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If you spend any time in the woods whatsoever, you need to know how to survive being lost in the woods. Here you will find tips on how to survive being lost in the woods, should such an event happen to you. These tips are ideal for adults, but are also something every parent should teach their children as well.
Before even entering a wooded area, you should prepare a survival kit that you can bring with you in the event an emergency arises.
If you are wise, before you leave the home and head out into the woods alone, you should definitely let someone know where you are going and how long you plan to be gone.
By letting someone know where you are going, the likelihood of a more expeditious rescue is great.
Orange fabric cut into foot long strips are something you can use to tie around nearby trees.
If you think because you have hiked in the woods before it is impossible to get lost, think again. At first, you are shocked by the realization that you have become lost in the woods, and may even deny that you are, thinking if you look a bit harder, you will find your way back, and that when you do, you will have a funny story to tell.
You attempt to backtrack, looking for familiar landmarks, but everything starts to look the same. That sense of panic that sets in when you realize you are lost is the first thing you have to get under your control. Once you find out if you have any available resources, it is time to make a plan of action. Before establishing a shelter, you need a fire, not just to keep warm, but also to cook with and for the purposes of water purification.
Use your emergency resources if you have them: You can start a fire using the steel wool, lint, magnifying glass, lighter or strike anywhere matches in your survival kit. If you have no fire-starting equipment with you: If you have eyeglasses, you can use your glasses to start a fire with some dry leaves. Additional fire starting techniques: if you have a camera or binoculars, you can use the lens on the devices in order to start a fire naturally with the sun.
One easy way to establish an outdoor shelter involves bending a sapling over and tying it down with either a rope or vines.
In absence of a knife, you are going to need some kind of weapon, first for getting food, and second, for your own protection. If you use similar rocks to strike each other, the rocks are less likely to chip off and leave sharp fragments. After your water source discovery, fire building, and establishing a safe shelter, it is time to look for food. Some berries are edible, but if you are not, sure about what kind of berries you are dealing with you should refrain from eating them at all, as some berries are poisonous. If you locate a stream when you are lost in the woods, make sure you move downstream to look for help.
If you keep your cool and remain in control at all times, it is possible to survive being lost in the woods. Nevertheless, even if you only have yourself and the wilderness, there are effective ways to survive being lost. The ATAX Survival Tool was designed by survivalist Ron Wood and has a lot of features that may come in handy if you find yourself the last human on earth (or drunk and lost in the woods).
Gathering items has long been a staple of video games in a wide variety of genres, but it often plays a central role in survival games. If scavenging is the most vital skill to possess in a survival game then crafting is probably a close second. Of course, developing the ability to craft items also means improving your skill in repairing your possessions. Of course, becoming a real-life MacGyver and learning to make the tools you need with just a Swiss-army knife, some duct tape, and whatever else happens to be on hand, would be pretty useful too. With all of the items you are going to obtain through scavenging and crafting, figuring out how to manage your resources effectively is crucial, and survival games can be an excellent way to learn how to start thinking about that. In any wilderness or post-apocalypse survival scenario, you have to prepare for the unexpected. Once you accumulate a decent supply of the essentials, you can make decisions about what else you can afford to carry based on the items you know you can afford to drop. Decisions about how to best utilize resources may not get any easier when there are people around either.
To stay alive in any survival game you must be aware of your surroundings at all times and proceed cautiously as you explore the world.
With all of the trouble involved it may seem like a better bet to simply lay low and go without a regular shelter.But you wouldn’t do that in the real world, would you? In the post-apocalyptic worlds of many survival games, coming across other humans has the potential to be a harrowing experience.
The potential danger in any post-civilization encounter with a stranger is illustrated well in H1Z1, where your fellow humans may be more of a threat to you than the swarms of zombies.
With survival games making it very clear that you can’t fully trust anyone but yourself you must learn to survive and defend on your own, at least for a time. However, in many survival-genre games you are compelled to build factions and seek out allies in order to give yourself the best chance against the zombie hoard or just your more vicious fellow survivors. Of course, many of the benefits with working with others would translate to real life, as well. Watching a group of trained hawks swoop down on fleeing rabbits is unlike anything else in hunting. Area biologists give their picks of the public lands that will be hottest for deer, squirrels and rabbits. At any time, even the most skilled hiker or hunter can lose his or her bearings and suddenly become lost. It serves as a marker of where you have been and may alert rescuers of your whereabouts or that you have been in the vicinity.
