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If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. You can expect an increase in the size of his penis after regular use of one of the many jelqing devices that are on the market today. Jelqing device results vary depending upon the individual, how much time is spent with the jelqing device each day, and how long a man continues use of the device. If you are not aware of jelqing, it is a common do-it-yourself technique used for male enhancement. The jelqing device has been carefully designed to perform the jelqing action without harming the penis. Lubrication is advised with jelqing for the best experience, especially for the novice, although dry jelqing exercises can be performed.
There are two popular methods, try each to discover which provides the greatest level of comfort.
It may prove effective to use both methods, beginning with the pincher grasp to obtain semi erection, moving on to the O grasp for the remainder of the session.
While jelqing with lubrication is the recommended way to get optimal results with less risk of damage, some men may find that they are stimulated to the point of ejaculation, unable to continue the exercises for a prolonged period of time.
It is always important for a man to pay attention to any warning signs, stop when there is pain, and take care while trying this procedure.
The doughnut effect is another common side effect in which fluid gathers around the glans for circumcised men or on the foreskin of uncircumcised men.
Once a round of jelqing is completed, it generally provides a satisfying sensation of fullness, followed by the penis shrivelling as a result of such vigorous exercise. Once the jelqing exercises are complete, it is helpful to apply moisturizer and wrap a warm, moist towel around the penis as a just reward for a hard workout. If this guide hasn’t made you 100% sure on jelqing then we suggest you try a tool that endorsed by medical practitioners, such plastic surgeon Dr. Most men see measurable results with 2-3 weeks, with gains of up to an inch within the first month with their tailed workouts. You can try it for 6 months, with their 100% money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the results.
Jelqing can benefit a man in many ways, adding length and fullness to each erection, better blood flow to the penis, and toning the penis for excellence when it comes to the next sexual interlude.
The simple truth when it comes down to a penis extenders use, is that they are the best at one task over any other PE treatment: adding more length. When it comes down to increasing width, you’ll need to look into other treatment options to increase sexual pleasure and visual appeal in which a longer penis cannot satisfy.
More length and width is a great visual stimulant for your partner and also a confidence booster for you, but the reality of making a women orgasm in done so within just one – three inches of inserting this piercing organ into her vagina.
So to help you compensate for a penis extenders inability to improve penile width ideally, you should consider use a penis exercise technique known as Jelqing.
This article merely discusses my SizeGenetics treatment and helps you determine if the Jelq exercise will fit into your routine. If you want to make the most of length and width gains, I highly recommend what I used: the SizeGenetics extender and the Penis Health exercise program and its progressive Jelqing technique + the rest of its exercises. Jelqing in particular is one of the primary exercises that the majority of PE practitioners use to increase penile width. Combining Jelqing and many other exercises with the SizeGenetics extender is a stellar idea.
When wearing the SizeGenetics extender, remove it every 2 – 3 hours and perform ten minutes worth of Jelqing.
You can either learn more about Jelqing by reading this Jelqing guide or follow the steps below that are directly from Penis Health. Form the “ok” gesture with your hand by wrapping this hand position around the base of your shaft, as close to your pelvis as possible.
Slight tighten the “ok” grip and slide your hand up the entire length of your shaft until your reach just behind the head. Repeat these steps with your other hand and ensure lubricant can be felt before every stroke. Based on when you are using Jelqs, perform at least 10 repetitions ( 1 Jelq motion per hand).

