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There have been a couple of suggestions, like restarting your router, hard coding your IP, using an IP tunnel application, turning of Google Web Accelerator and so on. Google Chrome Disk Thrashing when opening Chrome.Whenever I open Google Chrome the first time after I finish booting my computer, it hangs for three seconds, during that time I see a wild amount of solid flashing on my hard-drive light indicator.
Elites offer unique and original sections on the forum including support for newbies, untapped niches and advanced tutorials, you can follow users journeys and bragging threads too.
Some Android users are not happy and have taken to the Google Play Store to share their frustration. Other users are seeing gray boxes and bars over almost every video, along with the app closing after 30 seconds.

There is also a tweet below, which kind of sums up the current YouTube problems for Android users. How to clear search history in youtube android app – Some people have also been wondering how to get rid of the history, as we do like to look at some things that we are not proud of. Once the app is open go to the top right corner and tap on the Icon image, which will then reveal a drop down menu. Some suggested it was a YouTube caching issue or an IP problem but it was also a bit random.
This was an issue before the latest update, so YouTube’s claim of fixing the bugs seems to be untrue.

Also, keep in mind that those subs that you'll get from subs exchange sites are won't lasts for long.
You will be asked to conform you wish to do this, once done it will remove any unsavory searches.
Lets say you got 100 subs today, you can expect that number will be 8 in three days and its shown in analytics as huge drop of subs that might have impact on your channel authority in future rankings of your videos.

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