A large spoon can double as a small shovel for digging holes in the ground that you can use for capturing rainwater.
Having the bags will ensure you can prevent attracting animals from any rubbish you might create.
Even skilled hikers have gotten lost, especially if the hikers take off on a never traversed trail or enter into an unfamiliar area. You should always plan for a long-term stay in the woods, as you never know how long it will take for someone to find you or for you to find civilization.
You must always boil water before drinking it, no matter what the source when you are lost in the woods. Once the tinder you are using begins to smoke, you can feed the fire by gently blowing on it until it starts up. Once the sapling is secure, you can gather branches from pine trees, other saplings, sticks with leaves, and create a roof. When gathering leaves, make sure you do not accidently scoop up leaves that are poisonous, like poison ivy.
You can make a sharp instrument to work with by taking one rock and striking it against another. If you have a knife on you, you can make a spear by sharpening the end of a large stick as well.
Just remember, never, ever consume any food source you are uncertain of, and if possible cook the food you are going to consume. As you move downstream, you are eventually going to encounter a larger body of water and there is a greater chance that is where you will find civilization.
Instead, do all of your search and travel during the day, and preferably, when the sun is not at its highest point. You need to think clearly, assess your situation, and take the steps necessary to ensure you get water, shelter, and food as soon as it is possible to do so.
Adults and children owe it to themselves to learn survival method – you never know when you might need them. Samuel is excited to share his knowledge and the things he learns while travelling in British Columbia, Canada where he lives and around the world.
It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The open worlds of some modern games strive to challenge players with both realistic and fantastic survival scenarios, ranging from acquiring food and water to finding the best route around a town saturated with zombies. And even if you are fortunate enough to be fully stocked up, food inevitably runs out, clothes fray and tear, and tools get worn out or lost. For example, in the survival MMO (massive multiplayer online) game Rust you spawn into the world possessing nothing but a rock (you don’t even get clothes), which leaves you vulnerable to all kinds of threats until you can find tools to protect yourself with.
In a post-apocalypse scenario, you might find an abundance of cars and other vehicles just waiting around to be commandeered.
Learning to scavenge is really about familiarizing yourself with your surroundings and adapting to them. You can find most of the basics through scavenging, but there are some items that you probably won’t find just laying around.
There are plenty of items you could learn to make simply by giving it some thought and then proceeding with trial and error. If you know how to create a shirt by sewing pieces of cloth together then repairing that shirt later will be a relatively simple task. In almost any survival-genre game, staying alive is a journey with danger potentially lurking around every corner. It is vital, then, that you determine which items you absolutely cannot do without and make sure you maintain an adequate supply of them. Just like in real life, there is typically a limit to how much you can carry with you in survival games. In This War of Mine, for example, you are tasked with surviving in an impoverished, war-torn town, and any useful item you come across comes with an inherent choice.
And while you will need to travel to find supplies, the best thing you can do to ensure your safety is to construct some kind of shelter.

Before you can construct your shelter in Rust you must create a building plan and then locate or craft all of the necessary supplies to turn that plan into reality. No, because even in the most civilized areas on Earth people choose to live indoors, in part, for the protection that a locked door offers from the rest of the world.
The kind of desperation that would pervade a world where simply surviving requires constant struggle could drive a lot of people to abandon their humanity altogether and adopt a strict kill-or-be-killed mentality. If nothing else, you should learn to be very careful about whom you choose to ally yourself with, and be ready to drop alliances at a moment’s notice if they become a threat to your survival. While you must tread carefully, putting together a faction offers some significant advantages. Even in regular day-to-day life it’s apparent how much easier it is to get things done when you have a large group of people to help out. You must learn to survive by yourself before you can create or join a faction, because simply jumping into an alliance with the first people you meet is a very bad strategy. In the event that such an incident occurs, the individual will need to do everything he or she can to survive, perhaps for hours or even days, before either finding one’s way back home or encountering search rescuers.
Imagine a scenario where you have lost your way, your cell phone signal is non-existent, and you have as little as 1% charge left on your mobile device.
