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The expanding fear of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes along with rising terrorism and social unrest as we are witnessing now in countries like Great Britain, Greece and the Middle East have led some Americans to proactively protect themselves and their loved ones from these foreshadowing events.
Recently I visited with my associate, Mark Brown, owner and real-estate broker of Pioneer Associates located in Ketchum, Idaho with over 38 years of expierence in selling ranches, recreational and survival properties. This summer, Pioneer Associates and apartments in Charleston WV has extra been busy with an increase of potential buyers from all over the US who are requesting ‘survival properties’. Native Californian and Real Estate investor, Hal McNee has been in search of  the perfect survival property throughout Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. With fresh water becoming scarce within our own country, it is easy to see why investors such as Hal McNee are on the hunt for the ideal property. Water: A premium survival property must have a year-round fresh water source, such as well water, river, streams or lakes. Location: Typically these properties are at the end of rural roads, with limited accessibility. Self-Containment: Survival properties have the potential to be developed into fully self-sustained entities. Food: These unique properties must have the ability to grow, raise food sources, with hunting and fishing as a top requirement.
Sun: The ideal survival property would offer abundance of sunshine on average 250 plus days a year.
Having lived through the LA riots and witnessed the destruction first hand, plus with the current events of the world today, I realize it is important to be prepared in the event of an emergency in our own area. Not all Americans are able to own one of these properties, but we can take the proactive steps to be prepared in case of a crisis. It’s a lifestyle that’s free of debt, in harmony with the natural world, and even child-friendly. Josie Moores was born in Africa, spent her formative years in Portugal and attended school in England, majoring in languages. When most people start work on their own home, what they’re really doing is paying architects and general contractors to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together for them. You may assume that they had specialized training or skills in order to build all this themselves.
The challenges Josie and Abe have faced pale in comparison to what the couple has gotten out of it, though.
Josie and Abe know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it’s amazing how Josie’s advice to potential off-the-gridders is so applicable to all of our lives. The last thing we expected to see on the lonely two lane black top in the heart of SW Texas was a Prada store. This was only the first of several surprises on our recent exploration of the wonders of -- get this -- Brewster County, TX, in a remote corner of a state better known for oil, BBQ, and cowboys.
For the first two nights we stayed at the Chisos Mountain Lodge, a sprawling collection of low-slung wooden buildings in a basin surrounded by sharp peaks and broad monoliths of red rock.

After lunch at the lodge, we went on the 5.6 mile round trip hike to the Window, a notch in a cliff at the end of a streambed high above the desert floor. Later that day we eased our sore butts onto bar stools at the Starlight Theater Restaurant in the ghost town of Terlingua for tequila, chili, roast quail and Texas BBQ.
Terlingua is just down the road from the Big Bend Casitas, where we stayed for the next two nights, a definite advantage after an evening at the Starlight. On our last day in the park we canoed down the Rio Grande on a trip run by the Far Flung Outdoor Center.
As a real estate professional, with over 20 years experience, I am witnessing this growing trend within my own office. Together, Mark and I specialize in sought-after recreational, sportsmen properties and ranches located throughout the northwest. Green  houses that are made of Geodesic designs that allow the latest  technology to grow food regardless of elevation or snow. The rise in gun and ammunition sales is a reminder of America’s right and desire to protect oneself and property.
A good start is having the pantry filled with canned food, ample supplies of fresh water, flashlights, batteries, candles, cell phone, matches, and a first aide kit and of course the ability to defend yourself, loved ones and personal property.
Josie and Abe live on a 10-acre property in a home that they built with their own hands, with almost all of the modern conveniences we are accustomed to; they just access them in a more self-sustaining way.
When a massive flood swept through Austin, he took the opportunity to relocate to an area closer to his roots: Brewster County. Her studies prepared her well for her future lifestyle of travel, as she was always on the go, taking jobs in different fields as she went. They coordinate, wait and fund while the plumbing goes in, the walls go up and eventually they’re able to use their key to enter the abode they paid for. They gathered rocks and adobe from their massive property and started putting the thing together themselves. So much so, that when Abe and Josie were ready to start a family, they knew they had to be closer to modern conveniences, but weren’t willing to give up their off-the-grid lifestyle. She also warns to stay away from debt of any kind, as it forces you to start earning dollars for someone other than yourself. Upon close inspection, we realized we were looking at an art installation, the first sign of the quirky avant garde art community in the nearby town of Marfa.
On our first full day in Big Bend we drove to Santa Elena Canyon at the far western edge of the park on an empty ribbon of road.
The steep trail descends about a 1000' alongside the dry streambed, then funnels through a narrow tree-shaded canyon to the Window.
It was a mellow, leisurely paddle down the shallow, slow moving river through canyons and desert.
Generators provide electricity and now have state of the art solar generators called Solar Photovoltaics that allow for off the grid remote living.

You would be able to sustain yourself on very little monetary income, and invest more of your time into the things that mattered. Their water comes from a rain catchment system, and their power comes from solar and wind that they generate on their property. During college, he got a job with a major advertising company in the Austin area as the Vice President of Internet Marketing. Located in the middle of the desert, Brewster County is one of the least populated places in the country.
They sold their nearly-finished home and moved to a ten-acre plot outside of a small village that had things like schools and doctors. They continued building, and by the time their second son was born they had a fully-functioning house, all operating off the grid. Josie and Abe are currently developing an app to keep track of record keeping and breeding schedules for rabbits, of which they have over 100. Along the way, my gaze wandered from the road to long, sweeping vistas in all directions and a lunar landscape of desert, canyons, mountains and wind- and rain-sculpted rocks. I inched up as close to the Window as I dared on the slick rock and could see the desert many miles away and almost 2000 feet below.
The scenery was provided by God, god, Yaweh, Allah, Vishnu, dharma, the forces of the universe, or whatever, depending on your beliefs.
It was a thriving mining town in the early part of the 1900s, then fell on hard times and abandoned in the 1940s.
The several hours on the river were broken up by lunch, a two-mile hike, and a long soak in the historic hot springs on the river bank. There, he bought some land and parked his school bus, which he had refurbished into living quarters. This shallow and narrow rio is not so grande by the time it trickles through Santa Elena Canyon. In recent years it has turned into a refuge for artists, hippies, bikers, survivalists, itinerant river guides, 9-11 conspiracy theorists, snow birds, tourists and other free spirits, many of them living off the grid.
They hope to develop it to a point where it will help them manage all of the animals, plants and other systems they have on their homestead. In just a few minutes we were surrounded by rock walls and silence except for the burble of the water.

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