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Bubble Bobble is a classic arcade style platformer starring two lovable dinosaurs named Bub and Bob. The difficulty of Bubble Bobble lifts off pretty quickly thanks to the puzzle aspects of the maps. I don’t think you are supposed to have five purple ghost sludges wearing monocles in your heart.
Here is an example of the earliest known video game cross promotion- Kriss Kross and Bubble Bobble. Some of the levels end up being pretty easy if you are quick with your trigger finger, or bubble finger.
Then, shortly after an easy level or two, Bubble Bobble decides to grab you by the neck, hold your nose shut, and face fuck you. Then, after 99 levels, you get to the end and fight Super Drunk, who oddly enough isn’t your abusive stepfather.

Unless you completely forgot that there was an arbitrary magical item you needed to collect on the level before the boss battle, in which case you have to play it all again. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. This man does not have an erection, and his penis (probably) doesn't look like a small arm. This man does not have an erection, and his penis (probably) doesn’t look like a small arm. Your little dinosaur captures enemies into bubbles, and then has a few different ways to pop said bubbles to eliminate the threat.
Bub or Bob can jump up through any block, but some blocks are false and others are arranged so you can’t get back down.
The normal amount of purple ghost sludges wearing monocles in your heart is two purple ghost sludges wearing monocles.
Your dino-dude can only get to higher parts of the levels by jumpin on his own bubbles, which isn’t exactly an exact science and can lead to a lot of premature edeathulations.

It is nearly impossible until you figure out the pattern of his attacks, and then unleash some of your own. I collected the magical thing, went on to play the extra levels, and I’ve finally beaten the game. Also, don’t take screenshots while you play, because generally when an enemy gets that close to you, you are dead. This leads to a bit of strategery needed to pop all the bad guys and get to the next level. It is hard work, and this is an incredibly difficult game, but after 99 levels and a nearly impossible boss battle you can be rewarded by finally defeating Bubble Bobble. Or maybe it’s 2010 and asking someone to play Bubble Bobble usually makes them look at me funny.

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