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Through his beautiful visual project known as No Signal, photographer Brice Portolano shares the extraordinary stories of people who have chosen to escape from an intensely urbanized lifestyle and reconnect with nature. Tinja survives entirely off-the-grid, cooking from a wood stove, using candles to light her home, and obtaining water from a river where she has to break the frozen surface each morning.
Using a combination of modern technology and old-fashioned common sense, these Yoopers and northern Michiganders eke out an off-the-grid existence in a bounteous but occasionally hostile land. Jennifer Picard, partner Chris, and their four growing kids live a few miles south of Big Bay, just off County Road 550.
He puts all this machinery and technology to good use, making maple syrup from the nearby trees and foraging for berries, mushrooms, and whatever else is in season.
But despite his prowess with mechanical technology and old-fashioned living off the land, he's not above using the power of the Internet to become a better off-gridder.
That said, he'll admit to being predisposed to off-the-grid living--and committed to maintaining it as a way of life for the foreseeable future. Sounds like they've got a good thing going, no matter how much help they get from their technological toys. The home itself is your standard off-grid setup: a compostable toilet outside and a wood-burning stove in an inside corner. Brian Martucci writes about business, finance, food, drink and anything else that catches his fancy. In addition to its beauty and high development standards, LVRE is uniquely attractive because an owner can live off-grid here as well as or better than living connected to the grid. Living "comfortably" off-grid on a small farm or ranch has always appealed to me, so I was intrigued to find the topic at the end of Barton Biggs' new book Wealth, War & Wisdom. I hope you enjoy this "left handed" section of our site; we're not selling anything here-just exchanging ideas. Federal tax rebates, state tax credits, and solar and wind energy incentives are available for solar water heating, and photovoltaic and wind energy systems.
The typical well at LV Ranch Estates has a depth to water of just 100'; shallow by AZ standards, so solar water pumps are a practical and attractive option. Grass fed beef and buffalo and wild caught fish just taste better, the health benefits are a bonus!

Arctic Love is the first of four striking photo essays in the series, which tracks a young woman named Tinja, who lives 180 miles from the nearest town. This is her life, and she adores the peace in the solitude that she has found in the wilderness. All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. From majestic Tahquamenon Falls to the lofty Porcupine Mountains, this is one of the few remaining parts of the country where nature dictates the terms of human activity.
Recent advances in communications and energy production, in particular, have made it easier for those who choose to live off the grid to do so in relative comfort, without sacrificing the social contacts most people find essential. John and Victoria imagined they'd put their farming experience, particularly in the dairy business, to use in the wilderness.
For starters, the Jungwirths get the bulk of their protein the old fashioned way--hunting and fishing--and supplement their diets with fresh produce from the Marquette Food Co-op, where both work part-time. Though solar panels are cheaper now than at any time in the past, the Jungwirths put their system together long before it was easy to find parts. A cell amplifier allows for decent, if patchy, phone service, which they rely on to maintain contact with on-the-grid family members. Among other things, his property boasts at least 810 watts of solar, a 3000-watt Honda EU3000 generator with a remote starter, a gas heater, a wood-burning stove and a liquid propane refrigerator, according to his blog. An avid woodcutter and craftsman, he's built several structures on the property to boot. Over the past few years, Rolf and Mari von Walthausen have been engaged in a legal battle with Leelanau County, the jurisdiction just northwest of Traverse City.
When they purchased a rural property and built a 240-square-foot house in place of the dilapidated mobile home that previously stood there, they expected to be applauded--or, at worst, ignored.
So, pending a change in local zoning codes, they're living even more humbly, in large tent that needs to be moved every two months to avoid violating a fourth county code against squatting. Rolf and Mari both work part-time in the Traverse City area, he as a piano technician and she as a yoga instructor. We designed LVRE as an on-the-grid community, with gated entries, miles of paved roads, individual wells, underground electric, and wireless phone and internet.

He was chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley for years before leaving in 2003 to form Traxis Partners, a billion dollar hedge fund.
Sustainable living - a lifestyle that reduces the use of natural resources and preserves the earth for future generations. Yes we put LVRE's electric service lines underground, providing every ranch estate reliable power from the state's largest utility, APS.
A must for anyone remotely interested in the basics and essentials of a truly agrarian lifestyle.
Portolano has documented her unique lifestyle in the wilderness where she raises 85 sled dogs and lives off the hauntingly beautiful Finnish land. In the event that there is still a problem with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof.
And though selfies and social media are just as much a part of life for most Yoopers as for New Yorkers and Californians, one glance out at the big lake or into the woods lets us know where we stand.
And though they're keen on protecting their privacy and living as close to the land as possible, these folks are happy to share their stories. And during the long Huron Mountain winters, they rely mainly on skis and snowshoes to get around the vicinity of their property. With a sled attachment, they can haul just about anything back from town--or at least from their truck, which, come winter, stays parked at the entrance to their trail, two miles from their front door. They use a wood stove to heat the place and cook during the cold months, turning to an outdoor kitchen powered by propane--a rare convenience for the down-to-earth family--in the summer.
And he's continuously adding equipment, recently upgrading his long-serving, Victron battery motor system to a version about 20 percent larger. A longstanding county ordinance bans homes smaller than 800 square feet, ostensibly to protect property values and encourage safe dwellings, as well as dwellings that lack internal sewage lines and running water. His book, the market's recent turmoil, and repeated inquiries from prospects were the catalysts to my adding this page of "favorite" links.

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