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In the foreground are German beach obstacles gathered up for disposal by navy beach parties.
Smoke is rising from burning buildings in the port of Courseulles sur Mer just inland from Juno Beach as landing craft bring elements of 7th Brigade, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division ashore.
The Canadian 3rd Division had been selected to take part in the invasion in July 1943 and trained in assault landings in Scotland and in inter service cooperation, particularly with the Royal Navy, in the Portsmouth area. JUNO Beach was divided into two sectors which, looking inland from the sea to the land, were right to left MIKE and NAN.
The Canadians' objectives were the capture and clearance of the coastal villages and towns along JUNO Beach, particularly Courseulles, St. During the night of 5 June, and early morning of 6 June, RAF Bomber Command hammered likely German defence positions along the Normandy coastline. The crossing for the troops at sea was rough and the time for the assault was put back by ten minutes because the heavy seas had delayed some of the landing craft, but despite considerable opposition from entrenched German positions relatively unaffected by the air and sea bombardments, the Canadians got ashore.
The Canadian soldiers scheduled to land at Juno Beach warily approached the coastline in their landing craft. A half-hour late, the landing craft carrying the Queen's Own hit the beach more or less intact. A second Queen's Own company landed directly in front of an untouched enemy strongpoint and very quickly lost half of its men, until three riflemen eliminated it with hand grenades and small arms fire.
Although only one Canadian unit reached its D-Day objective, the first line of German defences had been completely smashed. Troops of the highland regiments wade ashore in the second wave of D-Day landings in Normandy – June 6, 1944.
During a return visit to speak to the Oshawa Kinsmen, Ted Barris will pay tribute to a group of veterans whose unique experience changed the complexion of the Second World War. 2014 Libris AwardDuring a gala ceremony in Toronto, on June 2, the annual Libris Awards were presented. Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee MedalDuring an awards ceremony at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum on Oct. CommendationOn July 27, 2011, the Minister of Veterans Affairs for Canada awarded 19 citizens his annual commendation. As people often do, a colleague of mine sent me what he considered a joke by email, the other day. Earlier this week, in the town where I live, there was a little incident on the main street. The Canadians would not disappoint either, as they were the only force to basically complete all of their objectives for the day.

Throughout training the 3rd Division worked closely with the 2nd Armoured Brigade which was equipped with DD tanks. The assault was on a 1Aa two-brigade front with the 7th Brigade Group landing at Courseulles on M IKE sector and 8th Brigade Group landing at Berniere on NAN sector. At dawn the US Army Air Force took over and continued the attack until, as even, where along the invasion front, the Royal Navy joined in. One concrete bunker and its defenders inflicted heavy casualties on the North Shores and destroyed several Sherman tanks of The Fort Garry Horse before being silenced.
Then the bloodbath began, the men making a mad dash from the shoreline to a seawall 183 metres away with no cover in between. The British and Americans had also come ashore and pushed inland; the Allied beachheads soon formed a continuous front.
Stalag Luft III PoW group honours TedThe Great Escape: A Canadian Story has received its first recognition in the United States. As well as hosting stints on CBC Radio and regular contributions to the Globe and Mail and National Post, Barris has authored 16 non-fiction books and is a full-time professor of journalism at Centennial College in Toronto.
Of course, the people I meet in the park generally have a companion with them – of the four-legged variety.
As I watched her, I sensed she needed to find something, maybe something tangible from long ago.
The doors went down and I very gallantly shouted 'Follow me!' and disappeared into eight feet of water.
On 26 May the Division was sealed into its concentration area and on 1 June 15,000 Canadians and 9,000 British, who together made up the Division, began to board at Southampton. Each brigade had DD floating tank support from the 6th Armoured and 10th Armoured Regiments respectively, plus fire support from the 1 07mm mortars of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa.
The Division had three objective lines, 'Yew', 'Elm' and 'Oak', which corresponded to three phases in their D-Day plan. Off JUNO Beach were eleven destroyers and support craft adding their weight to the bombardment including two Canadian destroyers, the Algonquin and the Sioux.
There the bombardment had missed its targets, and the landing craft came under brisk gunfire while they were still far offshore. The North Shore's other companies made it ashore without incident, but needed six hours and armoured support to take the town of Tailleville. A hidden German 88 opened up on the lead platoon of one company, decimating two-thirds of it before being silenced. The war diary of this, one of the oldest regiments in the Canadian Army, reflected the unit's unflagging spirit under onerous conditions.

It was a remarkable achievement but, despite casualties being less than expected, it was an expensive one, too. By the end of D-Day, the Allies had landed as many as 155,000 troops in France by sea and air, several thousand vehicles, hundreds of guns and about 4,000 tons of supplies and, astonishingly, had achieved complete surprise in doing it. In late August 2014, members of the Stalag Luft III Prisoners of War Association in the U.S. The original TED Talk presentation posed the question: Why should young people reflect on war and veterans? It painted a scenario of an immigrant who, through odd circumstances, had a lot of dependents. Anyway, as often happens among dog walkers, we got talking about breeds, dog compatibility and ages of our pets. The third phase was intended to be on 'Oak' which ran along the railway line just south of the N13 road from Caen to Bayeux. That was fortunate since the preliminary bombardment had failed to knock out many German defensive positions. I'd have been hit too but we found later that the machine gun that was doing the damage couldn't traverse that far.
The 9th Brigade, the follow-up brigade, was scheduled to land in either the 7th or the 8th Brigade areas according to the progress made.
There the 3rd Division was to reorganise in preparation for further advance and to repel enemy counterattacks'. The near invulnerable pill-boxes could be destroyed only by direct hits through their observation slits but, working in tandem, the tanks and infantry succeeded in fighting their way off the beach and into the nearby town of Courseullessur Mer where they became engaged in house-to-house combat. By noon, the 9th Infantry Brigade was on its way to the beaches to exploit the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division's hard-won gains. Nonetheless, the survivors advanced past the beach defences, cleared the minefields, and occupied the adjoining coastal villages. The bridgehead had to be secured and expanded to prevent the Wehrmacht from driving the Allies back into the sea. Other Reginas never reached the beaches a reserve company suffered terrible losses when its landing craft struck mines hidden by high tide.

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