However, if you have left home without survival equipment, you are going to have to make due with what you do have with you and what you can find around you in the natural environment. Your goal now is to find a water source, start a fire, and build a shelter before taking further action. Dig holes in the ground to collect rainwater if necessary, or if you find large leaves, you can use them to capture water or to get the due water off them.
Look for a river, stream, lakes, or small pond to get drinking water from, but do not drink it straight from the body of water. If you have a knife on hand, you can also scratch the blade of your knife on a rock to get sparks for igniting a fire. In addition, you have the option of creating a fire plow where you cut out a groove into a piece of soft wood. Make the sapling the base for a lean to, and put large sticks along each side so can build up the shelter. If you happen to be outdoors lost in snowy conditions, you can dig a hole in deep snow or build a shelter out of snow fairly quickly. You must continue to do this until different pieces of the rock break off and leave behind a sharpened edge. In lieu of sharp weapons, you can use rocks to throw at predators, and sometimes you can use the rocks to kill small animals and snakes for a food source as well.
While some foods sources might not seem pleasant, they will keep you alive until you are found. Water chestnuts are not actually nuts, but they have a fleshy material inside that you can consume boiled or raw. As you are looking for a body of water, make sure you move through the woods in one direction only.
If you plan ahead and bring a survival kit with you, the ease in which you will survive your ordeal will increase tenfold.
With the various metrics laser-etched on the blade, you can tell time (like with a sundial), measure angles, and judge distances.
Of course, some of those skills can also be highly beneficial in your regular life, as well. In order to survive a situation similar to one in a survival game, it would be absolutely vital that you know how to find the supplies you’ll need to survive, and the best way to do that is to develop a talent for scavenging in a hurry.
In the zombie-survival game H1Z1 a car can be a very useful tool for both getting around and mowing down swarms of the undead. As you play a survival game you might start to get better at remembering where certain items are located so you can double-back to find them later. With some ability in crafting, however, you might be able to create those items yourself once you’ve scavenged the raw materials.
In the game your character can craft any number of items including weapons, ammunition, and armor. For example, almost anyone could learn how to make a blanket out of old clothes with some practice.
Knowing how to mend your belongings might be the most practical application of crafting in the real world because you can save a lot of money by simply taking care of the things you own rather than throwing them away and replacing them with something new. In a game like The Forest, in which you survive a plane crash only to find yourself stuck in forest overrun with cannibals, you have to manage your hunger and thirst constantly. That limit may be a specific number or items or, more realistically, a total amount of weight that you can carry.
Now, if you suddenly find yourself dropped into the wilderness, as you are in The Forest, that might mean settling under a tree, finding a cave, or trying to fashion a very basic tee-pee from whatever you can find nearby in order to protect yourself from the elements.
But you also need to be very careful in how you build your shelter, as it will surely draw the attention of other survivors at some point. Playing a survival game makes the security advantages of a shelter obvious, which may make players more aware of this issue in their everyday lives. And that just glosses over the kind of atrocities that are often commonplace in these games because in a world where food is difficult to come by many can start thinking about their fellow survivors as the source of their next meal. Even seemingly friendly survivors might take you out and steal all of your supplies the moment you turn your back.
It may mean more mouths to feed, but that difficulty is more than made up for by the increased land you can collectively cover while scavenging and hunting. That fact is most evident in the workplace, where various tasks are delegated to many different people, all for the overriding purpose of making money. In real life the stakes are much lower, but it is still wise to pick your friends carefully.
At some point in most 3D projects, you’ll need to turn your model into a drawing set that gets the point across. You brought a compass with you, but did not set it to magnetic north so now it does not work correctly.
Once you calm yourself, you can begin to take the next steps you need to take to ensure your survival.
Check, your pockets, wallet, fanny pack, or whatever you are toting with you to see what you might have in terms of resources. If you have a plastic bag with you, use the bag to line the inside of the hole you dig: This will help you keep the rain water you collect clean.
You put tinder at one end of the groove you cut and rub a stick inside the groove until a spark sets the tinder on fire. While being on the ground for a short period is acceptable, lying on the ground for hours can prove incredibly dangerous and you run the risk of becoming hypothermic. Your emergency food options include fish, frogs, crawfish, snakes, night crawlers, grubs, and small animals like rabbits and squirrels. If it is not snowing, you can look for wild strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries as well.
You may have rescuers looking for you, and you will be easier to find if you remain in one place.
