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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. And in summer, when I declare ice cream “the divine right of children,” ice cream becomes a basic food group.
But the $5.69 price tag on a half gallon of organic ice cream can cause the most devoted organic fan to pause. And a bonus discovery was learning that instead of being owned by a controversial global conglomerate, Alden’s is family owned.
Disclosures: I am one of those endangered species of bloggers that actually blogs about things I buy with my own money. There was a time when I thought going green meant expensive, frou-frou organic and eco-chic “stuff.” Sure, that can be part of the picture, but for most people, going green actually saves money.
4.  Bigger Isn’t Always Better – the “bulk savings bin” or “special deals” aren’t always the cheapest way to go.
5.  CSAs are a great way to save money on organic, local, farm-fresh and even biodynamic foods. My mother’s  words came back to me when I learned from my friend, the green blogger  Mary Hunt of In Women We Trust that  Walmart is developing its new sustainability index without ANY consumer input.    What’s more, they’re charging companies $250,000 to participate in the process of setting the standards. By virtue of its sheer size, Walmart’s standards will become the de-facto standards for all products. Anyway, this week, you didn’t even need to make it to the stores to see some fabulous deals at Whole Foods, Safeway and CVS, thanks in part to some old-fashioned direct mail pieces and newspaper inserts.
If you’re anywhere near Bethesda, be sure to check out the Arlington Road Giant, which is running a triple coupon deal through June 4th.  You can find the triple savings coupons in a newsprint mailer sent to area homes. Stonyfield has 14 different online coupons available including .50 off their new Oikos organic Greek yogurt, as well as organic milk, Yo Baby, Smoothies and more. Perhaps you saw the news a few days ago: reports from Greenpeace, publicized in The New York Times, Fast Company, and the UK newspaper The Guardian, which emphasized the importance of choosing recycled toilet paper over “squeezably soft” brands, which get that softness from wood pulp found only in virgin forests.
Going green involves huge changes in buying behaviors: everything from food to clothing to houses, cars, and even toilet paper gets looked at with increased awareness of its ecological impact.
And for many of us — well, swapping out our favorite toilet paper brand is at the bottom of the list. So I took a fresh look at recycled toilet paper versus conventional, and found big changes in the marketplace. CVS recently introduced CVS Earth Essentials, recycled content napkins, toilet paper, and paper towels. The CVS Earth Essentials toilet paper rated a “Green Tree” stamp of approval from Greenpeace. Just wanted to pass along the news that my client Mom Made Foods is offering a great deal to celebrate the new year. This $9 rebate offer is a great excuse not only to try Mom Made organic frozen foods, but to visit a SuperTarget! For more than a year now, I’ve been blogging about the need for more healthy, organic and natural products at prices that make sense. Last year at this time, I supported “Buy Nothing Day,” which encourages consumers to abstain from “Black Friday” shopping sales.
I’m not suggesting you buy a bunch of useless “stuff” just to help the economy and save a few bucks for the holidays. And yes, I have a few savings tips for you – all, I’m happy to say, from some great green companies I’m representing through my consulting business.
Happy Shopping…and remember, think carefully about how you spend…you can make a real difference by patronizing firms that are working hard to protect and preserve the environment.
Big Boy asks to go to Target so often that now 23-month-old Baby Boo is saying, “Wanna go Target!” I’m a goner.
So of course we ended up there yesterday, and I’ve got some great savings to share from Target’s in-house organic brand, Archer Farms.
I’ve posted here before about how the half gallons of Archer Farms organic milk are the Holy Grail for cheap organic milk by the half gallon.

