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We tend to think of ramen noodles as something kids and people on limited budgets eat for more meals than they would like.
Instant oatmeal that contains sweetener is a good choice for survival food for your bugout bag. For this review, we’re covering a controversial burger joint and a popular ramen house.
In certain foodie circles, it’s become de rigeur to bash Cali Burger, which is mostly because of a really bad marketing misstep. We haven’t been to its Quezon City branch, but the one in Century Mall has a sprawling view of the Makati Central Business District, which is especially outstanding during daytime. Cali Burger is located in Century City Mall, Makati and in Timog, Quezon City (across GMA).
I also ordered a bottle of Bayani Brew, a local bottled iced tea flavored by lemongrass, pandan and honey. This entry was posted in Food, Reviews, Tips and tagged Bayani Brew, Cali Burger, Nomama Artisal Ramen on July 25, 2014 by Von Bryan Cuerpo. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Zombie Apocalypse Farmers need good food fast, so we’re introducing this recipe made from ingredients that never expire.

It should be calorie dense while providing a good mix of nutrients, and it should be easy to prepare. The sweetener gives a quick sugar buzz, providing rapidly absorbed energy, but the oats give you longer-term energy to stay on your bug out path and help prevent a sugar crash.
You’ll find it in the same section as the protein powder, but it’s not the same thing as those low-carb bodybuilding powders. The patty itself is beefy, solid and flavorful, and it’s nestled between two buns that are soft and suitably fluffy, but which does not disintegrate while you eat the burger. We’ve tried their branch in Capitol Commons, which has a modern American diner-ish feel.
The Wagyu Beef Ramen (left, in the picture above) is sweet and creamy, with a very mild spicy kick.
The broth is salty and earthy, like a thin mushroom soup, which taste is perfectly rounded and softened by a soft boiled egg. Very refreshing, and only 80 calories per bottle (as opposed to the 200+ calories per bottle of other more popular brands). All of that is easy to say, of course… but there will be those people who want to prepare their bugout bags for an emergency, and still aren’t sure which specific survival foods ar the right ones to pack away. The little flavor packet they come with is high in sodium, which is helpful when bugging out because you sweat salt out of your body.

Because it isn’t hydrated, instant oatmeal is very lightweight, and the little packets do not take up much room in your bugout bag. These meal replacement powders contain high carbohydrates and fats and are intended to serve as a fast, complete meal.
The thick cut fries that accompany the meal is pretty good too: crisp and thick, perfectly salted, and not too oily. Many contain maltodextrin, a slow-burning sugar, which is a great choice for survival food.
It doesn’t take a lot of them to give you a lot of calories, and you can eat them sparingly across the length of your trek.
This is a shame, because I personally believe that Cali Burger does make some of the best burgers in town, unfavorable comments from foodies notwithstanding. It has a poached egg, which adds to the creaminess, and a solid chunk of flavorful wagyu beef that melts like butter in your mouth.
A food that helps you replace electrolytes while also producing energy is always a good choice as a survival food for your bugout bag.

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