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When making compost, it generates heat, properly maintained and large enough, it can generate lots of heat, usually this heat is allowed to bleed off into the air, that is wasted potential energy, this homesteader put that heat to work. An interactive map showing who wants to go off-grid, where they are, and who has land to offer.
Reducing the dependency on local infrastructure, infrastructure managed by the local municipalities is the goal of many that go off grid.
When this country was first being settled it was a dangerous place, and so people grouped together, often times inside of forts for protection, and to protect what vital commodities they may have had such as water. Those hardly souls that may have lived outside of the fort in some cases, built their cabins close to natural springs or even diverted small streams so they ran close to, or even into the home. When the SHTF rural homes may or may not be a target, but you have to assume as the crisis draws on anyone and everyone would be a target, in particular those that have certain life essentials such as water and food sources. You cannot rely on streams, rivers, or lakes for your water supply if your cabin or shelter is under siege. You will need a well that is properly cased off so no one can poison it or disrupt the flow of water to the home.
Solar, hydro and wind power is essential to those that live off grid if they expect to take advantage of electricity. Solar panels installed on the roof of the home are better protected than those mounted on poles, but they can be damaged or destroyed by small arms fire and by other means if it comes to that. Hydro generators can be more easily concealed as long as the lines supplying the electricity to the home or other buildings are concealed. Wind turbines would be extremely difficult to camouflage, but on the other hand they are not as easily tampered with. As with any city or town infrastructure it is important to everyone’s well being but it is vulnerable. Even if you live off the grid you need emergency supplies, and you must be able to sustain life without electricity.
Solar energy while becoming more popular there is still a considerable cost involved and then there is maintenance and repairs.
If something happened to where you could not pump water from your well, what is your backup plan, what will you do if you lose the ability to generate electricity for a short period, or are forced to defend your home, and cannot get outside to make repairs or to gather water from other sources? You may be forced to sustain yourself in a cellar or bunker and so it needs to be well stocked with all essentials to include an adequate water supply. Just a cabin in the woods with some solar panels is not enough to sustain you even though you are for all intents and purposes off the grid.
The post Off Grid Living and Security: Some Things to Consider appeared first on Preparing for shtf. Whilst most of us are content to build a log cabin in the garden, those with a more pioneering spirit choose an off grid log cabin.
Rising energy costs and a desire to build sustainably make off grid log cabin building a cost-effective and environmentally sound lifestyle choice. Of course, no one would claim that avoiding all of life’s inevitable bills would be easy, but with small steps you can go a long way towards complete independence. Off Grid Water SupplyIf you are fortunate enough to locate a plot of land with a stream or underground water source, then with a bucket, hand pump or well you can say goodbye to mains water. Off Grid PowerIn remote locations connecting your log cabin to the mains grid is a relatively uneconomic proposition.
Naturally, the simplest way to reduce your power consumption is to use less of it, but you should also consider sustainable alternatives.
A compost toilet avoids the need for expensive drainage and sewerage systems, plus you finally get to recycle all that left over sawdust, spare logs and cladding you have from the cabin build. This entry was posted in Log Cabin Living and tagged Off Grid Log Cabin on June 27, 2013 by dsr56WX.

