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Share to TwitterEveryone knows that a celebrity status comes with a lot of privilege, and it seems like many famous people see that privilege as some form of immunity. September 11, 2011 By Zac Kenni In the aftermath of the latest Panda update, the Google team has encouraged webmasters to focus on user experience rather than algorithms. As the battle for rankings in Google’s search results is growing, many web designers are losing focus on the essence of being a designer. The path to achieving a design that would express beauty is now being put in second place to the path to good search engine results.
The question then becomes, “How can web designers successfully accomplish this goal?” This article will review some of the basic aspects of website design to help companies appeal to the masses and still increase revenue for their clients. Do you think that a potential client searching for a designer and looking at someone’s portfolio is actually looking for someone to design their site? People visit your portfolio, not because they want to know whether or not you design websites, but because they want to see visual images of what you have done. Also, remember that the success of your designing career does not hinge on your website alone. SEO techniques and link building drive website traffic to the site, but once the visitors land on a page, it is the designer’s job to entice them to stay and look around. Unfortunately, the only way to ensure your website is cross-compatible on all platforms is to test it on as many browsers as possible. Flash often impedes the loading of some websites on computers that do not have this capability. Create your website for the lowest common denominator, the mobile device, to improve the usability for all users.
Because of the increasing popularity of smart phones, clients are challenged to design eye-catching web designs for both the computer and mobile devices. Though there are many steps to exceptional website design, clients that pay attention to all aspects will build a website that will attract customers, retain customers and convert sales.
FreelanceFolder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers. As a new business owner, as a solo-preneur planning your next act, or as a Baby Boomer entrepreneur starting the next big thing – even if you haven’t even launched your business yet – you must begin building your list.
Take note: online businesses are not the only ones that need a large email list to make the most of their content marketing strategy. Most businesses and brands ask for email addresses to collect leads and communicate with prospects. TWO: it means you understand where people are finding you and which content of yours is so compelling they are willing to trade their email address for it, which is a rare and beautiful thing. If your customers are Baby Boomers, it’s especially important to foster loyalty by having a strong email campaign right from the start. For one thing, Baby Boomers tend to read email, and while they don’t’ want to be inundated by it, they value a company that regularly sends something worth reading.
Furthermore, according to eMarketer, they use email as a sharing tool second only to seniors. Just remember, as you market to Baby Boomers, “Regular” and “Valuable” are key ingredients to your email success. Feel free to check out the ebook on creating an irresistible free opt-in offer, or get the highlights here. For this article, let’s table the content part… and we’re not even going to talk about what a high-converting opt-in form looks like!
We’re talking about where to put those sign up forms and links so people see them and click.
You’ll begin with a separate, optimized landing page, which is a crucial, dedicated page (not a post) on your website that describes the free content in a brief and compelling way. To do this, you need to have your opt-in form (or a link to it) in every field, nook and cranny your audience frequents.
If you’re only using one or two email sign up locations, then you are seriously missing some great opportunities to build your list of engaged and interested people. But besides that prime real estate, there are lots of locations that are just as compelling.
When your goal is growing your list, you should be taking advantage of at least a few of these “other” locations.
They’re not that difficult to set up, especially once you’ve decided on your free content and created a landing page for it. Just remember that preferences and browsing habits of people on the Internet vary widely now, thanks to mobile devices and social sites.
I got my start writing email copy for an information marketer who sold courses and mentorships by first filling rooms and teaching an educational seminar. The more places you dangle that initial free opt-in offer to subscribe to your list, the faster you’ll grow your email list! Baby boomers are active on certain social media sites, like Facebook and Pinterest, but they are not as likely to adopt a new social site like Snapchat, so let’s leave that to other audiences and next quarter’s marketing challenges!
The really funny thing about the fundamentals of email collection is that, as easy as they are to set up, most businesses are not using these tactics to grow their lists. Post an eye-catching picture to your Facebook page and place the link in the description section. Spend a little money with Facebook Ads to promote your post so that it shows up on the feeds of people you want to see it. Include a link to your sign up page in your Twitter profile and let your followers know what to expect if they sign up to your list.
