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We're most concerned that a high percentage of people believe that it's OK to drive the maximum posted speed limit even in bad weather conditions.
American Driver Ed presents the official online and behind-the-wheel driver instruction courses. In order to receive a learners permit in Nevada, a high school student must attend a 30 hour course. A student may also select to combine the DMV required classroom course with the behind-the-wheel instruction. If a student is under 18 and would like to get your drivers license, Nevada State Law requires that they first successfully complete a NV DMV licensed Driver Education Course. American Driver’s Ed course has been approved by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. The experience of teaching your teen to drive will be as lasting as the memories of bringing your child home after their birth, their first steps, their first day of Kindergarten and so many other firsts. American Driver Ed course content is supported with over a 1000 graphics, photos and videos.
Imagine an airline pilot who only learned to control a plane on a simulator before flying passengers or a surgeon who has only studied a medical procedure out of a textbook for procedure he is about to perform. ABC Driver Ed is now offering a 2 hour on-road parent instructional course to prepare them for instructing their teen to drive on the road. We also consider 80% and higher a passing grade and recommend that you read the detailed feedback for any questions missed.
54 percent don't know what an advance warning sign for a school is, and 34 percent are clueless when seeing a warning sign that means your lane ends ahead, merge into the other lane. State DMV websites should incorporate more road sign tests like above, a good example is from NYS DMV.

For every hour a student is learning behind the wheel, they may reduce their classroom requirement by 3 hours up to 15 hours.
The course teaches a comprehensive understanding into the driving skills and judgement a student driver needs in order to control a vehicle on Nevada roads.
During this time, you will be sharing your teen’s first real steps toward independence and adulthood, and this experience is a major milestone for any parent. Today, it’s the parents who have been handed the responsibility of instructing their teens to drive in traffic. Stephen Shaw is a full time behind-the-wheel teen driving instructor, author of 2 texts on driving and motorcycle safety and 3 online Driver, Traffic and DUI courses.
Grading is in real time after you submit the results and a detailed answer sheet is provided. Driving is a privilege, you are responsible for knowing what all traffic control signs mean.
We understand that sign tests are common on many driver's education websites but they require a fee to access them.
Operating a motor vehicle is a serious step into adulthood and we take our responsibility to new drivers seriously. Once the course is completed, a certificate of completion will be emailed to you as a JPEG image within 24 hours of completing the final with a 70% or higher.
Think of how you would explain to an new teen driver how back out of the driveway, turn into the correct lane on a street with traffic, how to make a left turn across traffic and how to drive a car in a parking lot. In reality, parents who intend to instruct their teens to drive are at a disadvantage before their teen receives a driving permit.  Parents may know how to drive very well, but can they translate the complexity of controlling 3500 lbs. In addition to a 2 hour on-road one on one instruction for parents, the course includes a textbook explaining in a step by step process the important skills a parent will need to guide their teen to on-road competence, confidence and skill.

You may know how to drive safely, but you will need to learn how to translate your driving skills and experience into words the teen will be able to apply while they are learning.
Why is this education critical for both parents and teens?  Because driving a vehicle on U.S.
Disclaimer - Much of this information was compiled from the Federal Highway Administration's website. In this course, Section 27 was written specifically for the parents who will be investing the time teaching their teen to safely drive on the road. Section 27 is a step by step guide for building competence and confidence in your teen while reassuring yourself that they are entering adulthood as responsible individuals. Lastly, I would encourage you to sit with your teen while they are going through this course.
Competent driving skills begin before your teen sits behind the steering wheel for the first time. I promise that you will discover that taking this course with your teen will be some of the most enjoyable and rewarding time you will ever spend together. I wish you and your teen the same wonderful experience that my wife and I enjoyed with our two sons.

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