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Shelter is the second most important aspect of living off the grid next to a water source, so it makes sense that if you’re living in a small community that you will need your own shelter, or at least be able to share a cabin with another person or family. How close cabins and the main lodge common area are together will depend greatly on the land. Everyone brings with them skills and knowledge they can use to contribute to the community as whole. Food can be produced in both a common community garden which could be a large 10-20 acre plot of land dedicated to growing food, raising livestock, and perhaps even fish. This too is a topic that one could write a book about (which I am currently doing btw) and is way beyond the scope of this short article. Making a living while living your life off grid is not going to be easy, but it can be more fulfilling than anything else. Some folks will keep their day jobs, some will find jobs in the city or town, some will have their own businesses, and some will work the farm and garden full time. All in all I think it comes down to everyone’s voice being heard equally and everyone have an equal vote.
It’s probably a good idea to have a central area where everyone can congregate and socialize, hold events and parties and generally just enjoy each others company.
Ultimately, living in an off grid community and farm is about being part of something with a greater purpose which not only respects the earth, it also provides you and your family with a place to get away from the daily grind, leave the rat race behind and rid yourself of the stresses of daily life that you have now that are holding you back.
Ask yourself what it is you really want out of life and whether you want to live the rest of your life on the treadmill chasing a carrot for the rest of your life.
About Off Grid WorldAll about off grid living, living off the grid, sustainable living, homesteading, prepping, survival, solar power, wind power, renewable energy, permaculture, hydroponics, recycling, DIY projects, and natural building. The term off-grid refers to not being connected to a grid, mainly used in terms of not being connected to the main or national transmission grid in electricity. The term off-the-grid (OTG) can refer to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities. Off-the-grid homes are autonomous; they do not rely on municipal water supply, sewer, natural gas, electrical power grid, or similar utility services. French photographer Antoine Bruy spent several years hitchhiking around Europe, documenting the lives of men and women who have abandoned the bustle of cities to live, as they say, off the grid. June 1, 2015 11:22 am· For many it’s a live long dream to get “off the grid” and live self-sufficiently. That’s a question I once asked myself and a question many other people in the off grid world ask themselves. Some people can live with others, some will want their own place as they enjoy their privacy. If there’s enough room to expand, say 40-80 acres, that provides everyone with more options to spread out and have more privacy. Everyone has valuable information and the ability to teach others and share with them the knowledge needed to grow the community. Point being that everyone contributes in their own way, and everyone no matter what will be viewed as equal.
In the event of a tie vote, people vote a temporary leader for the deciding vote on each issue. Humans are a social bunch, and likewise need that communal and cultural interaction with one another. I think a water system which provides running water to each cabin and a central lodge common area is a good idea.

I’ve written about it at length many times over the years, literally penning tens of thousands  of words about it. That happiness, in my opinion, comes from being secure, and safe and content in your lifestyle. In electricity off-grid can be stand-alone systems (SHS) or mini-grids typically to provide a smaller community with electricity. A true off-grid house is able to operate completely independently of all traditional public utility services.
Instead, they are seeking “greater energy, food, economic, or social autonomy,” changing their relationship to their surrounding environment and living with the economic and social circumstances that arise from their decisions. The simple, manmade structures stand out against the sublime backgrounds, populated by thick forests and swirling hills. Bruy has recently launched a crowdfunding campign on FotoFund to raise money to continue the project that began back in 2010.
But unplugging from municipal services has been ruled illegal by a court in Cape Coral, Florida.
I think a happy medium can be found by having both a common shelter in the form of a lodge cabin which can double as both the center hub and community center as well as a place to live for those who enjoy living and sharing their space. Being able to have a cabin nestled in the trees and having the privacy that provides goes a long way to being content and happy.
I personally like my privacy and might stay in the main lodge from time to time on holidays and party nights, but for the most part I’ll most likely spend most of my time in my own cabin and garden area. Having the ability to make a steady income from the community is part of what will make the community work. The surplus food produced could be a very large and productive source of income for the entire community.
It’s not a free ride and will require a lot of work from everyone especially if the community is to be a success. But if there’s a basis for handling them set up ahead of time, it will go a long way toward keeping the peace of the community. In the end it comes down to what you as a person are willing to contribute, not what you can get from it.
Off-grid electrification is an approach to access electricity used in countries and areas with little access to electricity, due to scattered or distant population. The faces of the young boys and girls bring an eerie sense of humanity to the pristine landscapes, giving just a faint glimpse into their lives, while leaving the viewer as a clear outsider. Head over to the site if you’re interested in supporting the work and let us know your thoughts on the beautiful photographs in the comments. There must be a clean and potable water source to supply everyone with enough water for cooking and sanitation. There are new and improved growing techniques that do not use as much surface area and square footage land area to grow food. Everyone would pitch in what they can and every would receive a share of the profits from the business. It’s about giving and being part of something, while at the same time being self sufficient, living sustainably, and making your own way while at the same time giving back.
Eskin ruled that Robin Speronis is not allowed to live on her own private property without being hooked up to the city’s water system.
Both lifestyles can be mingled and all people can feel welcome since everything is part of a single community.

It’s a huge topic that one could write many books on which is way beyond the scope of this article. As such the total amount of food produced per square foot of land has increased exponentially. There will need to be a good septic system (no humanure; Yuck!) I think most people would agree that using human waste to fertilize the food you eat is beyond the tolerance of the majority of folks.
But raising fish, and shrimp, crayfish and water based livestock is also an option and, like most livestock can provide a revenue stream for the community. He admitted that she had the right to live without utility power, but said that her alternative power sources must always first be approved by the city. Suffice it to say there must be a well, stream, river, lake, pond or spring large enough to support 20-40 people and their children and guests. Permaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, raised beds, and vertical gardening all contribute to the ability to grow more food by weight per square foot than ever before in the history of human kind. The community will have expenses, it will need to have accounting, and check and balances in place.
This is not to say that those who wish to have their own garden near their own cabin couldn’t use their own waste on their own food. Some folks will not be able to contribute as much financially a others, some folks will be physically unable to work hard labor and long hours due to health issues or other reasons and they should not be judged by others or left out.
Keeping things clean and sanitary is of the highest priority and goes directly to the health of the community as a whole. The most important of which will be that everyone has an equal share in the net profits after all expenses are paid. Some will choose to live in a community, and still others will choose to have a balance between the two.
The IPMC also would make it a crime for her to use solar panels instead of being tied into the electric grid.
If you’re going to live off grid in a community of like minded individuals there are some very important factors to take into account.
It’s about living in harmony and I believe we as human beings have a duty to help those who need help.
Everyone can pull their own weight and contribute, some will contribute more than others, but at the end of the day what I think it comes down to is cooperation and equality. Speronis explains that she has won on two of three counts already, but there is still a big fight ahead of her.
He argues, however, that he has an obligation to enforce the code. Still, he acknowledges that some of the charges against her are unfounded. Well, what’s the point?” Speronis has long been living “off the grid.” The city didn’t seem to even notice until she publicly discussed her home with Liza Fernandez, a local news reporter. After that appearance, a code enforcement officer designated her home as “uninhabitable” and gave her an eviction notice.
There’s been no appeal or movement to comply.” “We will continue to use due process and legal measures available to enforce the codes of the city,” Connie Barron, spokeswoman for the city of Cape Coral said. It fell apart because I’m unshakable.” The International Property Maintenance Code is still being used by cities throughout the United States and Canada.

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