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Sample before you buy to make sure your food storage pack is the best the survival industry has to offer.
As you build up your family’s emergency supply, don’t forget to stock up on quality emergency pet food too.
Legacy’s disaster supply of long-term puppy food is the perfect way to include your dog in your disaster preparedness efforts. Even with such a long shelf life, Legacy’s disaster supply of dog food storage is truly gourmet. Compare Legacy Food Storage to any other food storage company on a cost per pound basis and you will find that with Legacy you get the best value for your money! Eating delicious, high-quality meat doesn’t have to be a thing of the past when you are in an emergency situation. The 360 serving emergency food buckets from Legacy Premium is a great way to start off your disaster preparedness in a solid way. The Legacy Premium 360 serving emergency food supply buckets are a great way to start off your prepping. Dinner entree’s include Stroganoff, Spicy corn chowder, chicken ala king and many more.

Just like any other member of the family, your dog will need to have plenty of puppy chow to keep him well-fed and healthy in a disaster situation. The entire emergency supply is expertly prepared and packaged to ensure convenient, reliable storage for 10 years or more. With a nutritious blend of fresh, never-frozen chicken and eggs, it’s packed with high-quality protein.
Fresh, never frozen, chicken (#1 ingredient in our food) and eggs make an ideal protein blend. Many food storage companies can advertise low prices because they drop the calories in their meals. When you have a supply of Legacy Essentials’ freeze-dried beef in your food storage, you can have hearty, satisfying meals that include all the protein your body needs to thrive. Our freeze-drying process retains all the original flavor and moisture of the beef, making it juicy and satisfying by itself and out-of-this-world amazing when mixed in with our other entrees. With 19 delicious lunch and dinner entree's and 4 healthy breakfast choices you can not go wrong with this emergency food package.
This food will provide your family with much needed calories during any natural or man made disaster.

These food buckets are packed with top quality ingredients that taste great and deliver on nutritional content.
Legacy offers this 30-pound supply of premium puppy food storage that is not only made of healthy ingredients, but also has a 10-year storage shelf life. And because all of this dog food comes packed in two durable Mylar pouches that are housed in one large waterproof and rodent-proof plastic bucket, it’s easy to find a place to store your dog’s emergency food storage without having to make a lot of room for it. Add into the mix whole grains, fresh vegetables, and fruits, and you end up with an ultra-healthy puppy emergency food that’s designed to keep dogs in top condition. Plus, whole grain brown rice (#1 carbohydrate ingredient in this food) is highly digestible.
Add Legacy’s freeze-dried beef to any food storage meals you already have on hand for a nutritiously balanced meal and a tasty variation on the original. Brimming with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, Zinc, and Selenium, and omega fatty acids for a shiny coat and strong immune system, Legacy’s premium dog food supply will boost your puppy’s health whether it’s a disaster situation or everyday life.

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