Make sure you link to your squeeze page directly within some of your blog posts where it makes sense within the context of a post. You could also place an opt-in form within the footer of your website, right there next to your privacy policy, site map, or whatever else you have down there.

May I suggest an email sign up link at the bottom of your personal business email correspondence? For people who do business in person, a business card with a special link or invitation is a great way to invite people to opt in to your list after meeting you.
I hope you consider adding a web form – a link to a web form — in a few of these not-so-common locations.
If location is the key in real estate, then know that the Internet’s real estate is wide open for you now!
Tell me how they work for you, won’t you? And if you need help with this, or would like to talk about a strategy for your particular product or service, then please just give me us holler. With a home base just west of Austin, TX, in the gorgeous Hill Country of Spicewood, our agency serves our clients from various remote locations. Learn more about working together with remote, freelance, creative teams -- or working with our team as a creative freelancer -- at My Team Connects. Money, power, and attention often converge on some overblown egos, which lead certain entertainers to disastrously thinking that they are above the law.
It’s important to develop a site that is both results-driven and appeals to the masses. Word of mouth, reputation and the quality of your work are the strongest sources of clients and it all comes down to you. A descriptive ALT attribute and title attribute will allow visitors to navigate to the page they are interested in without waiting for the entire page to load.
While catchy graphics will capture an audience, they will also deter an audience if the page takes too long to load. Web crawlers and spiders are used by sophisticated web sites to find links to other relevant websites on the web.
Keyword density is also essential to increasing web traffic and creating relevance in Google’s search engine. To load a website quickly on a mobile device, there should be no use of frames, graphical links or high resolution images. Test the websites on actual devices, instead of emulators, to ensure the ease of use of the website.
Flash was the primary way to create a visually appealing site as many web designers have done for Nike, Gucci and Coca-Cola.
The tool allows web designers to export Flash CS5 animations into HTML code, HTML5, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) or other tags. If you only focus on one marketing channel your first year as a start-up, it should be email. It’s exciting building an online business, but you need to find your devotees quickly to gain some marketing momentum.
A bricks-and-mortar, local business, or B-2-B should be growing its email list with the same focused intent, especially if you market to traditional industries or Baby Boomers. Besides keeping the sales funnel full there are two significant benefits to your business when email opt-ins generate leads. Although Boomers will increase their social media use in the coming years (as will all generations), they will still be reading and sharing via email more than younger generations.
You make sure they see your sign up forms first, and then offer some amazing piece of content for free.
In fact, you want them to see it more than a couple of times, just in case they didn’t take you up on it the first time. If you already have the basic building blocks of a web presence, a blog, and social media pages on sites where your clients hang out, then you have total control over this.
You can easily place your opt in form in multiple places where your particular customers are hanging out and even find new subscribers in some uncommon locations. Call it drinking the kool-aid, but I quickly learned how valuable it is to build an email list and forge relationships with people by dripping out helpful, relevant content. The people who read email, your customers, and your target audience in general are most likely to find it on some of the more established social sites and blogs.
Use hashtags (possibly your keywords) in your description and keep it pinned to the top of your wall for a while. If you do it wrong, more often than not this tactic comes off as spam, so be sure you tread lightly with links in your comments on another blogger’s posts.
As a blogger, dealing with spam is a headache you’d never want to inflict on a fellow blogger – especially one with whom you are trying to develop a relationship. If you like, you can also send a direct message via Tweetdeck, Twitter’s free tweet management system, when someone follows you.
If you actively use LinkedIn, add a catchy visual describing your free, valuable offer in your project section on your profile, and link to your landing page. The upper right corner of the homepage and a separate squeeze page are not the only places to attract your customer’s attention. This tactic not only keeps a visitor on your site longer, but it strengthens your content by showing that you have a unified message. This type of web form appears on any page of your site that you want; you can even darken your site behind the box for emphasis. If you have a product you ship, the natural place to ask for an email is directly below the customer’s name and before the address field.