Now some folks dispute the notion that you need to buy organic for packaged or processed foods. I tend to stay away from over sugared items – in my book, organic cane juice is just sugar, thank you very much. For around $30, you should be able to pick up a week’s share, about two bags full of farm fresh produce, and depending on the CSA, you may also take home bread, grains, cheese, eggs, or even home-baked cookies. Note: The post below was written before the launch of the Green Moms Carnival on Global Warming. C’mon, join in…you’ll learn where I found organic apples at 3 pounds for $5 (incredible deal when they’re usually more than $2.50 per pound), which “great deal” on bananas was really not a great deal and why, and even be on hand when Baby Boo says fish (or feesh!) for the first time. Reusable: The packaging, as well as the cotton used, is all organic and sustainableA 'I tried to think of solutions. No waste: Radha says the packaging can be reused for storage or when travellingThe tampons do come at a cost though. I wondered if I was really spending my money wisely, so I decided to take a closer look at the prices and ingredients of some popular ice cream brands.
It’s what she served at a recent Cub Scout picnic (you remember —  the one where the parents covertly drank wine from water bottles).
Corn syrup’s bad enough, but artificial flavors and trans-fats are on nearly every Mom’s “avoid” list – organic fanatic or not.
When I was at Whole Foods River Road in Bethesda on Friday, Aiden’s was on sale for $5.19 a gallon, until July 27th. I’ve been posting about how to find deals on green and organic items for the past few years now, so for this “Saving through Green Means” edition of the Green Moms Carnival, hosted by Condo Blues,  I’m sharing a round-up of my favorite tips for saving money while going green. Here are the things to AVOID doing – My Top 10 Don’ts.   Follow these rules and I swear you’ll save money! Late Night Specials at Whole Foods: Perfect for tomorrow’s lunch or a late night snack, did you know you can grab the day’s freshly made gourmet sandwiches for half-off in the evening?  Read more here. With all this child advocacy, green activism, and taking care of clients, I’ve not had time for long, leisurely shopping trips. Now of course you don’t want to use those coupons for junk food, so I decided to scour the net to look for organic coupons for under $1 each that could be used at Giant to qualify for triple savings. If you represent a sustainable brand that you think may be a good fit with OrganicMania, please email me at organicmania at gmail dot com. I’ll admit it: I didn’t give much thought to recycled toilet paper, figuring that I’d just wait until the prices came down and the quality came up. Now when you buy any 4 Mom Made Meals or Munchies at SuperTarget by January 19th, you can redeem your UPC codes for a $9 SuperTarget gift card plus special savings codes from GDiapers and Bebe au Lait! I tweeted a while back about the surprises I found on my “roadtrip” to a SuperTarget with the Mom Made team.
Well, there are four options to choose from, but I’d be holding out if I didn’t tell you that Baby Boo and Big Boy prefer the Cheesy Mac (with peas!) and the Cheese Pizza. With “Going out of Business” signs all around the shopping centers, we see sad reminders of an economy in tatters. But what I am suggesting is that whether you’re out and about today on “Black Friday” or cruising the Net on “Cyber Monday,” you can choose to make a difference with your purchases by patronizing those companies that help us to go green – either by saving energy, using organic farming methods, or insisting on recycled paper from well managed forests.
I visited for the first time last week and was impressed by their attractive display of organic produce, along with the increasing variety of eco-friendly products Target stocks – all at great prices, of course.
Now you can order that practical someone on your list the latest in LED lighting technology – with free shipping for the holidays.
In addition to all this pressure on the home front, I was working hard this week on the launch of my client Mom Made Food’s kid’s organic line at SuperTargets nationwide. But for those of you with kids whose teeth can withstand “fruit leather” or roll-ups, you might want to check out the Archer Farms organic fruit strips at $2.99 per 10 count box of organic raspberry, organic strawberry, organic apricot, organic pomengranate, organic wildberry, and organic tropical fruit.
Although few, if any, CSAs promote trial periods, the fact is that during the waning days of summer, many CSA members leave town for vacation and offer their weekly shares for sale.
Then email or call the contact person and ask if anyone is trying to sell a week’s share while on vacation. I almost didn’t post this because frankly, my thoughts are not on organic finds right now.

It’s really tough to say which market has the best deals – it all depends on your family’s buying patterns. Being organic and locally made, they are more expensive than the big brands found in the supermarket.
No where will you see that the milk came from cows treated with hormones or the corn from pesticide laden fields – we can just infer that, because it’s not organic. Just simple, wholesome ingredients that are organic – which means there’s no hormones, no pesticides, and no Genetically Modified Organisms. If you waste something, you’re not really saving anything – and it’s not very green, is it? The Giant deal means you can save up to $2.97 on each of five items, for $14.85 in savings!
Memories of scratchy paper from overseas didn’t do anything to encourage me to check out recycled toilet paper, and frankly, I didn’t realize the extent to which premium toilet paper is taken from old growth forests. Yes, from the perspective of “The Princess and the Pea,” you do notice a bit of a difference, but it is very slight and not nearly enough to merit being called “scratchy.” The quality is equivalent to the type of toilet paper you find in most public buildings.
I had no idea that SuperTargets had such an expansive organics section – including fresh organic produce, all at great prices, of course! Check out these adorable, soft, whimsical organic cotton tees printed with water-based inks and the matching note cards, printed on FSC certified paper by an FSC certified printer in a carbon-neutral facility.
The coupons don’t specify if they apply to the organic varieties, but it’s worth trying.  And if you arrive and the shelves are bare? Ia€™ve had my period for 10 years now and it hasna€™t changed at all, it hasn't gotten better.'A Radha, who has a bachelor of science with honors in medical research, was also concerned about the way synthetic tampons were made.
A three month supply of 48 tampons is $24, six months, or 96 tampons, is $47, and a year's supply of 192 tampons is $86.A By comparison, a 32 pack of synthetic tampons from a big brand like Libra or Carefree costs around $10. I just love ice cream, love organics, and love blogging about both and thought I’d share with you! She’s a wealth of knowledge about green cleaning – she has some great “cleaning recipes” on her site to help you! She’d point to a kitchen door that was too far from a countertop, or a window that was ill placed, or a closet that was too small, and say with a loud HUMPPH, “Must have been a man that designed this house.
Their standard will of necessity become our standard, because the manufacturers will (rightly so) insist that they can’t meet multiple standards.
After looking at national organic brands with distribution at Giant including Stonyfield, Ian’s, Newman’s Own, Green & Black’s, Amy’s Organic, Annie’s Naturals and Earthbound Farm, incredibly I could only find valid online coupons (those under $1) at Stonyfield Farm. Beams motion sensor activated SpotLight and StairLight, and read their great consumer reviews here.
So stay tuned for my next post, which will cover the aftermath of the Green Moms Carnival on Global Warming – how do you go from vision to reality?
TOM Organic, the only other brand on the market selling organic cotton tampons, costs around $7.50 for a 16 pack, still slightly cheaper than S.
That means you have to crane your neck to look up, look down, look all around and find what you want, as this post demonstrates!
Whether you choose to shake it off or live in the moment, there’s something for you at Fundamentally Dog!
I usually refuse Big Boy’s pleas for chocolate milk, but at that price, I got him some as a special treat.
Mom Made will refund the purchase price of one Mom Made for Baby, Mom Made Munchie, or Mom Made Meal purchased at SuperTarget through December 10th. Youa€™re getting packaging thata€™s reusable and environmentally friendly.A 'You can use the pouches to keep makeup, keep jewellery, even when you travel.

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