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The open floor plan has the master bedroom on one side of the house and the two other bedrooms and bathroom on the other. Where’s the savvy, forward-thinking developer looking for a most beautiful and temperate spot on the planet to create the prototype for a more sustainable development? Consider this good development. It’s more work, but for those who prioritize this lifestyle and appreciate the benefits, it’s a labor of love. If you are interested in this property, or other off-grid South Kona properties, contact me. 1212 Summer Rd. is a magnificent home built on three lots in the exclusive and prestigious Pineapple Hill. Continuing Southbound on our coastal cruise… 569 Hana Highway 569 Hana Highway is sprawling green on Tavares Bay with the ocean’s boundary being a 282’ sea wall. The Ka’anapali Shores housing market has remained steady for the first half of the year, with the summer being very busy. One of the many things I love about living the Maui Life is that I get to balance out the ocean activities with the mountain activities.
When you think of living in Hawaii, you may picture new condos or plantation style homes with a large lanai.
While farmers’ markets and road side stands are common all over Hawaii, those that choose to live outside of town can often become their own grocer as well.
A chicken coop, or even a small goat pen, is yet another reason a home off the grid can be financially beneficial for you. For many people, there is nothing greater than knowing you can provide for yourself and your family by living off your own land.
Mike Despard has worked in the real estate development, design and construction industries since 1993, when he earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Iowa State University.
Mike and his wife, Kristi, enjoy working together and have spent many hours side by side renovating two of their own houses as well as tackling other design and remodeling projects for friends and clients.
With over twenty years of experience in the world of real estate, design and construction, Mike is excited to help you buy or sell your place of paradise on the beautiful, big island of Hawaii. This past summer we also hosted our first truly successful permaculture course – thanks to Jay Ma of the Living Mandala Group. May this New Year bless every one of you as much as you can stand!  Your hopes and dreams can come true! Community Permaculture Tour and Open House La’akea Intentional Community, Pahoa Come join us for a morning introduction to our community lifestyle! In the biggest cities in the world, this leaves millions of people without the supplies needed to survive. People like the feeling they get when they don’t have to depend on others, and they can support their families and enjoy their lives with their friends on their own land, in their own home.
About Off Grid WorldAll about off grid living, living off the grid, sustainable living, homesteading, prepping, survival, solar power, wind power, renewable energy, permaculture, hydroponics, recycling, DIY projects, and natural building.
Developed by Mongolians over 2,000 years ago, yurts are round canvas structures famous for their longevity and comfort. The materials used in our yurts, as long as they are properly sealed, are not susceptible to mold problems.
I was pretty surprised by how much fun I had living off-grid in a yurt on the Big Island of Hawaii—it was much easier than I had expected, and also very freeing.

Cabins disconnected from the power grid can still have running water, surround-sound music, stove-top cooking and other conveniences—or you can choose to have perfect quiet, solitude and no intrusions from the outside world, including technology. If you have dreamed of living off-grid, the cabins here prove you don’t have to live in a trailer or a misshapen hut. Scott Newkirk is an interior designer and stylist who lives in New York City; naturally his off-grid cabin is a gorgeous retreat, complete with both a flagstone patio and a deck for enjoying being outside as much as possible. Multiple windows and indoor-outdoor living mean that fresh air, light, and the sounds of the forest are always available in generous supply to the guests who enjoy the cabin’s woodsy delights. This 852-square-foot cabin looks larger than it is due to its striking modern design by Arkin Tilt Architects. Check out the large solar array that gives this off-grid cabin plenty of power when the family needs it, and stores it when they don’t. The interior keeps many of the classic elements of cabin style, including wood throughout, but includes modern touches like lots of glass for natural light and possible stargazing from inside! Situated on a steep cliff among Ponderosa pines, the cabin has a treehouse-like feel and airy views, like the one below, from several windows. This cabin is a great example of how you can build a comfortable space on a steep area, with minimal impact on the surrounding land and animals who call the area home. You’re reading High Design Off-Grid Cabins: Escape from It All in Style, originally posted on Decoist. The great room has high ceilings and a wall of sliders, which open to the huge lanai, the length of the home. Situated at the top of the property, the smaller two bedroom, one bath home is connected to electricity and County water. Considering the typically temperate and sunny weather, it’s hard to believe that this is one of the very few off-grid homes for sale in South Kona.
What would it look like, living off the land, producing your own energy, growing your food, and catching your water?
Imagine “development that supports a sustainable community.” Statistics are hard to find, but trends suggest that the number of people who are shifting their consciousness towards being more self-reliant and more self-responsible is increasing.
As well as, satisfaction to be derived from doing something positive to reduce our carbon footprint and decrease our dependence on the fossil fuels that pollute the environment. She works well with other Realtors to accomplish your desired goals including negotiating for the best price.
On over an acre, this property is a fresh slate with endless opportunities; currently it sits as a historic home with a fruit and flower orchard. There were 16 sales in the whole complex so far, which I will happily breakdown into individual units for you. However, today I want to give you five reasons you should consider living “off the grid” in one of the most beautiful places on earth. While the initial start up cost of a home built away from a community center can be expensive, in the long run it is usually far more cost effective. Hunting on your land can provide you with a food source as can the year ’round gardening that is possible here.
Most homes, like the one featured in this post, come with plenty of land, which allows for grazing and space for any small livestock you’d like to keep.
You’re able to control how your food is grown as well as decide what produce and meat you’d like to consume.

A lifelong fan of great design, Mike enjoys thinking creatively about houses and their potential. As a team, they know each other’s strengths and know how to efficiently accomplish any task set before them.
We are a committed group of people working together closely in community, on our 24 acres organic permaculture farm. Self Sufficiency: Living off the grid in a self sufficient manner brings with it a certain independence which cannot be found in modern living. Whether you build your own log cabin, tiny house, or cottage in the hills, the sense of accomplishment you feel must be astounding. Ceilings are made in a cathedral-esque design, with lattice wood structure forming the outside of the walls covered in canvas. Be certain that you are working with a professional who is well versed in local codes and regulations. Living off-grid doesn’t mean doing without, it just means doing things differently (and with a much lower impact). Located just north of Kona Paradise, this rolling strip of land runs from the highway down to the coast. With the abundance of rain water, a catchment tank provides water for both in and outside of the home. There is an incredible sense of accomplishment when you decide to live off the grid in Hawaii, and I hope you’ll consider it as an option when you look for your next home.
Mike knows how to evaluate needs and wants in order to help his clients find ways to reach their goals.
With their three children, Mike and Kristi are involved in a local church that serves the community, and they also volunteer in the Kealakehe public schools and local youth sports programs.
The freedom to spend quality time with your family instead of making money for your boss. The freedom to live life the way you see fit. Platform plans, drafting services and permitting services are available through Yurts of Hawai'i. You can have lights at night if you want them, and even WiFi, though they will be powered by solar panels and you will only have so much energy to use. Tanya’s enthusiasm and problem-solving skills will keep the process moving forward to a successful close. When you build or buy a home off the grid, you can usually count on having far fewer utility bills, if any. If you’re buying, he will help you find a home that is exactly what you want or perhaps one that just needs some creative help. Removing the burden of mortgages, utility bills, car payments, and living the simpler, easier life appeals to millions of people around the world.

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