This is your opportunity to put on bright colored attire, to spell out the words help or SOS with large sticks or trees, and to do things to be noticed. With that in mind, here are 5 survival skills and strategies  from modern popular survival games that could also translate to real life, whether you are lost in the wilderness or simply trying to get through the day at work or home.
To give yourself any hope of survival you must scour your immediate surroundings for useful items while simultaneously taking care to avoid any potential threats.
However, taking a car in H1Z1 usually requires some additional scavenging, as many vehicles require new parts before they can be driven. In real life, that ability might translate into helping you remember where your car keys or the remote control to the TV are. You can also use your crafting skills to modify weapons with things like flashlights or laser sights. In order to keep the food and water coming at a steady pace it is important that you ration your supplies effectively. With supplies difficult to come by, almost every item in your possession feels like something you desperately need too.
Shelters are obvious targets for factions looking to raid someone else’s supplies, so they must be built with that fact in mind.
Similarly, in DayZ you might agree to ally yourself with some stranger only to later find, when you walk around the wrong corner and find your supposed ally’s faction waiting for you with weapons drawn, that he has lured you into a trap. And rather than wandering around aimlessly in search of supplies, you can gather your party and loot in areas that might be too dangerous to venture into alone.
Learning to be more self-sufficient can breed confidence and greater independence, as well.
It was slow motion, but at the same time it was over so swiftly and efficiently that I wondered if I really saw anything at all. Those acres offer a wide variety of habitat types and give people a chance to hunt big game and small game, migratory birds, turkeys and wild hogs under the guidance of the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. It’s mid afternoon, you do not know where you are, and it will be dark within a matter of hours.
Nevertheless, when it comes to figuring out how to survive being lost in the woods there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your survival.
Look to see if you have a knife, lighter, matches, or anything else that you can convert into a resource for your survival. You can establish some bedding by using moss, leaves, and branches so you can keep your body up off the cold ground. Queen Anne’s lace flowers offer up wild carrots when you pull up the roots, but only the young roots will prove edible. If you have brought a mirror, you can use it to reflect sunlight and to cause a noticeable glare.
The micarta handle conceals a small storage area for various survival items like matches and twine and MacGyver brand paper clips. In a similar real-life scenario, food and clean water would probably need to be the first priority, since you would wear down in no time without them, but acquiring some protective gear would need to be near the top of the list, as well.

It might also help you when you’re rummaging around through your garage looking for that one particular tool you need to repair your car. Then there are the day-to-day items like paper, sleeping bags, a workbench, and even construction equipment to build or fortify a shelter. In some situations you might try to hold out until you reach civilization so you can barter with the items you don’t need. Even something like liquor comes with a degree of vital importance, since it can be used to improve the characters’ moods when they need to be dragged out of depression.
If you know that you are going to have to survive where you are for the foreseeable future then you need to create a home to protect yourself not only from the weather, but also, perhaps, your marauding fellow survivors.
It might also make you rethink dozing off on a beach or in a park for fear that someone might use the opportunity to rob you.
Likewise, in The Forest every action you take in your struggle to survive carries the risk of drawing the attention of the cannibals occupying the same patch of wilderness as you. Sure, working in teams can be very useful, but it’s also true that the best way to make sure something gets done right is to do it yourself.
There are managed deer hunts each season to allow the managers a way to get the resident deer herd to a prime carrying capacity. Place another bag over the container or bag inside the hole and pin it down with some rocks: water will form through the process of condensation.
Some items can be crafted relatively easily provided you have scavenged or otherwise acquired the necessary ingredients.
However, liquor is also a much sought after commodity in This War of Mine, which makes swapping it with one of your neighbors and attractive option. And unlike the zombies of games like H1Z1 and DayZ, the cannibals of The Forest are still human and can form a complex strategy for how best to hunt you down and turn you into dinner.
