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Ken Health Care has recently become the proud recipient of accreditation in First Aid by the Jamaica Red Cross with every single KHC staff member now fully certified to give first aid.
Staff at every level have completed 14 hours of intensive basic training spread across several modules with practical exercises on recognising and responding to emergency situations and determining safe response. Lyn Kennedy-McKenzie said: “Although it’s not mandatory for care homes in Jamaica to have first aid trained staff our senior staff members were already trained. The training itself was challenging but the staff have received maximum benefit and enjoyment from doing it. If someone is choking: Hit the person firmly on his back between the shoulder blades to dislodge the object.
If someone is bleeding heavily: Put pressure on the wound with whatever is available to stop or slow down the flow of blood.

If someone has a broken bone: Encourage the person to support the injury with his hand or use any soft item at hand to help immobilise the limb. If someone has a heart attack: Make sure the person is placed in a comfortable position, such as sitting on the floor or a chair or leaning against a wall.
If someone ingests a poisonous substance: Find out what substance was ingested, when and how much.
However, making sure that all the staff are certified First Aiders was important as it’s a tremendously valuable skill. The Jamaica Red Cross is one of the leading organizations for disaster response in Jamaica. If you were to be caught in such a situation, would you be able to offer assistance to someone in need?

Always try to get in touch with emergency personnel before you decide to move an injured person on your own.
First aid and CPR training, relief services and distribution, disaster management, water safety training and community based disaster preparedness are just some of the services offered by the Red Cross.
This Tip Thursday, we share some basic first aid techniques that could help you ease someone’s pain or even save a life.
Deliver chest compressions by pushing firmly downwards in the middle of the chest and releasing.

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