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The Thing is a 3D Third person survival horror game set in an abandoned base somewhere in the Antarctic.
Alone in the woods with little more than a few days worth of food supplies and a bundle of sticks.
Set in a dense city based loosely on Chicago, Nether is a first person survival horror shooter with a twist.
While the primary activity in Nether is PvP, the developers are trying to give players a reason not to shoot on sight with random public events.
Currently in Nether there isn’t much to do besides gather loot, kill Nethers, and hunt players. Nether is under development by Phosphor Games Studio and is currently available through  the Steam Early Access program, meaning it’s still in its early days.
7 Days to Die or 7DTD as it is often abbreviated is a zombie survival horror game set in the fictional post-apocalyptic region of Navezgane County, Arizona. Primarily focused around scavenging an abandoned wasteland and finding a place to build shelter, 7 Days to Die offers a fresh mix of both building and intense combat. One of the key differences with 7DTD however is that it uses some physics based gameplay to add interesting new challenges to building. If zombies begin to gather on a floor above you it could collapse under the weight, turning your basement bunker in to a death trap. If you have ever played Minecraft and found yourself wishing it was set in a dark zombie apocalypse rather than a light-hearted fantasy world, we can highly suggest 7 Days to Die as a game you will most likely appreciate. Set during a zombie apocalypse, The Dead Linger is an open world survival horror game that caught my attention very early on.
Firstly, the game world is not only procedurally generated but it is also the size of a real planet, just let that sink in for a moment.
The developers want to offer gamers a sandbox which truly lets them put their survival plan to the test.
The Dead Linger features physics based gameplay, meaning players can pick up and manipulate most objects in the game. Created by indie developers Sandswept Studios, The Dead Linger is currently in Alpha and therefore being actively updated and improved. If you’re looking for a unique zombie survival game, The Dead Linger already has a bunch to keep you busy.
Arguably the game that defined an entire genre and gave it mass appeal, DayZ is the game everyone reading has most likely played or is at least extremely familiar with it. The main factor that set DayZ apart was its focus on offering as realistic a survival experience as possible, resulting in it being built on tactical military shooter Arma 2’s game engine. DayZ forces every encounter to be an all-or-nothing situation, with players dropping all of their loot upon death.
DayZ is under development by Bohemia Interactive and creator of the original mod for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, Dean Hall. Project Zomboid is a zombie survival sandbox, therefore players can choose freely how they survive – but they must still follow basic rules such as scavenging for food and dealing with zombies.
Line of sight and perception are meaningful mechanics, players must not only worry about their physical health but also mentally with depression and moods playing a role, loot never respawns and neither do zombies, more zombies than we have seen in any similar zombie game (inb4 Dead Rising 3), extensive farming and base building.
If you ever wanted a true zombie apocalypse experience where eventually the supplies run out, water and electricity shut off and you are forced to live off the land – Project Zomboid will most likely be your new favourite game.