Moreover, by creating a powerful faction of your own, you can better defend your own shelter, which makes it much less likely that it will be raided and you will lose all of your supplies. Seasons generally are shorter on public lands than private lands because WMAs have high hunter use over less time compared to private lands.Those are good reasons the state boasts some of the best hunting for all species on public lands in the United States. In any case, decisions like these are routine in survival games, and it is often very difficult to make a call on what to keep and what to drop, particularly if you aren’t proactive about managing your resources. State biologists are proud of that, and countless hunters appreciate the opportunity, one they might have to do without if there weren't so many refuges and WMAs from Bodcau in the northwest to Pass A Loutre in the southeast, from Bayou Macon in the northeast to Sabine Island in the southwest.WMAs and refuges are being managed differently this year by the LDWF. Just like you would in a real-life survival scenario (even if it’s just a long hiking and camping trip), you learn to put some serious thought into what you are going to carry beforehand, so you know that you can manage everything.
This restructuring is an attempt to manage the properties by habitat type, not proximity to existing offices. If you know that you will need to add more weight later on, you make sure to leave some space.
The WMAs are now managed according to the ecoregion in which they reside, and have been divided between either the Gulf Coastal Plain (GCP) ecoregion or the Mississippi Alluvial Valley (MAV) ecoregion. Offered in English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Account Options. Officials call him and others, generally in three-man crews that scour the marsh daily, periodically, he said.After Hurricane Alex, the first storm of the year and a surprise one at that as fast as it built up and traveled, went into Texas, more oil was pushed into the marsh because Southeast Louisiana was on the "dirty side," which meant storm surges and higher tides. According to RAM, nursing process is a problem solving approach for gathering data, identifying the capacities and needs of the human adaptive system Create and share your work online and access your documents from anywhere. Birds, mostly laughing gulls, flew into the marsh and got bathed in oil before being rescued by the state biologists and others looking for them in bay boats, Davis said.Pass A Loutre WMA suffered severe oil-spill damage, according to the LDWF. Manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and more all in one easy to use Oh, hi there! Bodcau, which has a long either-sex rifle season, has given up consistently fair to good harvests of deer in the past, he said, but the harvest was minimal because "practically the whole area was flooded for the entire rifle season."Johnson predicted fair to good deer hunting on all his region's WMAs, including Bodcau.
We're getting rain, rains last weekend and showers today — as long as we don't get crazy floods again this year we should be in good shape," Johnson said the second week of July.
There was a record crest on Bodcau Bayou, he said, and only one campground was open on Bodcau WMA. Hopefully, we will get a really good harvest to keep this herd in check with the habitat on Bodcau WMA," he said.That and other areas should offer prime deer hunting. He was concerned about an unusually dry spring and early summer that resulted in a nearly 10-inch rainfall deficit in the Monroe area for 2010. He realized if dry conditions continued there would be a reduction in both quality and quantity of browse plants as well as possible harm to mast production.Deer browse was looking poor in June, he said.
It's basically in good shape," he said.Deer hunting should be good on Bayou Macon and Ouachita WMAs with Russell Sage a close second, he said.
Russell Sage is 16,559 acres and composed of bottomland hardwoods with a sparse understory in most areas."He listed the reported harvests for Bayou Macon for archery (550 hunters, 18 deer), for primitive weapon (116 hunters, 18 deer) and modern firearm, either-sex (303 hunters, 84 deer). The reported harvests for Russell Sage for archery were 441 hunters, four deer; primitive weapons, 115 hunters, 10 deer, modern firearm-buck only, 684 hunters, 28 deer, and modern firearm, either-sex, 540 hunters, 86 deer. I'd probably go that route if I was going to pick the top one out of the three WMAs for big deer."Lowrey Moak had some eye-opening numbers of his own for last season's deer harvests via bowhunting, firearms and primitive weapons.
He also predicted the best deer harvest this season would be on Buckhorn in Tensas Parish, a "very popular bottomland hardwood area (that) contains extremely thick palmetto and has the highest deer density in this part of the eco-region," he said.Plus, he said, "More firearm and either-sex hunting are offered on Buckhorn than any other management area in this region.
Both of these management areas consistently produce multiple trophies annually," he said.Also, he said, try Buckhorn for a shot at a big buck. It's filled with dense palmetto and also located near Big Lake and Tensas.Charlie Booth said the mast crop for the WMAs he oversees looked promising. A survey will be taken later in the year, he said."I was looking at a red oak on Union WMA in the extreme northern part of the state, and this one was loaded with young acorns. During 2009-10, Russell Sage had 792 squirrels reported harvested by 914 hunters, while Bayou Macon saw 503 hunters take a reported 617 squirrels.There's no wonder he said they offer the best squirrel hunting opportunities.
