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Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. Ayer pasadas las 14 horas, finalmente decolo desde la pista 17R del aeropuerto Arturo Merino Benitez, SCL de Santiago de Chile, el Boeing 747-400 TF-AAK, el famoso Ed Force One operado por Iron Maiden.
Como bonus tracks a las fotos, Alfonso nos convida ademas las primeras en Chile del Boeing 767-300 de TAM, en librea de Walt Disney.
Yes, it has come to this: a heavy metal band uses an entire 747 jet as its tour bus, but when that band is the legendary Iron Maiden - and when you think about what its shows look like - this information comes as less of a shock.
The good news is there were no human casualties (two Chilean airport staff members were injured, but are now expected to make full recoveries), but the 747 received plenty of damage that will keep it grounded for a while. We are also delighted to say that we have been officially informed that the two Chilean airport staff who were injured following the malfunction of the tow truck connecting bolt will make a complete recovery.

L'utente concorda di non inviare messaggi abusivi, osceni, diffamatori, di odio, minatori, sessuali o che possano in altro modo violare qualunque legge applicabile. Tras los trabajos que vieron el reemplazo de los dos motores y sus nacelas del ala izquierda, desde el 17 de marzo pasado, el avion pudo dirigirse a Brasilia. However, the band has announced that the tour will go on unaffected, so the next show set to take place in Cordoba is happening.
On moving the steering pin that is part of the mechanism that connects the ground tug to the aircraft seemingly fell out.
We expect no disruption to the tour in any way and are looking for a replacement 747 Ed Force One while our current beauty is healed.
Inserendo messaggi di questo tipo l'utente verrA  immediatamente e permanentemente escluso.

On making a turn the aircraft had no steering and collided with the ground tug badly damaging the undercarriage, two of the aircraft's engines and injuring two ground tug operators, both of whom have been taken to hospital. We hope of course that they make a full and speedy recovery and we will be closely monitoring their progress. Until then, believe me, we will get to you all on this tour one way or another wherever you are. The flight engineers are on site and evaluating the damage, but their initial report is that the engines have suffered large damage and will require an extended period of maintenance and possibly two new engines.

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