Using any of the best penis stretching device will ensure your traction sessions are as comfortable as possible. Jelqing helps improve the amount of blood that can circulate within your penis, allowing it to grow even faster on top of becoming wider. So to really make all of your effort worthwhile, use a comfortable extender like SizeGenetics and exercises that have proven to thousands of practitioners that they do work – the Penis Health exercise program being a fine example.
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They simulate the jelqing technique that can be performed without any outside help and make it easier for you to perform this popular exercise. The length and girth will improve with cell growth and enhanced circulation, meaning more satisfaction in the bedroom.
Improperly exercising can result in injury and put a person out of order, the last thing any man wants to hear. However, those that give too much stimulation through the addition of heat should be avoided. Alternating hands works best, keeping up a constant jelqing motion for the length of the session. If you want to guarantee your safety, we recommend you try Size Genetics for 6 months risk free. These spots will go away and may be avoided all together if jelqing is performed gently at first with a gradual build up in intensity. Jelqing may really help in getting the timing right for both partners, bringing sexual intercourse to a whole new level.
You will still widen your penis to an extent using an extender, but to the degree that is rewarding for both you and your partner, don’t expect very much.
This is known as a hitting a woman’s G spot, a one inch diameter of spongy tissue that when touched, rubbed, or stroked the right way, creates an all natural euphoria that is difficult to compare. This exercise can be found online for free and is very easy to incorporate into your extender routine. All of this comes in one package known as the Ultimate System, which you can checkout here. You can practice all three if you are an ultimate achiever or just combine a couple of these ways to help maximize gains. Try the “Wet Jelq” in the shower or use a small amount of lubricant if prefer not showing in the morning. Base the amount of Jelqs you perform and their intensity on how your treatment is progressing.
Exercising takes no more than thirty minutes per day, even during advanced stages, so doing so will not take much time out of your schedule.
If you are Jelqing at a different time you should as structured a routine to follow if you are not using the Penis Health exercise program. A lesser quality stretcher will feel less comfortable the longer you wear it, which will delay gains overtime since the probability of you not wearing it is likely. As you can tell I write specialized content for this web site that is influenced by my successful experience using a penis extender and of course my professional expertise regarding penis enlargement. Anything you need and I will be glad to write about it or show you some pretty awesome stuff others have wrote about.
Harder erections are also common as well as you experience more firmness during sexual performance. With the help of a jelqing device, you can pace yourself so that your release will match the moment a woman arrives at her peak.
It only takes a few minutes a day, you won’t tire, and you can fit this into the daily routine without a hassle. Results will vary according to the person, how often the exercise is performed, variations in the exercise, use of other supplements, and a man’s level of tolerance. Thumb and index finger will point down and will appear to be preparing to pick up something in a pincher grasp.
A warm towel may also be used before beginning a session to make it easier to get things started.

Jelqing is very easy to perform if you know how to use it and in this article I am going to show you how it works straight from the Penis Health exercise program.
According to popular vote, SG is one of the best, if not the best, PE device on the market. You can try dry Jelqing, but you need to master the technique as this variation is meant for at least novice practitioners. You do not have to Jelq every day, it is recommended you permit your penis to recover so it will continue to expand without causing harm. Jelqing works in a similar manner, except your penis will appear wider and expand permanently after continued use.
With an extender like SG, gains will appear faster since it comes with comfort oriented components that help the device feel comfortable even after eight hours of use, which will make you want to wear it longer and more often.
If only I had come here in the first place, everything would have been easier to find and less stress. Thousands of years ago, Asians discovered herbs with properties that were beneficial for increased stamina and fuller erections.
Regular exercise for this important part of the body works as well as any other part of the body. According to a user study, 82% of their customers using a jelqing device added nearly an inch to their length while others made it to two inches. This is not an overnight answer to a guy’s common quest to be bigger and better when it comes to sexual prowess. Men who have become experts in this technique may feel comfortable and satisfied with jelqing on a fully erect penis, but this is recommended for the highly skilled person. If you are just getting started with Jelqing, I suggest that you try Size Genetics with 6 months risk free. There may even be several times a day that work well, early in the morning or lying in bed at night.
This could really add some entertainment and excitement to a night with one’s partner. To better the results of SG to an even greater extent, purchasing the Ultimate package provides you with the best exercise routine made possible by Penis Health. Hang around and a drop a comment below if you want to chat about anything and everything related to the best penis extenders. You would have paved the way if the ridiculousness that I found before you hadn’t of been there. Today, you can use a variety of supplements, exercises, and devices to achieve desired results.
Jelqing can achieve desired and surprising benefits for you that will impress your partner as well.
It is grasped at the base and the hand moves down firmly to the head with many repetitions.
However, when performed properly, it is a safe technique that can make the entire sexual experience more enjoyable after persistent use of jelqing exercises. If at any point, too much strain or pain is felt on the penis, it’s time to listen to what the body is saying and stop before any damage is done. It’s important for a guy to get comfortable with this technique, see it through, and make the most of it.
The entire goal is to have a better experience for everyone involved and a jelqing device can take you all the way home. The best advice for any man thinking about jelqing is to give it a try, keep the end goal in sight, and persist with it. The only drawback with this approach is the fact that arousal will probably mean ending the exercise session sooner.
This tool will save you time and effort, with better results than jelqing by itself, plus you stay safe. Either the exercise is not being performed properly or there could be an underlying problem.

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