In response to the shooting tragedy in Munich, German TV cancels ELeague broadcasts of CS:GO scheduled this Friday and Saturday. If you own a Vive and have a Battle Pass, you can witness The International 2016's matches from within with the Dota 2 VR Hub.
The Story of Khadgar is the second of the lore series "Harbingers" and follows the powerful wizard on a mission to Karazhan. Adventure Quest 3D closed beta begins for the cross-platform MMO, giving players who have bought early access a brand new build of the game.
Release 32's launch today marks Shroud of the Avatar's final wipe, as the game goes in to a persistent state through the remainder of development.
Isaac is now a mental patient on a hospital on the Sprawl.A giant space colony right outside the saturn stars. A scenario like this would make all but the most experienced survivalists uneasy, yet that’s exactly the kind of setting a lot of gamers are looking for these days.
While bandits plague the streets, zombies are nowhere to be seen as a more supernatural threat stalks the dark alleys. From securing safe zones to taking down stronger monsters, players will either need to be part of a group already or make friends with the locals. However in the future there are plans to add playable Nether creatures, 16 different tribes for players to join and fight battles to take over the city, and more. If zombies just aren’t scratching your survivalist itch, give Nether a go or read our Nether Early Access Preview. Quite often any zombie game which features any form of building is unfairly labelled as a minecraft rip-off with more zombies.
For the seasoned Minecraft player the game is extremely easy to pick up and play without missing a beat, resources are mined, items are collected, and bases are built block by block. Buildings must be structurally sound or they will collapse, meaning players must take extra care especially when building multiple story bases to ensure it can support the weight of the building and players or zombies inside. Additionally players must worry about how sturdy the pre-existing buildings are, with careless players potentially dying to a collapsing bridge or apartment building. Each night the zombies become faster and more aggressive, they will also head straight for your base in great numbers.
Currently under development by The Fun Pimps, 7 Days to Die is in Alpha and still actively being worked on so keep that in mind when playing. It’s an impressive feat and presents an unfathomable amount of gameplay opportunities for where the player can explore, build, and fight for their life.
Eventually, no matter the scenario you should be able to recreate it and play it out in The Dead Linger.
This crosses over to the building and barricading features, planks of plywood and building materials are nailed together with a free building system. Some features are currently only basic implementations and there is still a huge list of features to be added, however the feature list is huge to begin with and the game is definitely not lacking much in its current build. In the future there will be features such as vehicles, boats, planes, farming, improved character customization, improved crafting and much more.
Set in a fictional post-soviet state of Chernarus, players awaken on a beach with very little supplies.
Especially when you are completely surrounded by deadly zombies and psychopathic players just waiting to handcuff you and forcefeed you cleaning products until you vomit and die a painful death.

This means other players have no problems shooting others for the chance at one extra clip of ammo or can of beans, and victims must suffer the demoralizing punishment of starting all over again.
The game is currently in very early Alpha meaning only the most basic features have been implemented for testing. Set during the zombie apocalypse in a recreation of the towns Muldraugh and West Point in Kentucky, players are stuck in a quarantine zone. It has everything you would expect from games like DayZ and The Dead Linger but adds its own fresh ideas to the genre. Currently available through Early Access, Project Zomboid is still under development by The Indie Stone.
Survival horror video games have become increasingly popular over the past few years as graphics and visuals have become more realistic. Whether you are a homesteader looking to build a civilization from nothing or the survivor of a disaster just looking to scratch by, we present our top 5 online survival horror games so far in 2014. Players fight against demonic creatures as they scavenge for supplies and weapons needed to survive the harsh conditions of the city. To survive each night, players must defend their base from the endless onslaught of the undead. In this planet sized game world there are towns, cities, farms, forests and all types of landmarks to transform in to a new home or a place for a last stand.
To help decide whether DayZ is the right survival game for you, read our DayZ Early Access Preview to find out more. The reason Project Zomboid makes the top of our list is because it is probably the most comprehensive survival experience currently on offer – it is the best combination of PvE and PvP gameplay. There are hundreds of great PC games that will give you a good jump, but the games in my top survival horror games list should give you the frights from start to finish.
Dead Space 2 the survival horror sci-fi sequel tops my annual list of the scariest survival horror themed PC games. Players once again take on Isaac Clarke who wakes to find himself in a hospital bed confined in a straight jacket, with no memory of the past few years.
Upon escaping, players must fight their way through the Sprawl, an enormous space city, in hopes of defeating an evil being known as the Marker. Set 10 years since the events of the first game Resident Evil 5 takes place in a fictionalized west African region. Chris and Sheva Alomar are on a mission to capture an arms dealer before he is able to sell a bio weapon on the black market. What makes Dead Rising 2 stand apart from some of the others is the way it allows players to create their own weapons. The game has a solo campaign mode as well as a variety of multiplayer modes including co-op.

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