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Jaw swelling that is caused by a tooth infection may require a dentist's intervention. A swollen jaw can be a symptom of a tooth problem, a cold, an infection, an inflammation of the salivary gland — known as sialoadenitis, an injury, or a bite. If you believe the cause of your jaw pain is not something serious and you prefer to treat it yourself, you can try holding an ice pack or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth on the jaw for 15 minutes to decrease the swelling. When the swollen jaw is accompanied by bad breath, pain during chewing, tooth sensitivity or swollen glands, a tooth problem is probably the cause. A swollen jaw can also occur if the jaw has been injured or broken in an accident or assault.
My younger sister woke up with a swollen jaw on one side of her face, and within minutes the other was the same.
A warm compress may not work as well, as heat can exacerbate the swelling if a tooth infection, for example, is the cause.
The severity of a sprain is graded as I, II or III, ordered from least severe to most severe ligament damage.

Ankles back in randomized controlled trial (ABrCt): braces versus neuromuscular exercises for the secondary prevention of ankle sprains. Proprioceptive exercises balance ankle stability and activity: The combination of exercises may reduce the change of recurrent ankle sprains and reinjury. I want to say that this post is amazing, well-written and includes almost all significant info. Jaw swelling can be treated at home with medication, warm saltwater rinses or cold compresses.
Some people claim that they've had success in easing the pain of a swollen jaw by resting on a bed and keeping their heads elevated with several pillows.
Treatment will most likely require a visit to the dentist, who may prescribe antibiotics or pain relievers or instruct you to rinse with warm salt water, which typically involves swishing a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of salt. Immediate first aid is usually required after a jaw injury due to the risk of breathing problems or excess bleeding.
More severe jaw swelling may require medical attention involving bandaging, popping the jaw into its correct position or performing surgery.

Another home remedy for jaw pain involves placing slices of raw potatoes over the swollen area two or three times a day.
The dentist or doctor may also prescribe antibiotics if the swelling is due to a cold or other illness, such as sialoadenitis, which is often caused by a virus or bacteria. The injury can be minimized by holding the jaw gently in place with your hands and wrapping a bandage over the top of the head and under the jaw. Minor jaw fractures can be treated with pain medicines and a soft or liquid diet, while more moderate or severe fractures may require surgery.

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