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As I wrote last week, it is now wrong to call the Tories the party of business – on issues such as immigration and Europe they are starkly at odds with the business community. And yet I would still quite like an EU referendum in order to put the issue to bed – providing, that is, the UK votes to stay inside the EU, something which is far from guaranteed with the legions of misinformation on Europe pumped out by the tabloids.
As Ed Miliband has made clear today, though, the case for Britain’s continued membership of the EU is strong. Europe is generally considered anathema for conservatives; yet it is difficult to envisage Britain punching above its weight on the world stage in the coming century if it goes it alone. Indeed, contrary to popular feeling it is the mentality of the Little Englander which stands athwart the wrong side of history yelling ‘stop’. Contrary to the coverage the issue receives in the media, Europe tends to come out fairly low on the list of voters’ concerns. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERThe Taxpayer shelled out ?757,000 on transport for Ed Miliband last year, amounting to ?63,000 a month.
Miliband is entitled to publicly funded transport in his capacity as Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons.
The figures, revealed by the Daily Mail, are in stark contrast to the costs incurred by other political leaders. Similarly Conservative Stephen Crabb got rid of the official car used by the previous Welsh Secretary when he was appointed to the post last year. Labour have been trying to claim government ministers are on the gravy train because of their transport costs. Miliband has threatened that, if his party wins the next general election in Britain, his government would lobby for UK-overseas territories to be placed on an international blacklist if they fail to compile a public register of offshore companies, aimed at further fighting tax avoidance.
Miliband also promised to send – reportedly by the first weekend in February – warning letters to the British overseas territories and crown dependencies – the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Anguilla, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man. Premier Smith further stated that he considers the warning inappropriate because the BVI already operates a well regulated financial services industry. Since the dating app launched in the UK last summer, 100 million singletons have signed up to swipe their way to true love – so perhaps it’s not surprising that lonely celebs are trying their hand at it, too. So, after a little bit of delving, we provide you with a rundown of male celebrities you could ACTUALLY start speaking to on the dating app. After the Australian cricketer was sent photos earlier this year, presumably of his ex Elizabeth Hurley kissing David Yarrow, her hedge fund turned wildlife photographer boyfriend, Shane tweeted: “Was just sent some pictures, wow, some people move on quickly. Hayley covers news, which tech accessories you should buy, smart shopping updates and, with a passion for and background in entertainment, keeps you abreast of what celebrities are getting up to on Twitter and Instagram.
Forget the worries about economic austerity, Scotland's future and Britain's place in Europe. Among Britain's fiercely competitive tabloid papers, the race is on to find out what became of an 8-foot (2.4-metre) slab unveiled by opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband four days before voting day and inscribed with six election promises that he said were literally carved in stone. The stunt backfired, with critics mocking the so-called Ed Stone as the "heaviest suicide note in history" and drawing ironic comparisons with Moses and the biblical Ten Commandments.Miliband resigned after losing the election heavily to Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, and the monument he had planned to install in the garden of 10 Downing Street has now mysteriously vanished.
Speculation over the whereabouts of what now looks like a gravestone for Miliband's electoral ambitions has become a popular sport on Twitter.
Another suggestion was that the next Labour leader should be chosen on the basis of a "Lord of the Rings"-style quest for the stone. For those looking to own a piece of British electoral history, spoof listings have sprung up on Ebay. Ed Miliband is a bigger threat to the Tories in any TV leaders' debates than Nigel Farage whose momentum is "deflating", the former Conservative Party chairman has claimed.
Lord Patten said Farage and Ukip are "probably a balloon which is deflating", while Miliband is "highly intelligent" and a "good debater". This flies in the face of conventional wisdom in Westminster - which says Farage's persona plays well with audiences while Miliband's failure to come across as authentic is damaging.

