veins can include the use of a solution injected into the veins to damage them from the inside as well as treatments using lasers that are applied from the outside. Blocking the blood flow to your heart, lungs, or even your brain is very dangerous and life threatening.
It can become risky if a blood clot forms and you have chest pain, difficulty breathing, lightheadedness, or you begin coughing up blood. However, the VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System is highly effective and it may be one of the best options for your needs. However, even today there are several alternatives for people with swollen legs who need compression. Two weeks after surgery she noted a painful cord emanating from her axilla and progressing down her arm: How would you manage her symptoms? I did my best to stay off my feet as much as possible and get eight hours of sleep at night, but nervous energy and anxiety made it difficult for me to prepare mentally.
Kaposi-Stemmer sign, a feature of chronic lymphedema, describes the skin over the proximal digit of the second toe that cannot be elevated; in edema the skin can be elevated.
Our varicose vein doctor can provide you with a range of treatment options to get you back on track.
Nevertheless, this is a condition that often needs treatment and, in most cases, it is best to take steps to treat varicose veins before they become this dangerous to your health. If you are considering varicose vein treatment, you may wish to look at the VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System for finer treatments. As the lymphatic system is central in the primary immune response, this malfunction results in infections.
Finally, there are some who suggest treating chronic venous occlusion as a way of reducing swelling in patients with lymphedema secondary to chronic venous insufficiency.
Honestly, I found myself wanting to eat everything in sight as a way to take my mind off my looming fate at the end of the week.
This means that sometimes in the early stages of lymphedema the swelling gets better with leg elevation.

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