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Now the proud owner of a dog, truck and a sled (all three, still a dream of mine), she spends winter riding alongside Whistlera€™s top female snowmobilers and snowboarders, and summer as a gold miner in Northern Canada. The snow sucked this year on the Pacific Northwest and despite not seeing each other for a year, my arrival in Whistler wasna€™t enough to entice her to stay inA baron British Columbia. This road trip isna€™t easy at the best of times but doing it alone with the soul purpose of shredding (also alone) is incredible inspiring. Solo backcountry travel is notA recommended at the best of times, especially in new and unfamiliar terrain. Ia€™ve been on man-camp in remote locations (my favourite place on earth at Points North Heli in Alaska) but nothing like what Inga does in summer.A Surrounded by burly men, grizzlies, black bears, wolves, caribouA and shot guns, Inga sets up her trailer and gets to work trying strike it lucky, looking for gold. 5 months are spentA workingA in a 10-person gold-mining team just outside Atlin, Northern B.C (like the TV show, or so she thought!).
It sounds completely nutts, and not to mention dangerous with serious wildlife to be wary of, “Last time I was there I saw a big black wolf about 40 meters away. Next year I am returning to North America to spend time doing what I love: snowboarding, learning about the mountains and riding with my friends. You know when you have a friend that you just know everything is going to be one massive, mega adventure?
That time Lennard and me went on a pow hunt to the Yukon and Alaska, living in the sled trailer. Yup bought myself a cabin on wheels, and my dad got me a new shotgun for bear protection when prospecting for gold. Above: Dick Proenneke building his own cabin in the wilderness at the base of the Aleutian Peninsula, in what is now Lake Clark National Park. Above: Dick Proenneke with his 16mm wind-up Bolex camera, capturing the stunning Alaskan wildlife and scenery. Above: Give at the $100 level during our membership campaign and receive the "Alone In The Wilderness" DVDs, parts one & two.
In the late 1960s, Proenneke built his own cabin in the wilderness at the base of the Aleutian Peninsula, in what is now Lake Clark National Park.
Watch through his eyes as he continues to document with his 16mm wind-up Bolex camera, capturing his own amazing craftsmanship, the stunning Alaskan wildlife and scenery and even a visit from his brother Ray (Jake).
His epic journey takes you on a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of today's fast-paced society, and is a true breath of fresh air.

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This is a Graceland portable building in my area the other popular portable building is Weatherking. The difference for me between Graceland and Weatherking was the Graceland buildings had ridge vents, soffit vents, walls are 16 on center (instead of 24). She was this cool Norwegian chick living up the road,A that I’d always see in the snowpark ripping the same features as me.
Living off the grid with her dog (Lennard) and selection of shot guns (seriousA bear and wolf territory up there), she is one of my biggest inspirations, proof that if you want to do something, you should just go and bloody do it!
It was annoying but a good to realise that I need to learn a lot before the next time I go to Alaska”. Inga and I have been talking about doing an epic trip together since I left Whistler in 2005, but next year ita€™s going to happen. Check out the HERD product too, it’s rad and synonymous with Whistler and the local crewA of legends just like Inga. Prices are really reasonable and they insure actions sports (including heliskiing) and don’t charge mega premiums. He was 82 years old, and the extreme cold and hard physical work were becoming too much for him. He donated his cabin to the US Park Service, and it is now part of Lake Clark National Park.
The Weatherking did have larger lofts in that on my 24ft barn the lofts are 6ft on each end while with the Weatherking they are 8 to 10 ft on each end. The first time was actually pretty good and I thought to myself: a€?Hell, I am a natural!a€?. Take the sleds north, live out of a trailer and send it snowmobiling, snowboarding and splitboarding around the Northern BC and the Alaskan backcountry.
Super chilled, down-to-earth and passionate about all the things that matter in life (chasing what you love and keeping life simple)a€¦ not to mention an absolute ripper snowboarder and sledder. Make sure you subscribe to the Still Stoked YouTube channel so you catch it when it’s released!
His brother Raymond (Jake) convinced Dick to move in with him back in California where Dick spent the remaining 3 years of his life.

It can be really hard to walk away from a tempting line if the conditions aren’t right.
Education is everything and getting clued up on your avalanche skills so you can make informedA decisions is vital.
That first time was at Haines pass, just outside of Haines, Alaska.A I was pretty clueless but I figured that due to being Norwegian and being born withA skis on (not all of us), that I would pick it up. When not working and learning from the other gold-miners, she is working a claim sheA acquired herself on some land 45 minutes from camp. Ia€™m just pumped to get to spring next year and see what trouble, adventure, big lines and big drops we are going to get into.
Only 39inches so not much space (measuring from bottom of the peak rafter to top of loft floor).
At first I had some major issues with my poles, but once that was sorted I just skinned away. After some swearing and mild frostbite, I managed to put it all back together, put those damn poles back in my backpack and shred down some nice untouched pow. It doesn’t get dark till 1-2am so when not too buggered from work,A she jumps on a quad bike with her dog and bush whacks her way deep into the wild where her land is located. Weatherking was actually $110 cheaper than Graceland and for the 110 bucks to get the 16 on center and vents was worth it. I have so much to learn about sledding and backcountry living off the grid, and Ia€™m pumped I get to learn it with and off this girl. The trailer main section is 8ft wide the same as the 8 ft from left side to the barn doors.
The driver did a great job placing it even having to fight the hydraulics on his cool lift. Lined it up perfectly but when it dropped the lift the hydraulics shifted the barn out of line.

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