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In the early 1970s, I remember teachers passing out children’s current-events newspaper the Weekly Reader, with its articles that promised great domed cities on the bottom on the ocean and on the surface of the moon.
Perhaps most importantly, not only does the film stress the importance of using math and physics and botany and chemistry to solve problems, but it also makes a plot based on scientific inquiry and audacity just as exciting and even more unpredictable as the movies’ usual brand of problem-solving, the kind that involves punching everyone and then blowing everything up.
He's desperate to rule the Seven Kingdoms but doesn't actually know what "ruling" entails -- so he wings it 99% of the time. After trekking wild Westeros with Brienne protecting him, Jaime's ready to explore some new perspectives on female empowerment. He lectures his roommates for copying their homework, and takes care of them when they've had a little too much. The college‚Äôs career services offices said he needed a little more practice before listing "public speaking" as a skill on his resume. Somewhere along the way, the promise of that great big beautiful tomorrow went away, while science itself became suspect among recalcitrant politicians who couldn’t publicly commit to believing in the theory of evolution or the destruction of the ozone layer lest they lose points among certain anti-intellectual segments of their base.

Westeros isn't just about big battles and duels to the death -- education is important, people! He always knows what you're up to, but he doesn't care about treating your issues -- he'll just use that info to manipulate you mercilessly. She was one of those annoying people who had a job offer two months into her senior year of college. In college, he was the guy who took out his calculator immediately after every exam to determine where his potential grade landed on the curve.
His thesis explored how wine affects customs in King's Landing, complete with a taste test critical analysis of every wine available in the kingdom. You might think she's just quiet or shy, but make no mistake, she's listening and analyzing everything you say and do. The skills she learned in college allowed her to take over literally every town she passes through.

His allegiance is with Daenerys now, of course, but he knows when to burn a bridge -- like with King's Landing, or with Chemistry 102 -- if necessary. Determining that he must be dead, Commander Lewis (Jessica Chastain) reluctantly decides to leave him behind in order to save the other crew members.
So, what would your favorite "GoT" character study to prepare for the real world (of George R.R.
A former arts and entertainment editor at the Advocate, he was a regular contributor to "The Rotten Tomatoes Show" on Current.

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