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One Nova Scotian is living off the grid with a super-efficient house that saves hundreds of dollars per year in electricity and heating costs.
This large bank of south-facing, super-insulated windows is part of the home's passive solar heating system.
The home is not tied to an electrical grid, instead it relies on a photovoltaic array to harness solar power to provide the home with electricity.
Propane fuels the kitchen stove and the cottage is outfitted with the latest energy-efficient appliances and lights. Perhaps not as attractive as the beautful salvaged wood doors, the home's septic system is also state-of-the art. Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation (ENS) is an independent organization responsible for helping Nova Scotians reduce their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency at home and at work. Natasha Fillmore, a dedicated blood donor with 96 donations to date, joined ENS in 2010, as the Customer Experience Manager.
Natasha’s role as champion has been one of the key reasons for the organization’s success as a partner with Canadian Blood Services.
Judging from past experience and their response to helping the community in so many ways, their commitment is electrifying! Learn what it takes to live off grid and why many homeowners in Atlantic Canada are embracing this way of life. Debbie and Mike Cameron pose with their five-year-old golden retriever, Ben, in front of their off-grid home near Pugwash, Nova Scotia.
Debbie Cameron was enjoying the good life—wind in her hair, sun in her face, salt spray at her back—when she experienced an epiphany. In the spring of 2008, she and her husband Mike were sailing with his relatives off British Columbia’s Gulf Coast.
At home in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, the Camerons owned a beautiful log home they had designed and built themselves. People choose off-grid living for two reasons, says Robert MacKean, owner of Nova Sun Power in Pictou, N.S. The Camerons maintain four deep-cycle batteries charged by solar panels and a small wind turbine.
For Rob Elias in New Horton, New Brunswick, the choice wasn’t a moral issue, it was necessity. Annually, for his 1,100-square-foot home, Elias burns about four cords of wood that he cuts himself and spends about $900 for propane and gas. MacKean actually does not recommend converting to full off-grid living if electricity is financially feasible and available. Back along the Pugwash shoreline, Debbie Cameron remains grateful for the epiphany that led her to a better way of living. I own a plot of land in New Brunswick, I want to build a house on wheels or but a 4 season camper, and live full time. Sign up with your email address and East Coast Living will deliver the news directly to you. Houses for sale in Desboro, OntarioLooking for a house on the outskirts of Owen Sound in the Georgian Bluffs or Derby area.

Houses for sale in Desboro, OntarioThis Century home on 1.6 acres just south of Keady has been beautifully restored and upgraded. Houses for sale in Desboro, OntarioWe have a 74 acre farm that we are preparing for sale in the Desboro area. Houses for sale in Desboro, OntarioEnjoy the beauty of rural Grey County on 24+ acres of wooded conservation land.
Houses for sale in Desboro, OntarioLocated in Sullivan Township in Desboro area, 74 acre farm for sale. Powered totally by the sun, this off-grid home on Nova Scotia’s South Shore has all the comforts of modern living.
Jennifer Corson and Keith Robertson are partners in Solterre Design, a Halifax architectural firm specializing in green design and off-grid projects. A green roof featuring Maritime wildflowers, fescues and snowdrops helps insulate the house.The cottage is designated LEED Platinum, certifying that it is energy and resource-efficient and healthy for its occupants. On the one hand, the interior has quite a number of re-used items from houses being demolished or modified. He points out that creating a super energy efficient house would cost roughly between 6-8% more than current construction designs and methods used in Canada. He says its his hope that designs like his can inspire residential architects and the construction industry to adopt such concepts in materials and designs to catch up to the Europeans and create more efficient houses.
Note: By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that Radio Canada International has the right to reproduce, broadcast, and publicize comments, in whole or in part, in any manner whatsoever. The corridors of Canadian political power welcomed a new visitor on Tuesday (April 9), a Google Maps Trolley documenting Canada's Parliament in Otttawa.
A new public opinion poll suggests that Stephen Harper's Conservative Party government is taking a pounding on the issues of secrecy and ethics. Less than 24 hours after Montreal police arrested 279 student protesters upset with tuition hikes, demonstrators gathered in a downtown park on Saturday for a different--and less angry--manifestation. They have helped families, businesses, institutions and communities save a level of electricity that would be equivalent to taking 31,000 average households off the grid. Ready to rally her teammates and with the support of one of the executive team members, John Aguinaga, ENS joined the Partners for Life program. They also had an off-grid, 600-square-foot beachfront cottage on family land overlooking the Northumberland Strait near Pugwash, where Mike worked. Not prone to envy, Debbie was surprised at the intensity of emotion she experienced when considering the confines of the life she had built. Despite being half the size of their log home, a kilometre from a serviced highway, and requiring a major change in their lifestyle, the cottage won out. Solar panels mounted on a roof or on the ground feed into deep-cycle batteries that store the energy until it is needed.
Batteries charged by solar panels and a small wind turbine give enough power to run a satellite TV, washing machine, refrigerator, deep freeze, water pump and small appliances in the house.Debbie makes coffee on the propane stove in the kitchen.
This provides enough power to run a satellite TV, washing machine, refrigerator, deep freeze, water pump and various small appliances. But MacKean has installed solar on everything from a one-room camp to a 3,000-square-foot home.

Now he sources all his electrical needs from solar panels and his heat from wood and propane. Overall, he estimates the solar panels and batteries would have cost about $10,000 to $15,000, which is equal to the original quote to bring utility power to his home. The homeowner generates and uses solar energy as required, but when extra electricity is needed, it is supplied through the grid. David, you will want to be located in an LSD or Local Service District and you property should be 150 meters from a provincial highway, these areas are where a lot of the codes do not apply. Their home showcases many salvaged items, like the stainless-steel kitchen island.Before using electric kitchen appliances, the family first checks the weather. He’s an LEED-accredited architect, which is a special designation in energy and environmental design and construction. They put their cherished home up for sale, downsized their possessions and joined the ranks of folk who have adopted off-grid living.
Solar should be considered as your primary source and then wind as a secondary, along with a generator. He began homesteading on the land seven years ago with a log cabin, one solar panel, one battery and two vehicle fog lights. He uses a propane stove and a hot-water heater and has in-floor heat using wood-fired hot water.
The power utility’s distribution system absorbs the surplus solar and applies a credit against the customer’s account.
Even though it’s close to the water, the house is easy to heat in the winter.Debbie’s gardens on the property are beautiful. They use a propane range and hot-water heater and also have a backup RV furnace and a gas-powered generator.
This is called “net metering.” With this arrangement, the homeowner has a steady and reliable supply of energy.
Overnight guests can stay in the bunkie, which was actually an old motorcycle shed the couple’s son had on his property in Truro, N.S. With wind turbines, there are multiple moving parts, so that would require some maintenance over time and use. The main bedroom features a unique headboard made from two gothic oak panels that had been screens for the pipe organ pipes at the now-demolished Trinity United Church in Halifax.
Jennifer installed shelves behind the panels.Don Wilson of Lunenburg Chiselworks stripped and refinished the huge wooden doors rescued from a 19th-century Halifax estate.
The house is designed so that it never drops below 15 degrees Celsius inside, even without a heating system.

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