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June 1, 2015 11:22 am· For many it’s a live long dream to get “off the grid” and live self-sufficiently. HippyHomesteaderHeather is a homesteading, homeschooling, wanna be hippy who loves cooking and blogging.
Once a week we introduce you to one of our members, curate the very best of the week's content and alert our readers to giveaways and special promotions! Meet a new member each week, be the first to know about giveaways, and get the very best of our members' posts delivered right to your inbox! Going off-grid and using natural resources like the sun or wind to power your home is one of the modern ways to rebel against the system, and designers are proving that you don't need to sacrifice comfort or style in order to do so.
If you want to work or live off-grid, a stand-alone solar energy system enables you to power your home or business without the assistance of the utility company.
Using photovoltaic power to live off-grid is becoming increasingly popular, as it provides both energy independence and significant long-term financial benefits. If you don’t plan to hook up to the municipal power grid, your stand-alone photovoltaic system must be designed to completely meet the energy requirements of your home or business.
If you are limited in the size of system you can accommodate, you could try to increase your energy efficiency.
Off-grid photovoltaic systems also must be designed to handle fluctuations in energy collection and use.
All photovoltaic systems require specific equipment, including an array of PV solar panels, an inverter and mounting hardware.
A backup system is required because photovoltaic panels will produce power only when the sun is shining, but you’ll need electricity on cloudy days and at night too. Stand-alone systems typically use a bank of batteries that can store at least a few days’ worth of electricity. For many people, one of the most attractive aspects of living off-grid is being free from the utility company and their terms and rate increases. Choosing a stand-alone photovoltaic system also can be more economically feasible than extending a line to the electric grid, particularly in remote locations. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals for the energy independence of off-grid living.
When one hears the term “off-the-grid,” images of bucolic cabins, candlelit evenings, and wood outhouses are rarely far behind.
They’ve opted out of cities and started all-new rural lives, building their own straw homes, teepees and bath tubs. About usGoodshomedesign is an online home design magazine but do not sell the products reviewed or showcased on this site. Many homes make the most of the daylight to minimize the energy needed to run the home.Other homes virtually blend into their surroundings.

Richard Carbonniera€™s tubu-like building can withstand high winds, and the pod-like foundation shifts when the permafrost does. If you've found your little slice of heaven here on earth, it might be too far to plug in to the grid. It could be an empowering, liberating experience, and it must be nice not to receive the electricity bill each month! Bigger than it looks: The 650-square-foot home can survive 140-mph winds, and the r up to 10-feet deep.
But unplugging from municipal services has been ruled illegal by a court in Cape Coral, Florida. You don't have to spend your life in a tent or live in a hobbit house to be completely self-sufficient—in fact, approximately 1.7 billion people are living off-grid worldwide at this very moment.
However, most of today’s PV energy and backup systems allow you to generate all the power you’ll need.
Simply compare your average daily and seasonal energy usage with the availability of the sun in your location to determine the size of your system. For an off-grid system, however, you’ll also need components to store electricity for future use.
You’ll need to keep the solar panels clean and monitor the performance of the system yourself. To learn more about this kind of true energy independence, contact Intermountain Wind & Solar, serving customers throughout the Intermountain West. These are the trappings of a rustic holiday – but certainly not the makings of a lifestyle. Solar panels provide clean energy without the irritation of a noisy generator, while other homes opt for wind power. The trend of this is growing so much that many communities have formed around the idea of a self-sustainable lifestyle. Those who opt for this lifestyle need to get their home decked out with all of the trappings to make living off-the-grid a fun and viable option. Since 2010, photographer Antoine Bruy has travelled from the Pyrenees to Romania tracking down urban refuseniks.. We try to show you what is new and beautiful in this area, arranged in several categories (apartments, ideas, interior design, home decor, home design, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, hotels & resorts, architecture) related to the area and style. Heat is better circulated inside Carbonniera€™s soup can-style home made from partially recycled materials. Whether your goal is to reduce your carbon footprint, to save money, to prepare for the collapse of the oil economy, or just to be independent, check out this collection of off-grid retreats - including a sun-powered Alpine capsule and France's highest building! Finally, to regulate the flow of electricity between the panels and the batteries, and to protect your batteries from being overcharged, you’ll also need a charge controller.

Solar panels, water recycling systems, wind turbines, and low-energy appliances give it that extra something. Eskin ruled that Robin Speronis is not allowed to live on her own private property without being hooked up to the city’s water system. Don’t be fooled by visions of crude cabins and antiquated lifestyles – most of these homes enjoy all of the modern luxuries that we are accustomed to and are beautiful to boot (check out these incredible houses, and this one too!).
Three hundred homes strong, this community is made up of huge mansions, modest cabins, and even a smattering of yurts.
You can also use Off-Grid’s Land Buddy map to find people in your area who can help you make your home self-sufficient. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. He admitted that she had the right to live without utility power, but said that her alternative power sources must always first be approved by the city. New innovations and technologies are constantly invented to make this lifestyle an easier and more accessible option. The houses may represent a wide socioeconomic spectrum, but every one of them is self-sustainable.
Far from cooking dinner over the open fire, its residents enjoy every amenity you would expect in a modern home, from wireless internet to radios.
The IPMC also would make it a crime for her to use solar panels instead of being tied into the electric grid. By living in Three Rivers, homeowners get to enjoy the rural atmosphere and rest easy that they aren’t making a negative imprint on the planet.
Speronis explains that she has won on two of three counts already, but there is still a big fight ahead of her. He argues, however, that he has an obligation to enforce the code. Still, he acknowledges that some of the charges against her are unfounded. Well, what’s the point?” Speronis has long been living “off the grid.” The city didn’t seem to even notice until she publicly discussed her home with Liza Fernandez, a local news reporter. After that appearance, a code enforcement officer designated her home as “uninhabitable” and gave her an eviction notice.
There’s been no appeal or movement to comply.” “We will continue to use due process and legal measures available to enforce the codes of the city,” Connie Barron, spokeswoman for the city of Cape Coral said. It fell apart because I’m unshakable.” The International Property Maintenance Code is still being used by cities throughout the United States and Canada.

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