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Here are some tips that I think will help with formatting paper 2's for language B.Sorry it's not very well edited. Decoding Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma is an accessible new resource that explores Areas of Knowledge, Ways of Knowing, Personal and Shared Knowledge, the Knowledge Framework and Knowledge Questions. Written in succinct and clear language, this engaging book decodes ToK concepts and helps students develop their critical thinking skills. Coverage of Areas of Knowledge, Ways of Knowing, Personal and Shared Knowledge, the Knowledge Framework and Knowledge Questions. Covers Paper 2, Topic 1, Causes, practices and effects of wars, in the 20th Century World History syllabus for the IB History programme. This stimulating coursebook is divided into thematic sections, following the IB syllabus structure and is written in clear, accessible English. Detailed study of both primary and secondary sources to develop students' analytical skills.
Extensive exam practice with Paper 1 and Paper 2 exam-style questions at the end of each chapter and a separate chapter at the end of each book.
Model answers with sample examiner's comments to help students improve their own performance.
Links to Theory of Knowledge concepts alongside appropriate topics to stimulate thought and discussion.
It's sad to see this people especially children being drinking water that can be contaminated.
I like the way you express facts throughout your blog, it really grabs the reader's attention and makes the individual want to read more.
Great job, It's refreshing to know how important water is in a persons life, and how big of an impact it can have in our environment. While illegally crossing the Iraqi-Syrian border, Canadian Peter Douglas was adamant that his incursion was for humanitarian reasons - to help the people of Syria. Douglas is one of a growing band of foreigners to dodge authorities and join the fight against Islamic State militants who have killed thousands and taken swaths of Iraq and Syria, declaring a caliphate in territory under their control. Many of these fighters argue they are there for humanitarian reasons but they say their decision to take up arms to fight for the Syrian people will not be viewed as such by some. So far an estimated few dozen Westerners have joined Kurdish fighters battling the IS in northern Syria, including US citizens, Canadians, Germans and Britons. The Syrian Kurdish armed faction known as the YPG has not released official numbers confirming foreign or "freedom fighters", and academics say it's hard to assess the total. But the number pales compared to an estimated 16,000 fighters from about 90 countries who have joined Islamic State since 2012, according to US Department of State figures. The United Nations has warned that extremist groups in Syria and Iraq are recruiting foreigners on an "unprecedented scale" and with a commitment to jihad who could "form the core of a new diaspora" and be a threat for years to come. Western governments are monitoring foreign fighters but law enforcement agencies are acting differently toward those joining IS or those linking up with the Kurdish resistance whose motivations are far more diverse.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has made it clear there is a fundamental difference between fighting for the Kurds and Islamic State.
Two British military veterans, Jamie Read and James Hughes, returned to England last month after several months with the YPG, saying they were fighting for "humanitarian purposes", and no action has been taken against them on their return.
They signed up outraged by a series of chilling videos showing the murders of two US journalists, a US aid worker and two British aid workers and by the plight of millions of Syrians caught between Islamic State and government forces. Still, many foreign YPG fighters are concerned about legal repercussions when they return home, so they seek to stay anonymous. China's top anti-graft watchdog has published photos on its new mobile app and relaunched website that shed light on the process involved in dealing with people's petitions.
IB has started their switch to scanning test so examiners can grade them on a computer instead of paying thousands for mailing. They really help you get started in exams, and give you a bit of confidence too!- Do not count on any specific format coming up on the exam. The book offers extensive support on the new assessment criteria for the essay and presentation.
WASH interventions improve health outcomes, advance education, reduce poverty and malnutrition, increase child and maternal survival, drive economic growth, contribute to gender equality and dignity and improve overall quality of life.
I especially liked the fact where it talks about how many hours are spent retrieving water from distant sources, it really gets you wondering what they could have done with that time. I believe that if more people where able to read your blog, there would be more common sense spreading out to all those people who do not appreciate water!!
British law stipulates fighting in a foreign war is not automatically an offense and depends on circumstances.
An estimated 748 million people still lack access to safe drinking water, and 2.5 billion lack access to basic sanitation says, Interaction organization. Last of all, I liked that you specifically said how to help; hyper linking the sites to sign up to help, gives the reader more motivation since its easier and faster than having to look it up.
The content (including but not limited to text, photo, multimedia information, etc) published in this site belongs to China Daily Information Co (CDIC). Are you being subjective or objective?-Linguistic elements: Always remember to include a variety of tenses and colloquial language. The science papers are being scanned but I don't remember our coordinator saying anything about our english papers being scanned and I'd assume the languages to be all the same.IB just started this transition though so chances are that by the time you test they still won't be scanning everything.
Investments in water and sanitation are cost-effective, with an estimated $4-$8 returned for every dollar invested.
I also like the ending of your blog where you gave the reader very specific options and directions in which they can help with the water problem. The structure, the over all concept you had and even though the picture is sad, I love it because it stands out! I also received hundreds of messages of people wanting to join the YPG," he said, adding he planned to return to Syria in the coming months.

Without written authorization from CDIC, such content shall not be republished or used in any form.
However, when considering tenses always make sure to stay consistent and match the tense that the prompt requires.
Sure you can avoid a few (I know a lot of people stay to steer clear of brochures etc, but thats more a personal decision) but make sure you know quite a few well.
Safe water and improved sanitation enables families and individuals to work to increase their standards of living, educate their children and take care of their environment. I love the fact that you allow the reader to continue their research by providing the link to the organization. On the exam, you want to be choosing the easiest topic to write about, not according to format.
Having little to no access to clean water has many impacts for example with health, no access to clean water makes it very difficult to have effective disease prevention or treatment. Unsafe water is the cause of diarrheal disease which is the leading cause of death among children in the developing world. You'll get faster and better at writing and will learn how to think quickly in French, which helps unbelievably in the exam.
As well with education, lack of safe drinking water at homes requires families, mostly young girls to have to skip school and have to go retrieve water, most likely from an unsafe source.
Also, look at what you did wrong (always have essays corrected) and try hard to understand mistakes so you don't make them again. It is estimated that annually, 200 million hours are spent globally just to retrieve water from distant sources for household use! So the lack of water has a major impact on education especially the education of a young girl. Improved water and sanitation are long term and they can lead to multiple positive impacts in terms of economic development and self-governance. Healthy adults and healthy children learn better, and are more productive economically, and are key to a nation’s future.
Journal entry -Make it familiar: Journal entries are usually seen as more intimate than a letter.
WASH empowers women because they are freed from the often dangerous trip of many miles daily to retrieve water. Enabling women to engage in more productive activities, and girls can go to school which is the key to improving their future.

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