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More than 2 billion people worldwide eat insects on a regular basis, from toasted ants served like popcorn in South American movie theaters to centipedes sold on a stick as street food in China.
Then again, we might feel differently in a survival situation, where insects could be the only thing standing between us and going hungry. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to stay safe (and maybe even enjoy your food) if you’re ever forced to eat insects for survival. For starters, you obviously want to avoid poisonous insects, which could leave you worse than just hungry. For example, if you pick up an insect and notice a nasty smell, you should take that as a warning sign that it may be poisonous. That means leaving spiders alone, as well as disease-carrying insects like ticks, mosquitoes and flies. Also, you’ll have to find another food source if you’re allergic to shellfish, which are related to insects. Ants are a popular food in many parts of the world, but you should avoid fire ants (which can bite back). You won’t have to dig too deep in the dirt to find grubs, and you can easily find larvae and other insects by looking under rocks, decaying logs and loose bark.
Some of the most popular edible insects across the world include grasshoppers, crickets, locusts and cicadas. They’re best roasted, but feel free to remove their heads, feet and wings first because the protein is mostly in the abdomen.

An important thing to remember when you’re foraging for bugs is that while they’re rich in protein, they’re also very small.
The average person needs roughly 50 grams of protein daily if they aren’t doing a lot of physical activity.
If you’re totally disgusted by the idea of eating insects, just remember – we all eat bugs every day, small amounts of which are allowed by the FDA in everything from chocolate to fruit juice to canned vegetables. You can rest assured that this transaction is secured by the same 256 bit encrypted methods that big sites like Amazon, E-bay and the major banks use. A vender sells lizards for cuisine at a market in Managua, capital of Nicaragua, May 28, 2010. Vender sell lizards for cuisine at a market in Managua, capital of Nicaragua, May 28, 2010. Short of learning how to identify poisonous species, paying attention to nature’s signals can tell you a lot.
And just as the bright colors of Amazonian poison dart frogs act as a warning for predators, you’d also be better off avoiding brightly colored insects and caterpillars. Just put a stick into an anthill and wait for ants to crawl all over it, then shake the stick off into a container. You would need to eat 20,000 ants, while you’d only need to eat a dozen or so grasshoppers or two dozen earthworms.
Plus, you’ll pay big bucks for steamed lobster in a fancy restaurant, but you can eat all the wild insects you want for free.

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But, you WILL hear it everywhere – in every store, restaurant and coffee shop you enter. Or, you can establish eye-contact with the waiter and make an X sign with your index fingers. So, while it may be harder to stomach the bigger insects, you’ll end up needing to eat fewer of them. You can confirm this by looking at the top left of your browser in the menu bar – where you will see the GREEN lock.
It is rumoured that eating dishes made from lizards is good for people who are weak or are just recovered from illness. If you were suddenly dropped in the middle of Japan, I think these would probably save your life.
Local government issued laws to protect wild animals, but more and more lizards are still hunted, which affects the survival of wild lizards in the country.

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