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Some say calories don't count during the holidays but I can tell from just one day of saying -- "oh,well" -- that, they do. I've linked with Follow Who Weekend Social give them a look,see may be a hop your interested in!
Whether you eat this for breakfast or lunch, there’s enough yummy things to start and get you through the day. I would like to add sweet potatoe chips, handful of almonds, and oatmeal with some chocolate chips thrown in. I always seem to be able to think of lots of snack ideas until I’m actually getting a snack. I decided to hop on the Buffalo bandwagon with my own rendition using boneless chicken and keeping an eye on the fat and sodium.

The problem though, is remembering all of them when standing in the produce aisle of the grocery store with a fruit or vegetable in your hand.
Ok that last one should really be a breakfast but if its a small package of oatmeal it could be a snack too. A snack I've been loving lately is sliced tomato with salt and pepper on top of whole wheat crackers spread with Laughing Cow cheese! You might be able to eat 3 square meals and never want a snack during the in-between or you may be one who needs 5 smalls meals throughout the day.
Harvest is your guide to selecting the freshest, ripest, healthiest and best-tasting produce.
And now, the taste of those yummy treats are in my mind and therefore the craving for those foods is sure to creep up, in the days to come.

Now I don’t have to find those annoying stickers on the bottom of my feet because they NEVER make it to the inside of the trash can. Before serving a chicken dish, slice each breast into 4 or 5 pieces and arrange on a serving platter.

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