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I’m a small-stakes tournament grinder who came to Las Vegas this year with the intention of playing $400 tournaments at Planet Hollywood all summer. After my third dinner break, I found myself on the bubble of the world’s premier poker tournament.
If you look at the tournament clock, one of the pieces of information it provides is the average stack. The bigger the average stack is relative the median stack, the more short stacks there are.
We figured that at a nine-handed table, a complete orbit would cost 9,000 chips and roughly 20 minutes. Given that a little over 15% of the field would be paid and that the bottom third of the cashers (352 players) would all be paid the same $15,000 for a minimum cash, making the money seemed like a good priority to set.
Once I got the shove through, the better players at the table knew I had enough chips to wait it out. On the bubble of the Main Event, however, I decided not to fight back that wide against these aggressive blind-stealers. Not long after the bubble burst, I picked up in the big blind and shoved my short stack over an aggressive opener who has a reputation as a slow roller.
Weighing My Options on a World Series of Poker BubbleThe Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Is Being Superstitious Unlucky? POKER HANDS EXPLAINED: LEARN THE GAME AT POKERSTARSPokerStars is the largest online poker site offering the biggest amount of poker games and different game variations including Texas Hold'em, Omaha and other popular poker games. For some odd reason, my friends talked me into selling action and playing the World Series of Poker Main Event. In a tournament like the Main Event, where there is so much variation between the biggest stacks and the smallest ones, this information is almost useless.

The start-of-day list showed that with 1,796 players starting the day, the 898th- and 899th-place stacks in the middle had around 92,000.
With much more than half of the median, I figured to be in good shape to squeak into the money considering that there were probably many people as short as a quarter of the median.
If all of our assumptions were correct, I could fold for 40 minutes and still have 30,000, or 10 big blinds, to take into the money.
Besides, the additional pay jumps were relatively small until the tournament got down to 100 players. So imagine my dilemma when I suddenly picked up in early position with about 15 big blinds and approximately 20 players to go before the money bubble had burst.
A less risk-adverse player would likely min-raise this hand hoping to induce a call or three-bet from or smaller pairs. I knew they likely had absolute crap, but I was not in a position to be a hero and teach them a lesson. They said it’s unfortunate that so many people choose to stall, and perhaps even the structure of the event incentivizes it. She asked for a count and after some deliberation, finally decided to send me packing with .
Among other things, visitors will find a daily dose of articles with the latest poker news, live reporting from tournaments, exclusive videos, podcasts and so much more. By joining PokerStars you can easily learn all the poker rules and poker strategy by playing free poker games. If there were ever a situation where I should prioritize getting the cash over getting the chips, this was it.
In normal circumstances, when players are opening with wide ranges, you can defend your big blind with a wide range, especially with the pot odds you are being offered.

Had I defended, they were all capable of putting tremendous pressure on me postflop and getting me off a ton of marginal hands. Like it or not, many others were doing it, and if I didn’t also do it, I would be at a disadvantage as a short stack. And I could not have done it without my friends playing poker caddy for me and giving me permission to be the nit that I naturally am. This statistic, known as the median, would help me determine roughly how many people had fewer chips than I did. This was very unlikely considering that I never crossed the 100,000-chip mark the entire tournament. Maybe it makes sense to take a 20%-30% chance at bubbling for some, but for me it made more sense to shove in order to maximize my fold equity and likely lock up a cash in my first Main Event.
With their permission, I started to take a few more seconds before each fold and became that fake tank guy that I love to hate. Your purchase benefits world literacy!I Survived Collector's Toolbox by Lauren Tarshis (Paperback)TARGET.
Given that I did, I decided that I should do everything in my power to at least cash the damn thing. It felt dirty, but the bundles of $15K in new money I received smelled oh so fresh and so clean. I told a group of much better players than I that I would not stall, but I was glad that the others were doing so.

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