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Romanian non-profit green-tech firm Justin Capra Foundation for Sustainable Technologies and Inventions (or FITS), has unveiled the Soleta zeroEnergy range of sustainable off-grid homes. The Soleta zeroEnergy range comprises several homes, ranging from a small unit with just 48 square-meters (516 sq ft) usable floor space (plus attic), up to a relatively sizable model suitable for a family of five, with a main area floor space of 100 square-meters.
While the name may imply that these homes have no energy needs, they've actually been designed to utilize renewable energy sources to allow residents to jump feet-first into the off-grid lifestyle.
Depending on need and budget, each zeroEnergy home can incorporate a geothermal water heating system, wind power, solar power, and water collection. The houses are reportedly manufactured from 97 percent recycled materials, with wood being the primary material of choice. The Soleta zeroEnergy range of homes are by no means the only viable fully off-grid abodes we’ve covered here at Gizmag, and Studio H:T’s effort springs to mind as an appealing alternative. The range starts at €25,000 (roughly US$32,000) for the smallest zeroEnergy One, with the larger zeroEnergy Two unit commanding a cool €57,000. A Waterless Composite toilet system break down human waste into a harmless end product that can then be safely recycled back to nature.
There are energy efficient appliances, and then there are products like a 12v refrigerators and solar powered water heaters.  In general, the more efficient your appliances get the more effective your energy solution will be. In order to make the off the grid lifestyle work you might have to make dramatic changes to your lifestyle. Contact Information for all of your Steel Bunker, Storm Shelter, Safe Room or NBC Air Filtration questions. About UsWe offer the best underground bunkers, storm shelters and safe-rooms on the market. We love the simplicity of traditional living therefore we try to do as much for ourselves as we can. There are definitely things to consider when going off-grid such as what appliances will work well with the system you choose, being cautious with high power consuming appliances, knowing the amount of power your family currently consumes daily and what system is right for you. Thank you Heather for allowing me to share a little bit of our lifestyle with your audience.
Living off the grid is a goal our family strives for in the long term, I commend you for making it happen.
What is OTG ?The term off-the-grid (OTG) or off-grid refers to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities. As much as we wanted to go totally off-grid, we quickly realized that it is very costly to do so. I came across this amazing opportunity to join a club for anyone that wants to work towards off gird living. We did tons of research before deciding on the aquaponics system that we wanted to install. High on the hill, this rustic chalet on 90+ acres has amazing views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks, over the Champlain Valley. You are using an outdated, unsupported browser.Please upgrade your browser to experience this site properly. Living Off the Grid: A Simple Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Self-Reliant Supply of Energy, Water, Shelter, and More.

A guide to creating and maintaining a self-reliant supply of energy, water, shelter and more. The flexible dwellings are available in several shapes and sizes, and combine rustic modular design with the proverbial kitchen sink of energy saving and producing technologies.
If that sounds a bit too adventurous, modern amenities like running water and electricity can be hooked-up if desired. Large low-e windows and LED lighting feature throughout, and a pellet-burning stove is also available for cooler climes. Each unit is modular, and so if space does eventually become an issue, an extra section should be relatively simple to add. A ten-year warranty is included with the sale, and FITS is currently exhibiting a show house outside the US embassy in Bucharest, Romania. In an urban setting, you’re probably going to run into zoning restrictions of a wind turbine. Gray water is the relatively clean waste water from sinks, laundry lines, baths and other kitchen appliances.
They use different natural agents to break down your waste in such a way where there is no odor. The way it works is that you bury pipes around your home and a heat exchanger multiplies the effect of temperature gradient producing quiet source of heating and cooling.
It takes more time to hang your clothes on the line then it would be to toss them in the dryer. In addition to the federal government tax credits, all 50 states have other tax rebate programs for high efficiency products.
It’s possible to have an underground bunker that will allow you to live that off the grid lifestyle when you need it.
100% steel, fabricated by hand and customized to each client's unique specs; our bomb shelters are the BEST on the market. I am no where near off grid living, but homesteading and making a more self-reliant lifestyle has always been a dream of mine.
We are going to work towards going off grid over the next several years and I’m hoping I put some good choices into the building of our house to support that!
I would never be able to get my family to do this but this article gives me some ideas about doing a garden and looking into getting an outdoor wood burning stove to save on heating bills.
My land is miles from the nearest utilities, and I’m planning on keeping it that way.
They want to provide homespun products and information to inspire you in the Art of Homesteading where ever you may dwell. If you throw them in the garbage then congratulations, you just joined about 85% of the wasteful people in the world. In the last 30 years, huge strides have been made in solar, wind, and hydro-electric technologies, allowing property owners to live beyond the reach of the utility grid and harvest renewable energy to power their homes and lives. The homes can be built on either wooden foundations, or existing concrete foundations at lower cost. 10 years ago a panel would easily cost you several thousand dollars; today panels that create a single kWh average about $660.

Energy Information Administration, the average family uses about 30 kWh in a single day.  Bummer. You would need an expert to come out to analyze different factors in order to get you a reasonable quote. If there is a break in a city main line sewer line it’s very possible all that icky stuff could end up coming out of your bathtubs and other drain lines. These units are also used to heat your water (Not having a hot water heater can save you $500 in annual energy cost). However you will need acquire the propane; refills will cost you (based on 3 refills a year) $1200.
However, of you adopt the off the grid lifestyle, you don’t have to sacrifice much to live within those boundaries. If you have a viable water source that can maintain enough power, this may be a solution for you. For materials, machinery and labor, it can cost on average $10,000.  A well is a well thought out solution and will help your wellbeing. The idea of gray water disposal is to use that reuse the relatively clean waste water and use it for things like toilets.
You would have to rely on getting propane from somewhere which with the uncertain future could become an issue. If you adopt the off the grid lifestyle and become more energy efficient you can save thousands. Rising S Bunkers can build an underground bunker on your property that it’s totally off the grid. Because we are a rural state with a strong conservation ethic and good community development plans, untouched wilderness perfect for living off the grid is never more than a 30-minute drive away. Reasons to live off the grid might be to be greener, a financial decision, self-reliance, fear of instability within the grid.
You can still have a big fancy TV, Wi-Fi, and a microwave; you just have to have energy efficient versions of those things. The bunkers (unlike your house) are built with the off the grid lifestyle in mind, so it’s actually a lot more cost efficient. Whatever the reason you are considering it, it’s important to figure out the factors; the biggest of which for most would be the cost of living off the grid. A system might include batteries, charge controller, power inverter, circuit breakers, disconnects and maybe even a combiner box.
You may only want to vacuum when it’s sunny outside for instance, or have a solar powered clothes dryer (aka a laundry line in the backyard).

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