Use a hook to show them where to get more information on the product or even special discounts for email subscribers. Easy-to-type phrases, or QR codes (although QR codes can be iffy, depending on how tech savvy your audience is) may entice someone who just met you to opt in as they enter your information into their address book. I do this every time I meet and exchange my card with someone, volunteering a little about my email newsletter.

Yet, creating a visually appealing website is only half the battle in the world of Internet commerce. Web designers must consider every aspect of web design and anticipate their customers’ navigational behavior to create a website design that will attract visitors and convert sales. At first glance, they should know what the company is promoting and be able to find the most important pieces of information quickly. Include text outside the images to attract visitors to the site based upon relevance to search topics. The navigable links should describe the current location of the visitor, the previous location of the visitor and other options for the visitor on the site.
Include text links and a text based site map to help lost users find their way on the web site. Many visitors will navigate to your competitor’s page while they are waiting for yours to load. These spiders scour the web and constantly build links to improve the search engine research position (SERP) in Google’s search engine. With Internet capability on mobile devices, designers also have to design for these devices.
Blackberry, Android and iPhone are the most popular platforms that companies should test first.
The code will perform as though it was still flash but it will be rendered directly in the browser.
With this software, companies may design websites with Flash content without requiring a Flash Player.
After a few impressions, they’ll start to wonder what they are missing, and hopefully pay more attention. The eye naturally goes to that spot, and with the help of some eye-catching graphics, you can create a web form that gets attention and new email sign ups to your list. If you decide to leave helpful and relevant comments on blogs with a similar audience to the one you are trying to attract, include a link to a blog post with content that is relevant to the blogger’s topic and your comment. You can also make use of the Call to Action buttons at the bottom of your Facebook Page header to ask visitors to “learn more” or “sign up”. Program it to appear within a few seconds of the page opening, so that your reader must respond before continuing with the content on your site, or even just before a visitor leaves your site (called an exit-intent pop-up form. OptinMonster also offers split testing so you can test whether one color or text on a form converts better than another; two-step opt-in forms for improved conversions, and specialized landing pages that make it easy to create beautiful, simple, highly converting squeeze pages.
Even if it is technically unnecessary to the order process, if you ask for the email address directly after the name field, your request doesn’t look weird or sales-y.
You’re able to serve them better by sending relevant and highly targeted materials, which increases engagement to your brand. The website must also actively encourage website traffic through link building, web crawlers and other search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.
Additionally, many web surfers turn off the images in their web browsers and therefore, will not be able to view the catch phrase or word that may capture the attention of the user.
Text-based site maps are also important in search engine optimization, because web crawlers can easily pick up keywords from site maps.
In the time it takes your website to load, your competitor has already won your visitor’s business. Linking to relevant, high traffic websites will increase your company’s chances of improving their SERP. Always design a non-Flash version of the website for users that do not wish to install the plug-in onto their computers.
Scripting, pop-ups and complex form fields are all difficult to navigate on a mobile device. I wouldn’t suggest linking directly to a landing page or squeeze page, but to a post with a sign up form somewhere on that blog post’s page.
Receive new posts about (your subject) in your inbox.” Or offer an e-newsletter with original content just for subscribers of your website.
If you start segmenting your list in this way, ensure that your customer is not receiving duplicate emails from you.
If you’d like you can send a personal note with a link to confirm their opt in, but this is not absolutely necessary. Not to mention, the website must be compatible with all major browsers, as well as, mobile browsers. Additionally, recognize that search engines will not track links on a website created with Flash technology. Make sure your first auto responder emails clearly make the new subscriber aware of the sign-up, because sometimes when a sign-up is this easy, many subscribers forget! Re-pin your own pins weekly (and delete the old ones from your board) to attract new Pinterest eyeballs. Depending upon the link building system, there is no way to determine what page the visitor will land on first. Matthew Broderick - Careless driving (original charge was causing death by dangerous driving)5. Ensure that the visitor can easily navigate throughout the website, regardless of their landing page.
Joshua Jackson - Public fighting and being intoxicated and disruptive (originally charged with assault)10.

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