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Lee Valley Mid-Length Garden Tools A convenient length for working in raised beds or from a seated or kneeling position, these medium-handled garden tools are made to our specifications and will easily last a lifetime. Besides the beech handles, all components are stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. The three-prong cultivator has rounded tines that move through soil easily, aerating it while uprooting weeds. Bubbler Spot Soaker The name "bubbler" is somewhat of a misnomer, since this spot soaker doesn't actually aerate or bubble water. It is great for targeted watering of delicate plants, new transplants, or in areas where sprinklers can't reach, such as under dense shrubs. Lee Valley Garden Tools Made to our specifications, these high-quality tools will easily last a lifetime. Lee Valley Hose Stand Now you can have a hose stand and water outlet anywhere on your property.
Follow along with this series of articles as one of our employees goes from inexperienced gardener to serious green thumb — we hope! This household item was useful for an activity that could have been done either indoors or out. There aren't many flowering shrubs that can fill the air with such a lovely scent as lilac.
Learn all about cultivating rhubarb in this excerpt from Gardening for Pleasure, originally published in 1883. Customer Nancy Boucher submitted this photo of her adorable granddaughter holding a Lee Valley spade. If you haven't liked us on Facebook, you've missed new product announcements, technical information, insider access to behind-the-scenes activities at Lee Valley and more!

Lee Valley Self-Watering Seed Starter Anyone who has started plants from seed knows how critical regular watering is to the process. To use, you fill the seed tray with potting soil and tamp it in place with the multi-legged stand.
The stand, reservoir and seed tray are made from a high-density polystyrene, not the usual Styrofoam®, and the capillary mat is non-rotting. About 23" long overall, they let you reach farther than typical hand tools while still being easy to maneuver. The crack weeder has a sharp slicing blade and thin-profile hook for weeding between walkway and patio stones.
Instead, water percolates through layers of polyethylene mesh baffles, seeping out of many small ports to provide a steady but diffused flow that minimizes soil erosion. The rounded tines of the three-prong cultivator move through soil easily, aerating it while uprooting weeds. No need to drag long hoses around or go back to the house every time you want to turn on or shut off the water. 50" overall and 38" tall installed, it has an easy-to-use solid brass ball valve that, by virtue of its large internal opening, does not decrease water flow, unlike a regular faucet. The stand is then placed in the reservoir, the capillary mat draped over it (with the ends in the reservoir), the mat is wetted as the reservoir is filled with water and the seed tray is placed on the mat. When the transplants are ready for setting out, turn the stand over, push the tray down over top of the pegs and out pop the transplants. The 14" mower is our smallest and lightest reel mower, perfect for those small lawns found around many urban houses. This sharpening kit is suitable for use on our traditional mowers and most other American-made reel mowers.

Shaped for comfort, the handles are lacquered and have a stainless-steel ferrule that caps the end grain to prevent swelling or splitting.
The blades and tines are well formed and secured to the tangs with strong, smooth welds, and have bevelled or tapered ends where required to penetrate soil easily. The second reason is quality: reel mowers deliver a superior cut because they shear grass rather than tear it.
Shaped for comfort, the handles are lacquered and have a ferrule that caps the end grain to prevent swelling or splitting. Using the Jekyll weeder, you can remove shallow-rooted weeds by lifting them from below or loosen the soil around deep roots to make them easier to pull out. A water-level indicator in the corner of the reservoir tells you at a glance if any topping up is needed. As a result, reel mowers have replaced rotary ones as the mower of choice on golf courses and estates. Another obvious reason for spurning gas mowers is that their sounds and smells are generally unwelcome on a beautiful summer evening. But don't confuse these modern models with the cast-iron push mowers of old that were heavy and difficult to push; these are a breeze.

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