Whatever your reason for living off-grid, your quality of life can be as good, or better than, it would be living connected to the grid. With nearly 200,000 people unplugged from the grid, the movement is still in its infancy (at least in the mainstream), but is gaining in popularity as energy prices rise and the costs of off-grid technologies falls. Whether you’re building a cabin in the woods that’s disconnected from any power or water sources, or just want to reduce your utility bills, going partially or totally off grid can be done on the cheap with a little creative thinking. Collecting rainwater for irrigation use in the garden can save a lot of water, and if you live in an area with moderate to high rainfall, you could even rely exclusively on rainwater for all of your water needs.
Every day, we’re collectively flushing billions of gallons of perfectly drinkable water down the toilet, while clean water grows ever more scarce and millions of people in developing nations die without it. There are so many small opportunities to disconnect from the grid, and while some of them involve somewhat pricey, high-tech  solar gadget chargers, others are decidedly simple. The term off-grid refers to not being connected to a grid, mainly used in terms of not being connected to the main or national transmission grid in electricity.
The term off-the-grid (OTG) can refer to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities. Off-the-grid homes are autonomous; they do not rely on municipal water supply, sewer, natural gas, electrical power grid, or similar utility services.
I must admit that this is a larger than usual compost pile, but I’m still impressed that they can get 140 degree F water out of this during the dead of winter. Anyone that has been paying attention realizes that the residents of any size city or town are at the mercy of those in charge.
All water lines would have to be buried to a depth to where it would take considerable effort to dig them up. Pole mounted panels can be tampered with without your knowledge if they are installed for example, near livestock water tanks that may be out of sight of the home. Hydro generators can be placed anywhere there is enough flowing water to turn the turbine at an acceptable rate. You need backup resources in the event of a malfunction or damage caused by any means, and you need to be able to control and protect as much as possible from within your structure.
Some people may be under the impression that once they can generate their own electricity that they would never be without electricity. You will need more than a working knowledge of how solar panels work so you can replace damaged ones or to make repairs.
You’ll have to be more familiar and more involved in the inner workings of you energy system, and planning to use appliances and gadgets that use the electricity you create.
There are many small ways to reduce your electricity and water consumption and even do without a septic or sewer system. If it seems like too big of a project or you just want to supplement solar or grid power with wind when possible, consider building your own mini wind turbine.
They’re really cheap and easy to build, and all they require to produce lots of heat is small branches. Your collection system might range from roof gutters and a single rain barrel to a larger-capacity stacked system or even an extra-large tank, which can be above-ground or buried. You can recycle the ‘greywater’ from your home, which is waste water from the sinks, showers, tubs and washing machines. When properly maintained, composting toilets turn human waste into harmless soil, and they’re easier to take care of than you might imagine.
In electricity off-grid can be stand-alone systems (SHS) or mini-grids typically to provide a smaller community with electricity. A true off-grid house is able to operate completely independently of all traditional public utility services. Cities control your water, electric, gas and even electronic communications to some extent.

Pumps typically would be inside the well casement, but additional pumps may be in use outside of the well, and they need protection as well, to prevent tampering. Your power can be disrupted, and if someone or a group is trying to force you out they will attack your power infrastructure. Hydro turbines can be placed in small ravines and crevices that are difficult to access by others provided they are even aware of a hydro power system. Solar panels do not last forever, and aged panels cannot produce as much as newer ones, so replacement is a very real concern.
Rule #1 of living off the grid: the electricity you produce must be greater than the electricity you consume, so being smart and thorough about energy conservation is the key to doing so without really breaking the bank.
Any opinions are the opinion of Mountainview Off Grid Living and not necessarily the opinion of the above mentioned companies. These DIY off grid home projects include mini wind turbines, solar cookers, water filtration, greywater systems and low-tech refrigeration.
Blogger Kevin Harris provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a mini wind turbine capable of generating 50-250 watts with just $150 in materials. Grills are great, but wood-fired ovens and solar cookers will allow you to bake bread, cookies and lots more.
The DIY world has a tutorial for building a small portable rocket stove out of cans, and Root Simple offers instructions for a more permanent backyard stove made of bricks. When collecting rainwater, the single biggest factor determining how much you can collect (aside from average rainfall) is the size of your roof. A backyard greywater system typically involves routing this waste water, which may contain traces of dirt, food, grease, hair and household cleaning products, out to the yard to irrigate non-food-producing plants. You can buy a commercial composting toilet, or make a really simple one yourself out of little more than a bucket, a toilet seat and some carbon-rich composting materials like sawdust, cedar chips or shredded oak leaves. Off-grid electrification is an approach to access electricity used in countries and areas with little access to electricity, due to scattered or distant population. The turbines can be damaged by small arms fire and by other means, and the mounting poles can be destroyed as well, but with considerable effort. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: when living off the grid, one dollar worth of energy conservation can save three to five dollars in energy generation equipment costs.
Cob ovens are made of mud and straw, and get hot enough to churn out delicious wood-fired pizzas in less than three minutes; instructions for building them can be found all over the internet and on YouTube. Gravity-based systems that don’t rely on pumps or filters last the longest and are the easiest to maintain.
They’re emptied regularly into a specially-prepared outdoor compost bin that’s kept separate from the compost you use for vegetable and herb gardens. Solar cookers can be built with little more than a cardboard box and some aluminum foil or a windshield sun reflector, and require no more than the sun to cook your food. If you produce more wastewater than you need for irrigation, you can create ‘constructed wetlands’, which filter and absorb the water naturally. If you want all the latest bells and whistles (like an off-grid home with its own climate-controlled wine cellar, which actually does exist) and aren’t in to being an energy miser, then you can expect to pay more for a larger energy system (but that’s another post). If you don’t produce much wastewater at all, you can even set up a system of planters that will filter the water, as pictured above.

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