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Iqhunk (whose brain I'm deeply in love with ) has said, if I'm remembering correctly, that asteroids have a power that's 10% that of the main objects (planets, ascendant). No fair if he always gets to be Pluto.HSC - If you so much as wink at me I may fall for you with all those Valentine contacts I make with your chart. I agree with MoonDreamer that his Virgo perfectionism and fear of rejection may be what's delaying him from developing the relationship further.
If I read a write up for Valentine opposite Sun, I'd be able to compare what I feel to that.
I think it's good to be discriminating in matters of love (within reason).Your post reminded me to check out my draconic Valentine. So depending on what tools and innate skills and weaknesses we have, different things will be easier or harder to achieve, but no experience is predetermined to definitely happen or not. Fortunately, my guy is similar, but this still occassionally causes problems.I think the most important thing is to keep an open mind.

The fact that our charts advance means that we can too.I too made the mistake of looking at my bf's synastry with other women.
When my bf complains that I spend too much time online, I tell him I'm just talking about him so there's no need to be jealous.
I knew him for over a year before we became an item, and during that time I became friends with a woman he had been in a long-term relationship with a few years prior. My Valentine doesn't tightly aspect any of his planets, but it does exactly conjunct his Amor.
Then a couple of years after my bf and I got together, I looked at their synastry and got insecure because they had some great contacts.
This guy would go from romantic interest in my mind to strictly platonic and he'd stay there.I don't think he necessarily doesn't want a relationship.
He just, at this time, wants the type of relationship you two have (which is intermittant).

It was hard to get past that and not let that knowledge impact my comfort level with them being casual friends.
And this was after we'd already been together a long time, so I can imagine how it feels before the relationship's been firmly established. I also looked at his synastry with the woman he was casually seeing back while we were friends, and was jealous of his Venus exactly conjunct her Sun. But they didn't have anything else all that extraordinary in synastry and I knew he was never in love with her, so that was easier to not feel threatened by.

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