He did note Ouachita accounted for a reported 167 squirrels by 187 hunters."Both (Russell Sage and Bayou Macon) are bottomland hardwood areas with similar dominant tree species favored by squirrels. Russell Sage is larger than Bayou Macon, and it is also close to a major urban area, which increases the number of hunters on the area (particularly the first few weeks of the season)," he said, noting the majority of trees produce hard mast. This part of Ouachita has been reforested, but has a thick understory that provides quality habitat for rabbits."We get a lot more rabbit hunters on Ouachita. That's Boeuf, according to biologist supervisor Lowrey Moak."Boeuf will most likely have the highest rabbit harvest. This area is the most popular to rabbit hunters due to ease of hunting, (and the) large size of hunting area containing an abundance of rabbits," he said. People need to bring them by," he said.Also, another change, a positive one, is in store for deer hunters at Dewey Wills.
The primitive-weapon either-sex season will be expanded from three days to a total of seven days."We felt we wanted to provide additional opportunities, as many days as we can," Smith said.
We don't feel increased harvests will have any significant impact on the total population."Going into late summer, the region was experiencing more frequent rainfall after a dry May and June, he said. Moisture that time of year promotes fresh vegetation growth, he said."Habitat conditions are similar to years past with no major changes," he said.
Also, the same evaluations have revealed double the utilization of browse plants by deer compared to evaluations conducted pre-Gustav," he said. It takes a while for small trees on the forest floor to fill the gaps."Due to the increased degree of difficulty in access and visibility at Sherburne, days have been added to the 2010-11 season to give hunters additional opportunity to harvest deer.
Limited days and remoteness allow many bucks to reach an older age class on this area," he said.
The only reliable comparison of squirrel numbers is percentages due to a large difference in number of efforts on the two areas and the large difference in the size of the two areas.
Dewey Wills is all bottomland hardwood with fox squirrels and the very occasional gray squirrel. Little River did not have any harvest reported, he said."Keep in mind that these numbers reflect the entire season, and can be misleading," Smith said. But I did notice, riding around West Bay last week, looking for young turkey poults, I saw a lot of deer. Every side road that I passed had one or two deer browsing on the side of the road, so it should be a good one."When Smith said the deer hunting opportunities are good to excellent on his WMAs, he isn't kidding.
Our soil fertility in this area simply will not develop the big deer that you see in Northeast Louisiana. But it will produce a lot of average-sized deer with the occasional monster showing up."Jeffery Johnson, who used to oversee five WMAs, a number increased to 10 to include Union, Camp Beauregard, Alexandria State Forest, Elbow Slough and Sabine, said Loggy Bayou is a popular deer hunting area if there is no flooding on it. Generally, though, the top three producers year in and year out are Jackson-Bienville, Union and Camp Beauregard, which was the case as far as reported deer harvests for 2009-10.But Loggy Bayou, he knows from experience, is the best choice for bowhunters because most of the season (all but nine days) is open to bowhunting-only. But, also, as far as hunting with a rifle or muzzleloader, based on previous seasons, that area north of Coushatta has plenty of deer, Johnson said, which makes it a red-hot place for what little time it's open."It's a short hunt, Loggy Bayou, three-day gun hunting in a week of muzzleloader.
The more northern of those WMAs have been experiencing below average rainfall, but so far the few scattered rainfall events we have had are keeping the habitat from suffering too bad. Hopefully, we will continue to get enough rain to prevent any severe drought-associated problems."He likes what he sees when he looks at Jackson-Bienville, which has a great mix of food and cover, he said. The kill was way down last year because practically the whole area was flooded for the entire rifle season," Johnson said, "but that should make for a surplus of deer this year. Hopefully we will get a really good harvest to keep this herd in check with the habitat on Bodcau. He realizes some people do not check out and some even fabricate the truth about what they killed. Actual user and harvest numbers undoubtedly are larger, he said."There's a good deer herd on Tunica Hills, Ben's Creek. You can't grow as many deer, or as big a deer, but there's a lot of acreage, and you're putting age on bucks. It's swamp, and hunting conditions can be described as challenging."Ben's Creek is probably the easiest place to hunt.
Mother Nature always provides," he said.If open, he said, Fort Polk has the greatest acreage of hardwood bottomlands, thus supporting more squirrel hunters.

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