He added Miliband could come across "a lot better" than expected during the campaign for May's general election. It comes as David Cameron continues to refuse to participate in any pre-election debates to which the Green Party is not invited, while Ukip is. During a visit to the US, Balls said: "I think it would be impossible for any incumbent US president to have any prospect of being elected unless they were in the debate.
He said: "Whatever I think of George Osborne - and we disagree on lots and lots of different things - I've never thought he was somebody who tried to duck debates. Concerned parents would get powers to secure intervention in problem schools under Labour proposals for "people-powered public services" being unveiled by Ed Miliband. The Labour leader will cite the closure of the Al-Madinah free school in Derby as evidence of the failure of a Whitehall-centred system, and pledge to restore and enhance local accountability.
Stronger budget powers for town halls, better access to health records, school reports and other information and moves to help people link up with others facing similar personal issues are also among ideas he will set out. Miliband is expected to use a high-profile speech - the annual Hugo Young Lecture - to state his desire to extend his drive to tackle "unaccountable power" in markets such as energy and banking to the public sector. Spending cuts - which Labour has said it will have to continue if it wins the 2015 general election - made the need for reform all the more important, he will suggest. Offering education as a prime example, he will say: "Having promised to share power, this government has actually centralised power in Whitehall and is attempting to run thousands of schools from there.
The troubled Muslim free school announced that it would stop teaching secondary pupils from this summer after the Government stepped in when Ofsted condemned the quality of teaching, the curriculum, and a "destructive and deteriorating" between senior figures. Miliband will say his changes would please public sector workers who "often feel that we have a culture that stops them doing their best because the system doesn't allow them to put those they serve at the heart of what they do". That would include "an assumption that people get access to the information on them unless there is a very good reason for them not to". All patients should be able to access their health records "swiftly and effectively", he will say, and parents guaranteed access to "real time data" on their children's progress not just end-of-term reports. Everyone should also be able to track the progress of dealings with the public sector - from parking permit applications to crime reports - in the same way they do online shopping orders, Mr Miliband will suggest.
Miliband will say he is keen to tap into growing availability of social networks and action groups devoted to dealing with particular issues - including medical conditions - which had proved effective in prompting change.
Ideas emerging from Labour policy reviews into how to devolve more power to local councils will also be outlined by Miliband - including the idea of handing town halls expanded budgets to allow them to take over more services. Home and -maternity care, welfare-to-work programmes and offender handling are among areas said to have been suggested. The MP overseeing the Opposition's policy review, Jon Cruddas, has been consulting with council leaders across the country over the plans and Lord Adonis has been leading a study on the potential for creating "city regions" with more control over infrastructure funds.
Ed Miliband has been attacked left, right and centre in recent months after an unfortunate series of visual gaffes were given enthusiastic coverage by a merciless media. The opposition leader's personal poll ratings are in freefall and Labour's reach over the Tories has narrowed. Scathing national newspaper headlines have included the brutal "Miliband isn't working", the withering "The Miliband problem" and the exasperated "Miliband is not up to top job, say voters".
But now, eleven months away from the election, Miliband has tried to answer his critics and told the Huffington Post UK that he is still confident he could win in 2015. They said: It's the term enthusiastically embraced by the Daily Mail to dismiss Miliband's policies, personal opinions, and even his family - it's used to reinforce the accusation that the Labour leader is an unreformed, statist, trade union stooge.
They said: Eating a bacon sandwich is apparently the new "are your normal" test - and Miliband failed. They said: Miliband has "confused" Labour's message on business and is failing to convince voters, Lord Mandelson most recently said. I’m conflicted because, while I am unashamedly pro EU, I dislike what I perceive is a fear of giving people a say.

This will leave the Tories to tear themselves apart over Europe and will reassure the business community that, under a Labour government, there will be a sense of certainty going into the next parliament.
Corporations and wealthy individuals already behave globally, and the labour movement will also have to think transnationally unless it wishes to sink into irrelevance and see the social gains of the 20th century wiped out by a borderless capitalism. There is nothing to stop those with a few hundred thousand in the bank from upping sticks and moving abroad when they’re feeling a bit stingy. Ed Miliband has hedged his bets that they won’t, and believes that people want a government that understands their concerns about Europe but is not obsessed with it. The money was used in part to chauffeur Miliband around the country in his desperate bid to sure up his leadership. Nigel Farage was attacked before Christmas for spending ?60k a year on his chauffeur, but this was funded by UKIP at no cost to the taxpayer.
Eric Pickles has also cut the Communities and Local Government department spending on ministerial transport from ?488k during the final year of the Labour government to ?191k last year. However, the party were left red faced in 2011 when they were caught removing First Class signs before an interview on a train with Miliband.
So far, some of those countries publicly have hit out against Miliband’s warning, as well as the fact that he labeled then as tax havens. Like or Dislike: 12  1from what i am seeing now,I feel that all the British Depend Territory needs to come together and hold one head on certain issues like this one! Maybe now it's time to take up my single friends (sic) suggestions & join tinder!” We're not sure we'd swipe right to him now that his face looks like it does though. As a perpetual singleton, she is always looking for new ways to date in London, whether that be through apps or events. After reporters draw a blank with calls to stonemasons across Britain, the Sun newspaper set up an Ed Stone hotline and the Daily Mail offered a case of champagne for information leading to its discovery. One suggests the stone "could be used for all sorts of gimmicks, ridiculous ideas and DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, as was the original purpose".
And in the coming months, David Blunkett will be making recommendations to us about how to do this. I think if people want somebody who will put good press coverage, good photo ops, before their principles, than David Cameron is clearly that person. But unnamed shadow ministers have said he needs to go if faced with defeat, while anonymous backbenchers have whispered to journalists that he doesn't stand a chance.
In a scathing attack on the Labour leader's ability to connect with the electorate, the former business secretary – one of the most powerful party figures of the last 15 years – said the Labour leader was failing to create a “convincing and vivid narrative” of what he and his party were offering voters. Those who wish to create a more equal society will in future have to think in a similarly borderless fashion – or at a minimum throw their lot in with bigger democratic institutions that have the power to set cross-border tax rates such as the EU.
UKIP also pay for his personal protection following a number of incidents when he was attacked by opposition groups. Orlando Smith said a recent warning sounded by leader of the British Labour Party Ed Miliband is inappropriate, adding that the British Virgin Islands did not receive any warning letter from the said Labour leader. Orlando Smith – commenting publicly on the issue for the first time – told journalists on Friday (February 20) that the territory has not received any letter regarding Miliband’s warning. The BVI continues to review its legislation and regulations regularly to make sure that we keep our reputation intact. If they want someone who will put their principles first, who thinks they are more important than photo opportunities, then I am that person.. I genuinely believe one of the reasons we are in a position to win the next election is because actually, in the end, the British public do judge people on their ideas and what they stand for and what difference they’ll make to the country.

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