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The trend of online education seems to be bolstering gradually, with various learners delving in the pursuit of online learning. Cohort can simply be delineated as the group or band of people usually working for a specific goal.
In case of traditional learning environment or campus based study, you might form an informal cohort or otherwise you might join a study group of your major. Online cohorts can be regarded as powerful motivators, as they have a compelling effect on the members and tempt them to keep going while avoiding drop outs. The members of online cohorts may relish the sense of attachment, which is important for efficacious execution of study concerns. Online cohorts, if managed duly and given due consideration by the members, act as important information resources. If teachers are active parts of cohorts, then instructions given by them may assist the students in complementing their apprehension and cognizance pertinent to the subject matter. Online learners have various insecurities, some of which can be addressed through online cohorts. Over the past decade, communication methods have changed drastically, with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many such platforms on the go, it comes as no surprise that there is a close connection between social media and students. However, the question remains of, How can social media influence educational institutes for engaging students and their parents?
Stimulate Knowledge and discussion: There is constant Sharing of information, content on Social media, giving and receiving information at rapid speeds. Parental involvement: When it comes to engaging parents and encouraging them for their involvement, social media networks prove to be valuable tool for education institutes.
Visibility Advantage: According to IMAI (Internet and Mobile association of India) , 65% of the population go online to search educational content. It is evident that social media is important for educational institutes, having a widespread presence online helps institute reach out potentially.

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With the increasing demand of online education, various schools, colleges and universities have started to give vent to online studies and various certificate and degree programs are being conferred online.
However, Educational Cohorts can be elucidated as the group of classmates pursuing the same programs and trying to complete their respective programs in tandem. Contrary to this, Online Education demands the students to study in solitude, without having a physical classroom environment.
This sense of motivation is presumable to uphold online learners to execute their study courses within specified time frames.
In case of campus based education, the physical environment automatically provides a sense of attachment to the students. The respective educational experiences shared by the members of online cohorts are likely to complement the broadening of educational perspectives.
Students may share such information that is of significant importance for all the related members of cohorts.
Students may also relish a sense of involvement if teachers pay due regard to online academic cohorts.
Actively managed cohorts indeed become a source of assistance for the online learners to complete their study in allegiance with desired parameters. These platforms are used by students to connect among themselves, institutes constantly communicate through websites, social media presence sharing relevant information.
It gives a chance to network with different industry experts and faculty of different institutions, social media can provide a better industry exposure. These include views and opinions, knowledge and many more.Social media provides platform to assess, analyze, retain and share information on a widespread.

Having an online presence through social media, Parents can easily access and view institute’s curriculum, understand class and teachers better.
Students are actively sharing, commenting, liking, following all across social media while institutes are going a step ahead to make their presence felt. The flourishing trend of online education can be postulated as the consequence of pliability offered by online learning. In such instances, online educational cohorts are likely to be of great significance in different aspects.
In this regard online learning arrangements are unlikely to be coherent to campus based study. The effective interaction also allows the learners to enact new ways of thinking and this collaboration between the members of cohorts can be regarded as the catalyst for growth.
However, the compelling effect of cohorts as information resource may impair, if cohorts are not managed in a reasonable manner and unreliable information is shared by the students. The familiarity between the students and teachers lays the groundwork for efficacious achievement of study goals. Having an online presence helps strengthen connectivity without any limitations on proximity. Also, having an online presence often contribute towards a positive approach towards the institute. Joining online cohorts are of vital significance for fetching the mental attachment needs of online learners.
Consequentially, it can be contoured that online cohorts assist in maintaining the student retention rates.

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